Reika-sama – 176

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I used a waterproof liner to carefully draw in a natural looking eyebrow.

Since it wasn’t all gone, it wasn’t so noticeable if you weren’t looking carefully.

And besides, if you took everyone’s make-up off there were plenty of women who had plucked their eyebrows off! Compared to them I still had the ends!

Plus, my hair was long enough, so as long as I didn’t run and was careful in the wind it could be fine! Thank god for being driven to school.

After having a seaweed-based breakfast I prepared to leave for school.



When I arrived, my group was really concerned because I had suddenly skipped a day.

“You seemed healthy enough until the other day. I was so worried to hear you’d suddenly caught a cold, you know?”

“I apologise for worrying you. I felt ill when I woke up in the morning… Perhaps it was just fatigue.”

“Gosh, please don’t push yourself.”

“I know. We visited the hospital too. I am fine now.”

“Thank goodness. It’s almost winter break, and Christmas is coming up too!”


“What is everyone doing for Christmas?” I asked.

All sorts of answers came out, like going to a party, or going on a trip with family. Everyone’s schedules were filled.

Tsk. So it really was just me with nothing to do.

“What are your plans, Reika-sama?”

“Just a small party with some close friends…”

“My! Any party that you’d attend could only be magnificent!”

“No, it truly is nothing like that.”

It’s just a party with some imaginary friends.

I changed the topic to avoid letting something slip.

“Has anything changed while I was away?” I asked.

“No, not really.”

“No, there was, wasn’t there! Huge news too, Reika-sama!”

“Yeah! Yesterday everyone was talking about how Kaburagi-sama was going to be the next President of the Pivoine!”

Oh, that. Thanks to waking up to bald eyebrows my day was quite hectic yesterday, so I had completely forgotten about it. That tea party felt like so long ago.

“Who would have thought that Kaburagi-sama would be President!”

“Fuyuko-sama said that he volunteered himself, or something? Nobody could have imagined he’d ever do that.”

“Actually we were talking about it yesterday, but Kaburagi-sama led his classes during the athletics carnivals and school festivals, didn’t he? He’s perfect for leading the Pivoine.”

“True~ I’m so looking forward to next year!”

“But the people from the Student Council seemed pretty tense…”

“Really?” I prompted.

“The Student Council President didn’t look like he cared, but everyone else had serious expressions.”

“They all looked pretty grim when they realised they’d have Kaburagi as their opponent next year.”

“I think only the Student Council President and Takamichi Wakaba didn’t seem all that worried.”


“I bet her head was empty as always. She’s always looking into space like an idiot, after all. It makes you wonder if she’s really smart enough for the scholarship. Honestly unbelievable.”

“But apparently in the Student Council she’s the best with the calculator.”

“What is that even supposed to mean. Does that have anything to do with being smart?”

“Beats me.”

Hmmm. Quite a lot happened while I was away. Naturally the news about Kaburagi was blowing up. Well, basically any news about Kaburagi blew up.

I doubt everyone would have cared so much if I had taken the seat.

Thinking about it again, though, thank god I hadn’t. I was grateful to Kaburagi for this.

Had I ended up pushed into being President both my eyebrows would have fallen off completely, no doubt.

Whoa ho! Could you please not thoughtlessly open the window, guy over there? Won’t my fringe fly about if you do that?




When I arrived at the salon everyone asked about my cold.

People worrying about my fake illness all day was really doing a number on my conscience…

I was sitting in my usual spot with some camomile tea when Kaburagi and Enjou arrived.

“Kisshouin-san, I heard you were down with a cold yesterday. Are you feeling better now?”


I gave a weak smile to play up the ‘getting better’ thing.

“Karin fruits are good for coughing, you know. Yukino drinks a lot of karin tea when he has an attack.”

Karin fruits, also known as Chinese quinces

“I see. Thank you for letting me know.”

Of course, the truth was that I was fine besides my eyebrows. I’d prefer him telling me some medicine for hair growth instead.

“When I came back today I was surprised at how quickly the news of Kaburagi-sama had spread.”

Kaburagi had been sitting there legs crossed and enjoying some black tea. He looked up at me when he heard that.

“Pretty much…” he agreed.

“It was even crazier yesterday,” added Enjou.

“Really?” I asked.

“I mean, Masaya hates being bothered, so everyone was sure he’d never do it, right?”

“That I can understand.”

“I wonder what changed his mind,” Enjou smirked.

Kaburagi suddenly looked away.

I stared at him for a while. When he realised he looked back with a frown.


“Oh no, nothing.”

Why on earth did you decide to do that, Kaburagi?

Enjou had left for some new tea, so it was just the two of us when he muttered,

“…There are a lot of people in the Pivoine who don’t think well of her.”

His voice was low and quiet, but I heard every word.

Hmmm… So it really was for Wakaba-chan’s sake. He really was the type to do anything for his special person.

“What do you…”


“What do you think about her…?”

I felt my heart thump as I was fixed by his strong gaze.

“Nothing in particular.”

“…I see.”


