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Tiger Story – Chapter 6

I kept my head burrowed in his fur but I could feel that he started walking again. I didn’t care where he was going.

Even though I knew, I didn’t want to know.

We walked for a long time, I think. It both felt like it happened in the blink of an eye and took an eternity, but now he stood still.

Strangely enough he didn’t start talking this time. It was as if he was waiting for something.

I waited a long time before I took the bait.

“Where are we?”

“Where it all began, the center of the world.”

I looked around. I knew this place. This was where I grew up. Or maybe it was where I thought I grew up. I realized that it didn’t matter to me as I looked around with nostalgia in my eyes.

“Close your eyes, sense the world around you.”

I didn’t understand what he meant. I considered briefly if I should act defiant or not, but in the end I chose to close my eyes at the very least.

“Do you feel the wind brushing through your fur? Can you smell the scent of summer in the air? Take all of it in.”

I still didn’t understand, but I tried my best.

“If you want, you can feel everything. This is the center of the world.”

I tried taking everything in.

“You are the world, and the world is you.”

I was used to his riddles by now so I made sense of it.

“Open your eyes.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the world.

“All is yours, your will be done.”

I jumped down from his head, a fully grown adult now.

I turned around and looked at where he once was.

“My will be done.”

Author note: Quite impressive you managed to stick with it so long. This was meant as a short story and as such we are now at the end of it.  I realize there might be a few of you who are flipping tables at the ending, not sure what is going on. In that case I advice that you read it again.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Personally I’m quite proud that there now is a story about a tiger on this blog. A thing the world sorely needs.

Tiger Story – Chapter 5

While I was still trying to get things to make sense he stopped at his next destination.


This time he had stopped in grassland, a green sea as far as my eyes could see. Unlike the oasis with many different animals this time all I could see were some creatures that looked a bit like my furball, just with a lot less fur.




Just as my mind moved on to how fun they would be to chase them he told me that. Though I did stay put my tail did not, excitedly swaying from side to side. We followed the creatures for the next few days without a word being said and at this point I knew better.


Sure enough, after a few days of following them something happened. The sun was high in the sky when a creature not unlike me jumped out of the under brush. It had spots and was yellow though. It pounced on the nearest creature and took it down with a bite to the throat and ended its life while the rest scattered. Ah, I see.


“What do you see?”




With my answer he turned around and left. Questions about whether my family was dead or when I would die rushed through my head.


“What are you trying to show me?”


He didn’t respond to my question, he just kept walking.


At last, one day, we once more were at the oasis.




I did as he told me and looked. It was the same oasis as it was before.


“Life is the warm sun that you love, life is the beautiful moon that you love. Life is everything, but death is not the end of everything. Death is a part of life and just another step on the journey. From death comes life and from life comes death.”


“And me? Will I die?”


“Beings like us don’t die or live. We simply are.”


I didn’t understand what he was talking about at all. Or maybe I did but I didn’t want to understand.

“Don’t say it.”

I burrowed my claws in his fur and dug my head into it, trying to block out his voice, but it still rang out in my mind.

“Your family was never real. A part of you created them to help you grow up, and that very same part removed them when you were mature enough to venture off on your own.”

Tiger Story – Chapter 4

I slowly opened my eyes, wondering what it was that felt wrong. I had grown so accustomed to the rhythmic motion of his steps that it took me awhile to notice that it wasn’t there anymore.

I batted at his head a few times with my paw, wondering what was wrong.

“What do you see?”

I didn’t know what he meant so I climbed on top of his head and looked out at what he was looking at.

He stood on top of a small cliff looking over a large oasis. Many different kinds of animals were either swimming around in the water or basking in the sun under the trees. There were even a few I had never seen before on our journey.

“Stuff to chase?”

“What do you see?”

This furball. Sometimes I feel like a tree would be more pleasant company. I’m sure trees would care more when I beat them up at least. In order to prove my point I batted his head a few more times and chewed on his ear. No reaction.

