Important Notification

Status Report

One of my good friends told me that my blog wasn’t confusing enough to navigate, so to rectify this I have added a total of


If however there are other steps you think I could take to improve things, please leave me a comment. After all, if this blog isn’t becoming a labyrinth, then it’s kind of like ‘What have I been working towards? What has this all been about?‘ you know?

25 thoughts on “Important Notification”

  1. i’ll give you one major defect in your site,,

    you didn’t give a page for a new post,,,
    some of new post like info, can only seen if one person follow you,, :D


    1. Then just follow me. If you don’t want that, use an aggregator like

      The first iteration of my blog had a ‘recent posts’ page as the main page, but it was so ugly that I immediately removed it.
      I’m not a fan of them, especially for web novel translations (when the actual translations are done in ‘posts’ rather than ‘pages).


      1. it’s defect for the one that not following you,,

        even this page,, only follower can see it right..??
        here i’m your follower,
        so merry merry,,
        not really my problem, just pointing out, :D


              1. oh,, at that site,, only 15% aren’t in my list,,

                but that list still at 20-30% of all my reading list. lol.

                and how come this site get there. ??


      1. aggregator (Bloglines, Feedly, and whatnot):….?
        what it is..??

        i’m confuse and dunno what it is,,,

        (i only sign up in wordpress so i can keep track for my reading list in wordpress,, :( )


  2. It’s important to always remember to keep your left hand on the right wall when navigating the labyrinth, this is to help with the space-twisting.
    Also a trail of ostrich feathers should be left behind so that if necessary you know where you will next find an exit.

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    1. Smoke signals for your buddy at the labyrinth entrance to sell information on a map he compiled based off of the smoke so eventually newbies can reach you and you can pk and mug them.


  3. Why don’t you add some buttons for important things to the bottom of the page? Or even have them move around for each sub page.


  4. You could intentionally make it so when you click on a link it sends you to the wrong page, and you have to figure out what links to what and how to navigate efficiently. It would be interesting and frustrating; just like a labyrinth should be. You would have to discover a pattern or something.

    And you could make it so every time you want to read a chapter or something you have to answer an esoteric question about the novel you’re reading. Or, as I’ve noticed you’re pretty anal about follows and reading absolutely every word and post you make, you could make it so it ask you something important or hard to remember about one of those post.


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