Summer Vacation – Chapter 13

Summer Vacation – Last – Q of Hearts (Part 1)

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When I write ‘intelligentsia’ I mean ‘intelligentsia’, but it’s a looooooot more commonly used in Japanese, and usually with a less strict meaning of the word. It’s basically used where we might use ‘nerd’ or ‘intellectual’, but yeah. Since it’s so common in Japanese, I thought I may as well let you guys know in case one day some other translator just writes ‘intelligentsia’ and you’re left going ‘wtf’?

Today Achille came to my house. Recently, he’ll appear at my house frequently.

“If you just charge into my villa again, I’ll be troubled.”


So I really got found out, huh.
It seems that his visits to our house also serves as monitoring me. Once he brings up the villa, I can’t refute him…
Suddenly, the matter of the revolution came to mine but… I can’t decide whether or not to tell Achille. In town, some of the extremist commoners are running wild… At present, that’s all it is.
That the line said by Aurelia was in the revolution end of the game, is something that only the players of the game would know.

Speaking of which, …Achille suddenly began.

“There’s going to be a test pretty soon after we enter second semester, isn’t there?”

I’m startled.

“…It’ll be fine, this time I’m totally fine~”

“Ohh…? You’re that confident?”

For some reason, Achille is looking my way with challenging eyes.


“Yeah, you’re right~ For you to have this much summer vacation homework piled up, you’ll be totally fine, right~?”


Even the matter of the homework, was found ou-…t, huh?
Why!? Even though I made sure that even Aimée didn’t know!
All thoughts of the revolution were blown from my mind.

The truth is, the homework that was assigned for my summer vacation hasn’t been touched at all.

“Well… There was just too much, and it didn’t feel like it would end?”

Being an elite academy, the homework for the summer break is no joke either.

“…I thought as much.”

“Well, I mean…”

“Take out the textbooks. Your workbook too!”

“Y-, YESH!”

At Achille’s threatening attitude, my voice ended up cracking. In panic, I took out all the stuff I needed for homework.

“…By the way, your homework?”

“I finished it in two days.”

Tsk… this damned intelligentsia!

“The exam contents will be coming out of this work, so…”

“…Y-, YESF!”

“Camille, are you really listening?”

“I-, I am, but,”

Honestly speaking, it’s not possible. I mean, isn’t this all weird?

“A-, Achille-sensei. I really think I’d prefer to sit properly… Please.”

“Mn? what are you saying? Aren’t you already sitting?”

So Achille says, but this really is weird! I mean, right now I’m sitting between his knees~
Indeed, I’m sitting here being embraced by Achille from behind. Occasionally his hand brushes about, so it can’t help that it’s on my mind.

“This one is wrong…”


“This one too…”

No good, I can’t concentrate, so lots of mistakes are appearing. Both this and that are because of Achilleee!

“I wonder if this unserious student of mine needs a spanking.”


Don’t say that so happily!
It’s because Achille is like this, that Royce-sama has awakened to that new inclination of his~!
He was tormenting that little villainous count with a thorned whip, you know~!

I decided that I would escape from Achille’s knees. The moment I see an opening, I’ll squirm and break out of these constraints.


I could feel Achille lightly laughing from behind me.

“We’re not done yet, you know?”

He began putting strength into his arms, and I ended up locked in harder than before.
C-, Can’t move! Will I be unable to even go to the bathroom until this homework is done?

“Redo it?”

He whispered sweetly into my ear, so I’m feeling kind of ticklish. In the confusion, even my thigh got stroked.
…C-, Can I report him for sexual harassment? Or is there no rule against that because he’s my fiancé?


So that I wouldn’t pay attention to the feeling of my face getting hotter, or my pulse gradually getting quicker, I desperately clung to my exercise book.
Now that it’s come to this, I have no choice but to finish my homework and escape from Achille!
I tackled my homework problems with never-before-seen vigour.

<Supporting Character Introduction>
Claire Tito
The young miss of a count’s family. An only child.
She was raised in quite a pampered manner, so she has a selfish and aggressive personality.
Even if he showers cold words on her, she likes Raiga; she’s this kind of slightly masochistic person.
Her made-up face is a little harsh looking.


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  1. “There’s was just too much” is that intentionnal ? as if she stumbled on her words ?
    “So that I wouldn’t pat attention to the feeling” => “put” instead of “pat” ?

    And The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th), please enlighten the ignorant me :
    “I’m sitting here being embraced by Cero from behind” what’s the reference here ?


  2. Hehehe, u can never get enough of this kind of chapters. And Achille has become a pro.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Am I honestly the only person wondering why she didnt bloody well tell him about the revolution? How mother fu-bloody stupid can you possibly be to ever ever ever think it would be a good idea to keep a damn revolution secret?


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