The sun slowly sank beneath the horizon while we watched the oasis. The stars lit up the sky together with the full moon and they were beautifully reflected in the water of the oasis. The day was warm and pleasant, but nothing could compare with the raw beauty of the night. Almost as if to honour that beauty the oasis was also completely quiet now, even though it was still as active as in the day. I was completely absorbed in the scenery that I stayed completely mesmerized as the night gave away for the day and the sun slowly rose from the horizon.

“What do you see?”

And the furball ruined the moment. I didn’t even give him an answer, just a few solid bats with my paws. While I was busy glaring angrily at him, even though he couldn’t see me, the oasis came back to life in the same manner as yesterday, nothing like the serene quiet of the night.

Like that we passed the day and the day became night, and I was once more able to enjoy the beauty of night. When the sun rose the same happened as yesterday.

“What do you see?”

Maybe trying to beat him up was a bad answer. Or maybe my furball broke? I made the resolve to stay with him though, no matter how many days he would stay here and ask me what I saw.

It was a resolve that was to be tested, I found out. I lost count of the days, every morning he would ask me the same question and I had long given up on smart mouthing him and attempting to beat him up.

He was looking for a specific answer, but I wasn’t sure what. I did have a feeling that it was something important, but most mornings I didn’t even have a guess. I did briefly consider if there even was an answer, but I had a feeling that there was one specific answer he was waiting for.

“What do you see?”


Maybe things were simpler than I made them out to be. As he stayed put I grew more and more unsure of my answer, but suddenly without warning he started walking again.

Even though it does seem like I gave the answer he was looking for it still felt strangely incomplete to me, and I almost started hitting him so he would turn around again. If he was going to make us stay there for so long we should at least do it properly. I had long given up on trying to hit him though as he always ignored it and it never did accomplish anything. Maybe that was the point of it? To annoy me so much that I grew tired of hitting him.

It did help with one thing. I remember.

“I went on this journey to find my family, didn’t I?”

He didn’t answer, so I tapped his head lightly.

“Do you know where my family is?”

“They will always be with you.”

I feel like we would get along a lot better if he didn’t speak in riddles. I didn’t know if I should be angry at him, because it felt like he knew. He had taken care of me this far, so maybe I should just trust in him. Maybe if I trust in him he will take me to my family.

Tiger Story – Chapter 3

The following morning I impatiently jumped down from the tree. I only walked a few steps before I turned around and walked back to the tree. After thoroughly scratching it to make sure it wouldn’t forget the terror that the great me is I turned my back on the forest.

Initially I did not like this open area, but I did come across some wonderful grass. It was tall so it was easy to hide in and the feeling of it brushing against my fur was a strange sensation but nice. Almost like a soft, continuous tickle. It also felt a lot better to beat up than a tree, so soon enough I already preferred this new place over the forest.

I saw birds flying in the sky unlike any I had ever seen before, and I felt sure that at one point I saw a strange creature with a long neck. It ran off so fast that I’m not entirely sure though. I’m hiding, so it wasn’t me that scared it, so I nervously stayed still for a while while my great nose scanned the area.

I couldn’t sense anything, so I quickly gave up. Perhaps that creature was chasing birds? That would at least explain the strange neck. I don’t think I should be calling other creatures strange though, not everyone can be as graceful as me. I had to stop for a moment to admire myself; in truth I am the most magnificent without a doubt.

Perhaps I’ve developed a bad habit of talking to myself too much. In truth I’ve already wandered this exposed land for many days, the nights spent buried in the soft grass.

It was early morning when it happened and I had just resumed my journey. I know just yesterday I had promised to not called other creatures strange, but this… aren’t they just looking like weird hairballs?!

Nonetheless, the sight of something that didn’t run away excited me and I soon found myself sneaking through the tall grass, inching closer and closer, bit by bit. My tail was excitedly swaying from side to side. Sure, beating up nature can be fun and it does need to be put in its place, but nothing compares to chasing something that runs. The hairballs might be bigger than me and have horns, but I still refused to take them seriously. Anything that looks so much like a hairball must want to be chased.

