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Hey guys, I’m sorry to say that I will be leaving OCY.

I may eventually repost Sheep Evo on my own blog (as I will be taking it down), but that will depend on how busy I am in real life.

Thank you all so much for putting up with me, and I am very grateful for the likes and comments my story received because I was actually expecting none.

Haha, funny thing, many of you probably never even noticed I was here, but hello! I was an editor! \o

Thank you for your time, sorry this wasn’t a chapter. . . . Guess this is goodbye.

EDIT: As a side-note, Sheep Evo was a story that I was writing and I’d prefer not to directly link my blog as it feels impolite to do so on a blog I’m no longer a part of.

The Reincarnated Vampire Wants an Afternoon Nap – 02


Hello again. Here’s the second chapter. I planned to have it done last Monday, but I suddenly found out about a trip into the countryside to visit relatives. Hurray for no wifi! Anyways, I somehow finished it and got a stable connection to upload, so enjoy. Thanks to Karma this time round for giving it a look through.


Will Your Order Be The Status Settings?

“Listen up, a passionless soul is basically one that does not fit in with its world. Have you ever felt it? The feeling that your perception of reality and your surroundings were disjointed?”

“I have, but isn’t it normal for everyone to experience that at least once?”

Because everyone is different, I assume it’s normal for everyone to be confused or disappointed by the difference between each other’s thoughts.

“You are just strange. There are not that many who have your level of passionlessness.”

…. You’re not praising me, are you?

“From what I understand, because I was born in the wrong world, you set up a plan to have me be reborn in a more appropriate one, right?”

“Don’t call it a plan. Instead of a plan, it’s more like cleaning up after ourselves… an apology for sending your soul to the wrong world.”


Basically, if I reincarnate, I might be able to find the motivation to do things or a reason to live.

I don’t know if it’s okay for me to say this, but I really am a human with very little motivation. Is it really that easy for people to change…?

Even if I think about it, the loligramps has already decided I’ll be reincarnated, so nothing I say will change the situation.

It can’t be helped…. Even if I can’t find any reason, I can always just sleep through life again….

“With that said, I’ll be having you pick your race.”

“Is it okay even if I’m not a human?”

“Yes yes, there are many different existences in your new world. Anything is fine, for instance, vampires are very strong….”

“Then I’ll go with that.”

“That was fast!?”

Well, it’s a pain to think about it.

These types of registrations should be finished quickly. I’ll get very tired if I do them seriously.

“O- okay… I guess it’s fine. Next would be abilities… basically your skill set.”

“Haa…. What kinds of skills are available?”

“First off, you’re a vampire so you have bloodsucking, it’s just that this one….”

“Then I’ll put everything into bloodsucking.”

“…. You’re just being lazy aren’t you?”

“You found out, huh.”

“You…. Fine, I’ll write it all down on a piece of paper so put some serious thought into it. Your soul may be passionless, but the quality is good. If you invest too much into bloodsucking the amount of blood you need will be massive and you’ll die almost immediately.”

“Whats with that pain in the…. Tell me beforehand about abilities with demerits, you useless loligramps.”

“Isn’t it because you just didn’t bother listening to me!?”

Even while grumbling, loligramps wrote out usable skills on the piece of paper.

By the way, the paper in question appeared out of nowhere. Similarly, a pen popped into existence and began writing while floating in midair. The loligramps’s figure is nowhere to be seen as usual.

After waiting for a few minutes in that situation, a piece of paper was placed in front of me. There were too many words on the page, so it was troublesome to read, but the loligramps was annoying, so I begrudgingly ended up looking over it.

☆ Skill list acquirable by beginners/Default skill list:

Vampire-type Ver. 1.27





Blood Pact

Blood Reading

Blood Arms

Blood Box

Language Translation

Language Deciphering

Enhanced Olfaction

Enhanced Vision

Enhanced Magic Power

Healing Magic

Wind Magic

Darkness Magic









“Too long.”

