Reika-sama – 190

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The day after the birthday party, Enjou thanked me again in the salon.

“Thanks for yesterday,” Enjou said, “Yukino had a lot of fun thanks to you. He immediately started using your present in his room, you know. When he plugged it in and the lights came on he was surprised by how much it resembled the sea.”

“That makes me very happy to hear. He seemed to really enjoy himself in Okinawa so I thought he liked marine animals.”

“Apparently he does. He keeps talking about how he wants to buy some tropical fish.”

“Is that so.”

“Afterwards when my dad came home we had another celebration with our family, you see. He asked my grandfather for some.”


A family gathering, huh…

So that was why I saw Yuiko-san.

Yuiko-san, a candidate for Enjou’s fiancée.

She still had the same otherworldly impression that I saw during the School Festival.

“Speaking of which, Masaya’s still trying to figure out that puzzle ring. He’s gotten really worked up about it. In the end he stayed over, you know. Apparently he stayed up almost until sunrise trying to work it out. That’s why his eyes are all bloodshot and scary today.”

“I… That sounds rough. Did Kaburagi-sama manage to solve it in the end?”

“Apparently he did. He came up to me with this bright smile and showed me the separated pieces. His eyes were still bloodshot though.”

“I see.”

Kaburagi… I don’t even have words.

It was just so pathetic.

“Is that why Kaburagi-sama is absent today? He seems like he could use some sleep after all.”

“Nah, the reason he’s not here has nothing to do with that. He’ll be fine even missing a bit of sleep. He’s got stupid amounts of stamina after all.”

“Oh my, ohohoho…”

I couldn’t publicly comment.

“Ah, and my mother wanted me to tell you to come over again.”

“Thank you. Perhaps if circumstances permit…”

Touch wood.

Oh my, it’s about time for me to go to the Handicrafts Club.

I picked up my bag, said goodbye to everybody, and then left my seat.



Valentine’s Day was all the girls were talking about.

It was the right season for chocolate companies to be releasing limited-time products, so everyone was exchanging information about that.

I was excited too.

I had plans to visit Wakaba-chan again, since I still had to learn to make the fondant au chocolat.

The members of my club had been chatting to each other about knitting.

Mn. Not me though.

Still, they seemed to have been having fun.

“Who are you giving yours to this year, Reika-sama?”

At lunch I was heading to the faculty room for some class rep stuff so Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan had come along with me.

I was feeling quite grateful since the two of them weren’t even in my class.

“The same as usual. Just my family and the like.”

“My, only them? Why do you never give any to Kaburagi-sama and Enjou-sama?”

Because I had no reason to.

“What about you two, Serika-san, Kikuno-san?”

“I’m, probably going to go with the Emperor,” said Serika-chan.

“Right? We have to be careful about which chocolate to choose. We can’t pick the wrong one,” agreed Kikuno-chan.

“You have to say chocolat in front of Kaburagi-sama.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“It was very valuable advice from Reika-sama.”

“I’m happy just to have him accept something from me.”

“I’m the same. But handing it to him personally is important. I’d hate to just leave it in the special bag that he prepares, or on his desk.”

“That sounds a bit like a shrine offering,” I noted.

“Gosh, don’t put it like that, Reika-sama,” complained Serika-chan.

“You should give him something together with us, Reika-sama. It’ll be fun,” Kikuno-chan said. “And if you get to brush against his hands at the time…”

“Kyaah! Gosh, what are you saying, Kikuno-san!”

“My, my, weren’t planning the same thing, Serika-san?”

“Wha-! You promised to keep that a secret!”

While the three of us walked down the hallway, we suddenly noticed Tsuruhana-san’s group coming from the other side.

Without skipping a beat, Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan moved to each of my sides.

“Gokigen’yoh, Reika-sama.”

“Gokigen’yoh, Tsuruhana-san.”

We might have been smiling, but neither of them reached our eyes.

One of her lackeys was holding a Valentine’s special magazine.

Tsuruhana-san noticed my eyes drifting to it.

“What are you plans for Valentine’s, Reika-sama?”

“Nothing in particular,” I replied.

“My! To think that of all people, Reika-sama, you would be spending a lonely Valentine’s!” she said particularly loudly.

This bitch!

“Aren’t you being a bit rude here, Tsuruhana-san?” glared Serika-chan.