Somehow all of a sudden, the biggest one of them stood right in front of me. He looked at me. I looked at him. He looked at me. It was very awkward. Should I pounce? Should I pretend like nothing ever happened?

“You’re on a journey, young one. What might you be looking for?” he asked me.

This was all very confusing. He was just looking at me, but I knew he was asking me that. At this point there was only one option left. I pounced at him and bit his leg.

This. I cannot accept this. That ball of fur just ignored me and looked at me with tired eyes.

“Despair not. You are young and yet to find your place. It is not truly an adventure if you do not get lost.”

I froze. There it was again. I gave him a good, long stare. Is this furball in my head? Does that mean he know all those thoughts about how he looks? I’m not running away, it’s called a tactical retreat. And the safest place? There can be no doubt.

Quickly I climbed up his leg and placed myself on top of his head. Try as he might, those horns can’t reach me now! If I say so myself, I truly am an unparalleled genius. Now all I need is to hang on and I can also bite him all that I want. I just need to find a way through all that fur first.

Strangely enough it did not turn out as I planned. Instead of picking the fight with me this cowardly furball just continued with whatever he was doing before I came along. One day I’ll find my way through this fur and I will bite him good.

For now, I’ll forgive him though. His fur is very soft and the rocking motion of him walking is making staying awake quite hard. A nap does sound like an amazing idea.

The days passed by and I grew more and more fond of my ride. I had become so accustomed to walking that it didn’t bother me anymore, but now that I no longer had to walk it was truly a blessing. Not only that, he was perfect to sleep on, even better than the grass. At first his questions and poking at my mind had been annoying, but I soon caught on and was able to talk to him. I’m not entirely sure if he was worth talking to though, most of the time he spoke in riddles. All in all though, I was rather satisfied, considering he was a furball this was actually almost amazing.

“Furball, I’ve been meaning to ask, but where are you going?”

“I am going where you desire.”

Okay, I admit it, I’m almost at the point of giving up. I haven’t told him to go anywhere, so I’m not sure what he means. I think the lesson to be learned is patience, so I do my best to just enjoy the view of mountains, forests, jungles and swamps passing by as he wanders. I did get my wish fulfilled and got to see many different things, so maybe that’s what he meant? I have a feeling I’m forgetting something though.

Tiger Story – Chapter 2

I didn’t let myself mope around for too long. Mother loves me, so I just need to find her again.

With new found vigour in my steps I stepped outside. The sun was already high in the sky so I needed to get moving. Without looking back once I left behind what had been my home for my whole life.

Since I didn’t know where I was going or where I was compared to where I wanted to be picking a direction was really easy. Any direction is both the wrong and the right direction at the same time, so I arbitrarily chose a random direction.

It did sting a bit to walk past areas I knew and had been at before with mother, so I couldn’t help but long for the unknown. Before long I found myself looking forward to seeing and experiencing new things and I found myself in high spirits.

I would have liked it if my adventure matched my spirits, but the day went on uneventfully. When night came I crawled up in a tree to be safe from the night. I crawled up as high as I could and found a suitable branch to sleep on. For a while I just lay there, watching as the moon rose before my eyelids finally gave up and slowly shut tight.

In the morning I momentarily forgot where I was and almost fell down. Only almost. I swore to myself that I would practice the art of sleeping in a tree and one day conquer the trees. It might sound a bit extreme, but my pride just couldn’t handle that the stupid tree tried to throw me down.

While climbing down I made sure to scratch the tree a fair amount before I finally turned my nose in the same direction as the day before and started walking.

Today, unlike yesterday, I had a concrete mission though! All this wandering had made me thirsty, so while walking I used my prided nose to try and sniff out a nearby source of water. When the sun stood at its highest I finally had some luck and I quickened my steps.

I found myself at the shore of a lake and with little hesitation I plunged my head first into the delicious water. I was so absorbed that it took a moment for me to realize that I was not alone and took a few steps back.

