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I tried asking for permission for Last Boss translations but,

after explaining that MMORPG web novels were becoming popular with us, and giving him nothing but published novels as an example, I got,

Σ(;´д`) それ全部書籍化してるプロの作品ですので、私とはレベルが違います。

Σ(;´д`) Those are all published stories by pro’s. They’re on a different level to me.
If my story gets translated amongst theirs, it’ll make the bad points of my story seem even worse, so please spare me.
It’ll be like a battle between Vegeta and Goku and Bills and Brolli, and then suddenly throwing Yamcha into the mix.
Anyway, I’d like to hold back on the English translation.
My level is overwhelmingly too low to be exposed to people overseas.

And so that’s how it is. Sorry guys.