“Oh dear, I’m sorry. People have told me I’m too honest sometimes.”

She and her lackeys were snickering audibly.

But suddenly her expression turned serious.

“It’s because you’re always wearing that nonchalant expression of yours that you had your prize stolen from under your nose, you know.”

“What did you just say!?”

Prize stolen from under my nose… Wakaba-chan and Kaburagi?

“The day that a lowly External steals away your throne as the queen isn’t far away, wouldn’t you agree? After all, she’s already won over the hearts of the two most influential people here, hasn’t she?”

“Tsuruhana-san! Watch the way you speak to her!”

“Perhaps the age of a certain someone is already over…”

“Tsuruhana-san! You had better not get ahead of yourself!”

“Unacceptable! How dare you speak to Reika-sama like that!”

Serika-chan and Kikuno-chan looked just about ready to brawl.

It was going to be chaos at this rate.

“Ohohoho,” I laughed. “People do often say that empty vessels make the most sound. I can hear you loud and clear, Tsuruhana-san.”

I smiled in amusement.

“If you want a fight, shall I give you one?”

Youko-sama hadn’t graduated yet, so I could totally do it!

At least I hoped so.

I’d make use of Youko-sama’s power as much as I could!

For a while it seemed like sparks flew between us.

Even if it’s scary, don’t avert your eyes, Reika!

“Hmph. Let’s go, everyone.”

She folded.

Serika-chan and Kikuno-san were still fuming after they walked past and left.

“What the was that!? Absolutely unforgivable!”

“Ever since the year started she’s been acting more and more out of hand! She’s asking for war!”

The two of them were boiling with rage.

You’re kind of scary, you two.

Since there were a lot of onlookers, I quickly left.

As I was doing so, I overheard a boy’s comment.

“The three Gorgon sisters are freaking scary…”

Three Gorgon sisters!?

The three of us turned in sync to glare at the source who squealed a little before running away.

Even if you run, you won’t escape us.

I already have your face.

How about I turn you to stone as well!

“Reika-sama! We will make sure to punish that insolent boy properly!”

“When I’m through, he won’t have a place in Zui’ran!”

“Enough, you two. It was just a bit of nonsense. Still, hmm, I think I know what to do with him.”

I sent out a notice to all girls.

Until graduation, nobody was to give that boy a single Valentine’s chocolate; absolutely no courtesy chocolates, to say nothing of romantic chocolates.

He would be part of the village, whether he liked it or not.

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113 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 190”

    1. Village head is always mighty. She doesn’t show much but when she does..heh heh..ask the 3 sports club captain.
      Bakaragi and stalking horse are easy target to be played with by others, but no one knows, the trigger button(wakaba) is already with our village head camp.

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    2. I don’t really have a head for all this weird princess dynastic politics stuff. So my first instinct is that this squabble is petty and pointless for both of them to engage in. In other words, it’s stupid high school posturing.

      On further internal debate, yes, that’s exactly what it seems like. Tsuruhana doesn’t become Mrs. Kaburagi by taunting Reika. And the fact that she failed to nab Kaburagi, by her logic, means there’s nothing more appealing about joining her petty high school following over Reika’s. She’s angling at a whole lot of nothing.

      So the end result is what? When they reach adulthood, there will be two cliques of bored trophy wives belonging to Reika’s camp or Tsuruhana’s? That’s not an existential threat to Reika at all.

      Reika doesn’t even need threats, it’s so laughably pointless.

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    1. Ack. This is painful Reika going to an all boys school does not get you any chocolate and after I graduated I had this misconception that guys are supposed to give it out. Just remembering the faces of all my female friends who received my courtesy chocolate is making me cringe guh…

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  1. I sent out a notice to all girls.

    Until graduation, nobody was to give that boy a single Valentine’s chocolate; absolutely no courtesy chocolates, to say nothing of romantic chocolates.

    He would be part of the village, whether he liked it or not.


    Or rather, would Tsuruhana try to give that boy some just to spite Reika?
    Though if she does I get a feeling someone might use that as basis to mock her saying ‘how can we be sure it’s really ‘only’ courtesy chocolate?’

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    Thanks so much for this release! I really needed it today.

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  3. Holy shit that was vicious! One petrified resident for the village, coming right up!