On the opposite shore stood an adult tiger and I tilted my head slightly while I admired her. Her stripes were beautiful. I took a few steps towards her, but she seemed wary of me so I stopped. This was absolutely killing me; why can’t she just let me come closer.

It felt like it took an eternity before I finally found myself next to her. I could maybe have made it faster, but I didn’t want her to run and leave me alone.

I bumped my head against her front leg and rolled around on my back, exposing my stomach in order to leave a good impression.

To my surprise she laid down on her side, and slowly I crawled over and nestled myself against her belly. It was nice, warm and felt safe. But, this isn’t right. There is something missing. Reluctantly after snuggling for what only felt like a brief moment I got up and ran off. I had to go fast, else I would be tempted to go back. I couldn’t stay, I was on an adventure.

I first slowed down when her scent was no longer in the air. That was a close call, I need to be careful around the alluring power of warm tiger bellies.

I don’t know for how many days I wandered through the forest. The days started melting together until I could no longer tell them apart. I only knew one thing, I had to head towards the sun. Occasionally while I wandered on my lonely journey I thought back on the tiger I met at the lake. Maybe leaving had been a mistake. I couldn’t help but thinking so since I hadn’t met another tiger or anything for that matter and I felt the loneliness gnaw at my heart. The only salvation was that I had at least conquered the trees, though in the big picture I found that it made little difference.

Because of this I was beyond ecstatic when I one day shortly before the sun would set encountered something new. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Instead of a forest, what met my eyes was the distinct lack of a forest. All my life I had lived in a forest that the thought of something else had never occurred to me. This vast, open plain sparked my curiosity and I felt refreshed. At the same time I felt anxious at being in this new place, there were no trees to shelter you and I felt strangely naked.

I turned around and walked back into the forest to find a tree for the night. Tomorrow, I told myself, tomorrow I will go and explore this strange, new place.

Tiger Story – Chapter 1

I stretched my limbs and rolled around lazily as I felt the sun slowly warming up the hollow in which we slept. While yawning I reluctantly stood up and opened my eyes. Lately mother had been in the habit of nibbling me if I took too long to get up which then encouraged brother to bite my tail. It’s not that I’m angry with him, he just has a bad tendency of biting too hard.


Strangely enough when I opened my eyes I didn’t see either mother or brother. Did I oversleep?


I slowly walked outside and even though my eyes were still not adjusted to the light I knew they weren’t there, but their scent still lingered in the air. I had never been apart from mother before, so I hesitantly stayed in place and tried meowing.


I don’t know for how long I stayed like that, but I slowly started to feel anxious. Their scent still lingered, perhaps I could follow them? With little hesitation I dashed into the forest following the trail as fast as my legs could carry me.


I didn’t pay attention to anything around me, simply focusing on the trail that got weaker as I went and at last I couldn’t smell them anymore, instead I could smell the scent of something else.


My feet finally found rest and my tongue hung out of my mouth panting, as my eyes fell on a clearing. This clearing we had been at yesterday, and sure enough in the center was the remains covered in scavengers. The trail I had been following had been from yesterday.


At a considerably slower pace I made it back to the burrow where I ran in circles for a while, desperately searching for something, anything. The sun set and I found nothing, and I knew I had to go back to the burrow, so with my head hanging down I walked inside and curled up by myself, alone in the dark, cold night.


Early the next morning, I awoke in the same manner as yesterday. Except this time I kept my eyes shut, waiting for mother to nibble me and brother to bite my tail, desperately trying to convince myself that yesterday had been a dream and nothing more. Even without opening my eyes I knew I was lying to myself. I couldn’t feel mother’s warmth or smell the scent of family.
Where was my family?

Did they leave me?

Do I have to be alone?

Didn’t they want me?

Is it because my coat is white? I opened my eyes and threw a depressed glance at my white fur. Mother loved me, so why would she leave me? Why am I alone?

Can a tiger cry?