Tiger Story – Chapter 3

The following morning I impatiently jumped down from the tree. I only walked a few steps before I turned around and walked back to the tree. After thoroughly scratching it to make sure it wouldn’t forget the terror that the great me is I turned my back on the forest.

Initially I did not like this open area, but I did come across some wonderful grass. It was tall so it was easy to hide in and the feeling of it brushing against my fur was a strange sensation but nice. Almost like a soft, continuous tickle. It also felt a lot better to beat up than a tree, so soon enough I already preferred this new place over the forest.

I saw birds flying in the sky unlike any I had ever seen before, and I felt sure that at one point I saw a strange creature with a long neck. It ran off so fast that I’m not entirely sure though. I’m hiding, so it wasn’t me that scared it, so I nervously stayed still for a while while my great nose scanned the area.

I couldn’t sense anything, so I quickly gave up. Perhaps that creature was chasing birds? That would at least explain the strange neck. I don’t think I should be calling other creatures strange though, not everyone can be as graceful as me. I had to stop for a moment to admire myself; in truth I am the most magnificent without a doubt.

Perhaps I’ve developed a bad habit of talking to myself too much. In truth I’ve already wandered this exposed land for many days, the nights spent buried in the soft grass.

It was early morning when it happened and I had just resumed my journey. I know just yesterday I had promised to not called other creatures strange, but this… aren’t they just looking like weird hairballs?!

Nonetheless, the sight of something that didn’t run away excited me and I soon found myself sneaking through the tall grass, inching closer and closer, bit by bit. My tail was excitedly swaying from side to side. Sure, beating up nature can be fun and it does need to be put in its place, but nothing compares to chasing something that runs. The hairballs might be bigger than me and have horns, but I still refused to take them seriously. Anything that looks so much like a hairball must want to be chased.

Somehow all of a sudden, the biggest one of them stood right in front of me. He looked at me. I looked at him. He looked at me. It was very awkward. Should I pounce? Should I pretend like nothing ever happened?

“You’re on a journey, young one. What might you be looking for?” he asked me.

This was all very confusing. He was just looking at me, but I knew he was asking me that. At this point there was only one option left. I pounced at him and bit his leg.

This. I cannot accept this. That ball of fur just ignored me and looked at me with tired eyes.

“Despair not. You are young and yet to find your place. It is not truly an adventure if you do not get lost.”

I froze. There it was again. I gave him a good, long stare. Is this furball in my head? Does that mean he know all those thoughts about how he looks? I’m not running away, it’s called a tactical retreat. And the safest place? There can be no doubt.

Quickly I climbed up his leg and placed myself on top of his head. Try as he might, those horns can’t reach me now! If I say so myself, I truly am an unparalleled genius. Now all I need is to hang on and I can also bite him all that I want. I just need to find a way through all that fur first.

Strangely enough it did not turn out as I planned. Instead of picking the fight with me this cowardly furball just continued with whatever he was doing before I came along. One day I’ll find my way through this fur and I will bite him good.

For now, I’ll forgive him though. His fur is very soft and the rocking motion of him walking is making staying awake quite hard. A nap does sound like an amazing idea.

The days passed by and I grew more and more fond of my ride. I had become so accustomed to walking that it didn’t bother me anymore, but now that I no longer had to walk it was truly a blessing. Not only that, he was perfect to sleep on, even better than the grass. At first his questions and poking at my mind had been annoying, but I soon caught on and was able to talk to him. I’m not entirely sure if he was worth talking to though, most of the time he spoke in riddles. All in all though, I was rather satisfied, considering he was a furball this was actually almost amazing.

“Furball, I’ve been meaning to ask, but where are you going?”

“I am going where you desire.”

Okay, I admit it, I’m almost at the point of giving up. I haven’t told him to go anywhere, so I’m not sure what he means. I think the lesson to be learned is patience, so I do my best to just enjoy the view of mountains, forests, jungles and swamps passing by as he wanders. I did get my wish fulfilled and got to see many different things, so maybe that’s what he meant? I have a feeling I’m forgetting something though.

8 thoughts on “Tiger Story – Chapter 3”

    1. Mystery. You can freely read this story by simply turning off your brain and just lean back, relax and enjoy whatever the weird tiger is doing. Or you can start wondering what is actually going on since this novel has been odd at best since the very first chapter.


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