    As expected of the Eldest Gorgon Sister…
    What? I have nothing to be afraid of, I worship Reika-sama!
    *Proudly brandishes permanent resident card of Forever Alone Village*

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  4. I think that Reika-chan would have just thought cute, cursing thoughts if the boy hadn’t involved her friends. She is self protective, but rarely vindictive for her own sake.

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    1. Pretty sure this is one of the first truly vindictive things we’ve seen her do. She’s often threatening and scary, but generally her actual revenges are… kind of petty.

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  5. I always have the feeling that Serika-chan & Kikuno-chan (and the other girls of Reika’s clique) are a large part of Reika’s village head problem no boy will dare to approach her as long as these girls are around, additionally probably only Bakaburagi and Enjou would get approved of them to be worthy of her because of status reasons, so even if someone had the guts to approach her, he would most likely be put down and bullied out of Reika’s sight.

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    1. [From what I heard, sometimes there’d be footprints on her desk, and other times people would purposefully bump into her.

      They were still bitching about her right in front of her too.

      “But they haven’t touched my uniform since then.”]
      even Emperor’s fans known that Our Empress gave Wakaba her spare uniform.
      but our foolish young Tsuharana seem to be didn’t notice that … her provoke were totally off target
      but, just lets the Empress knows that Tsuharana was one of the people bully Wakaba (the self important b***** would likely do that) … the wrath of Empress would strike her down to the point that of the whole Tsuharana’s gang, only ashes and dusts might be remaining


  8. [“The three Gorgon sisters are freaking scary…”
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    When I first read this I was like, which group of girls is he talking about? Then…

    [The three of us turned in sync to glare at the source who squealed a little before running away.]

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    1. He could probably argue his way out of the punish,ent of it if he explained the story behind them but I don’t think he’s going to be so fortunate.


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    And so the village grows.

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          1. Hate the game, not the player.

            And what’s wrong with the word sophomore? It sort of does a good job of indicating the callowness of younger students. I assure you, I was quite insufferable in high school. And undergraduate college.

            Well okay, not much has changed now, but still.

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  13. Thx for the chapter o/
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    1. “Ah, and my mother wanted me to tell you to come over again.”

      (What are his actual thoughts, I wonder?
      What does he wants from this oh-so-casual remark? Are you trying to gauge out whether Reika is against it vehemently like she did Madam Kaburagi’s invitations or she seems amendable for another meet-my-parents session, boy?)

      “Thank you. Perhaps if circumstances permit…”

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      (“knock on wood”? 😆
      Is it because Reika-chan is an Ojousama so she could only deign to delicately touch it with his dainty fingers, to eliminate bad luck?

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    1. No one would believe it. By not saying anything it creates more doubt than a full throated declaration.
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  15. “The day that a lowly External steals away your throne as the queen isn’t far away, wouldn’t you agree? After all, she’s already won over the hearts of the two most influential people here, hasn’t she?”

    There were three hearts captured, Maki-chan. Wakaba-chan already won over the hearts of the three most influential people in your grade.

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  16. I want to say it’s different to bully some random guy who insulted you by calling you a gorgon(of which there are three in greek myths, I just realized), and bullying some random girl who allegedly stole your boyfriend, but I cant actually think of a difference.

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    1. It does seem a bit extreme. It basically means that any girl that *would* be interested in him won’t be able to act on it for fear of social reprisal. It’s not a great message to send.

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      1. Gotta say, a little disappointed in Reika. The only real benefit to Suiran in her social circle is that you get to make connections. So sabotaging his love life isn’t just about romance, but his future prospects.

        They’re rich kids, so he’ll probably be fine overall, but it’s still a dick move.

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  17. Joke’s on you Tsuruhana-san. Reika-sama has won over Wakaba-chan’s heart, so by default she has also won over the other 2 most powerful people in Suiran. That’s how it works right?

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    1. I think that it’s just exaggerated alpha masculinity. Tsuruhana always has to perform or she winds up looking weak. She gains nothing from fighting Reika, but has a lot to lose by not fighting her.

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  24. Until graduation, nobody was to give that boy a single Valentine’s chocolate; absolutely no courtesy chocolates, to say nothing of romantic chocolates.

    He would be part of the village, whether he liked it or not.”

    Not even the MC from overlord is that evil…


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