Just reading the list makes me tired. That’s how much data is on it.

I believe I’ve worked enough today, let’s just take a nap now.


“Can you just randomly pick a few for me?”

“Of course I can’t! It’s your life so you pick them!”

“Ehh~…. Then I’ll just take them all.”

“Even if you take them all, you’ll have points left over…. Please decide which abilities you wish to improve.”

…. So this is the point system.

Judging from what he said, I have to use all my points.

Really, to be so precise, what exactly is this loligramps? Is he Japanese?

“Then, after getting all of them, invest the rest in healing magic and the resistances please.”

Dying again would be troublesome; let’s prioritize survival first. There’s no guarantee I won’t die without suffering like last time.

Poisoning and curses sound painful, and vampires are supposedly weak to sunlight, so let’s focus on these. In case I get hurt, I’ll choose healing magic afterwards.

With all these skills, it should be enough for survival.

“…. Even if we max out all of those abilities, there are still plenty of points left over.”

“What’s today’s specials?”

“Are we a bar!? Whatever, we have Blood-type, Transformation-type, Language-type, Blood Pact, and Magic Power Enhancement!”

“I’ll invest in them all.”

“…. You, really, what exactly are you….”

Oh my, your personality has greatly changed. Are you okay loligramps?

In the end, there were a few more points left over, so I had the rest invested in bloodsucking. If it’s at a certain level, the advantages are greater than the disadvantages, so there’s no problem.

“Next are your physical status settings….”

“There’s still more…. Please randomize it.”

“…. You really are very passionless. If it’s to your extent, it’s a first, even for me.”


“I’m not complimenting you. I’m not. Don’t go saying such embarrassed-sounding lines with such a blank expression, it’s disturbing. What’s with your uselessly talented acting skills?”

“Since it’s a pain, max out agility please.”

“…. Considering your personality, I thought you would max out defence.”

“Isn’t it obvious? If I have something to do, I want to be able to quickly finish it and go back to bed.”

“Uwaa, I can agree with that reasoning….”

Even though I thought long and hard about how to improve my napping, to reply with such utter astonishment, how upsetting.

“The next setting would be your birthplace. What sort of area would be good?”

“A quiet place with a relatively stable climate. Somewhere perfect for napping please.”

“What’s with the sudden increase in demands!?”

No, isn’t that an important point?

Even with a face that screams, “the hell are you saying,” loligramps breathed out a sigh and agreed with me.

Loligramps is probably a good person. At the very least, he’s good at going with the flow. He’s even good at taking care of others.

I don’t know if he’s God or not, but a person with a good head on their shoulders doesn’t sound too bad. I want him to take care of me for life.

Well, a girlfriend-like figure having to deal with someone like me everyday would probably be impossible…. Still….

“W, what? You suddenly got quiet…. Does your stomach hurt?”

“Nothing, it just appears simple.”

“What does!?”

It’s just my own problem, pay it no mind.

“A- ahem…. With this, the preparations for your reincarnation are complete. All that’s left is for you to prepare your heart for the trip.”

“Then please, hurry with the transport.”

“Humph, I thought you would say that…. Have a safe trip.”

“You as well loligramps, stay healthy. Dealing with people like me will be troublesome, but hang in there.”

“If you understand that, then take it more seriously, fool! Good grief…. Well, see you. Try to find something this time ‘round.”

“Even if you say ‘something’…. What exactly?”

“Something is something. Something that will bring you happiness or regret in life.”

It felt like loligramps smiled a bit.

In the next instant, my body was wrapped in light and my mind started to drift away.

Even if you say ‘something,’ I can’t even begin to picture it….

“Loligramps is giving off a satisfied feeling with my response, so if you’re happy with it, I’ll let you keep believing it.”

“I can still hear you.”

With the feeling of my head being lightly hit, my consciousness began to fade even faster.

What’s up with that; although he has such a kind slap, he wasn’t an easy mark at all.