Maybe it would have been better had I emphasised that I wasn’t her enemy instead.

Maybe it’d have helped avoid any misunderstandings that would lead to my family being destroyed.

I was about to say something but Enjou returned, and Kaburagi left his seat instead.

I had missed my chance.

Oh dear, don’t tell me my left eyebrow was next…!?

The moment I returned home, I made sure to apply the medicine.



We agreed that I’d be coming over during the weekend to pick up my specially made yule log.

Yaay! I was looking forward to it!

I wonder what Wakaba-chan would be doing for Christmas.

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81 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 176”

    1. a lot of rich people has had strange sickness and ailments for centurys

      and i think that log looks deadly lol


  1. Reika should just up and tell him that she and Wakaba are friends. Bakaburagi would then try to gain Wakaba’s favor by making everything easy for Reika.
    Then again…he’s an idiot that could possibly just mess everything up, but having an all powerful school icon pulling some strings, things should possibly ease up for our already powerful Reika, right? Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 12 people

    1. You think Bakaragi wouldn’t get jealous, even if it’s Reika?

      Though given the weekend schedule to pick up the Yule Log, I get a feeling she’s about to learn that.

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    1. The Village Chief looked upon her stocks within the root cellar of her modest cabin and saw that she had ample supplies for the winter ahead. Pocky sticks were harvested from the branches of the Pocky trees surrounding the village. She also had those little koala cookie things that she had to trap individually using snares. The little critters screamed their anguish to the skies as she put them out of their misery. Each and every item of food had to carefully be gathered or hunted from the wilderness surrounding the village of Forever Alone.

      But it was not merely the stress of these labors that had caused the middle of her eyebrows to fall out. Normally, the village would have other inhabitants. However, she was also diligent in felling trees and shaping planks, so that she might fashion crates (with air holes) and worthy sea vessels. Out of the kindness of her heart, she had diligently insured the escape of all former residents by shipping them off. After all, one did not leave the viillage alone.

      Indeed, the Village Chief was a good-natured and hardworking girl. Although her clumsiness often spoiled her efforts, what she lacked in talent and skill, she made up for in perserverence. Unfortunately, her earnestness had caused her to neglect her own wellbeing, otherwise she might have made good her own escape before she was to be snowed-in.

      Regrettably, she would have little to do on Christmas but to needle-felt, sleep and eat. For the climes around Forever Alone were quite inhospitable, and she would be quite snowed-in for the duration of winter.

      Who can say what made the girl decide to eat outside the village boundaries on a chilly autumn morning? Perhaps she wanted to enjoy what little freedom she had before the storms set in. Perhaps she wanted to take in the orange-and-red foilage of the Pocky trees surrounding the village. Perhaps she had eccentric reasons all her own.

      Regardless, there she was, munching on sugary treats on the cold hard ground. Misery loves company, and she had not even that. This only deepened her misery. She was the village chief in name only. In truth, she was really quite more like a crazy cat lady without the cats.

      That was when she spotted the boy off in the distant treeline of the forest. This had not been the first time she’d seen him. And seeing him did nothing to improve her mood. She had seen him while gathering food and building ships. Always, he could be found observing her labors from a distance. He would laugh anytime her snares were mislaid or she expressed discomfort at wringing the necks of the little cookie koalas. Or he would be found smirking when she knocked over a stack of planks. One night, he had even been watching her sleep from a window, and had quickly fled when she woke from the sensation of being stared at.

      She was sure he was scheming something. But she wasn’t sure what. She noshed on her treats with ever greater vigor and frustration as the boy smiled knowingly at her and fled over the horizon.

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  2. Many thanks!
    Damn, Kaburagi, feeling Reika-chan out huh? Trying to see if Reika is your rival in love or not huh? Well well well, too bad you for Reika-chan is way ahead of ya in Wakaba-chan’s love meter!!!

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      1. But he still is going to move against the current and while he is the god in everyone’s eyes, Reika would be the scapegoat instead of him. Just imagining him irresponsibly dragging her into his own crap angers me to death.

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Reika is a goddess in everyone’s eyes, though. I highly doubt anyone would dare oppose Bakaburagi, but if that should somehow happen him and Reika moving in the same direction would see the opposition retreating faster than a squirrel from a raging forest fire.

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            1. Wouldn’t that just make them hate Wakaba more…? I mean, if people assume KabuRei is a thing, won’t they also assume Wakaba is trying to seduce Kaburagi from Reika?

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  6. lol, it’s cool that reika wanted someone to recommend her the hair growth medicine, although i wouldn’t come to enjou because i don’t think either enjou or yukino has a problem with sporadic baldness so i don’t think they’ll know. lol

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  7. Oh, poor Reika. Always with the facades…

    So Ved was right. It was because of Wakaba; makes sense. But I’m not sure how this Bakaburagi will fare as President. True, everyone will listen to him, but he also has traits of being overbearing and unreasonable… Maybe he’ll achieve a level up? I mean, it’s been years-one’s bound to happen sometime.

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    1. Kaburagi is rather competent in spite of himself. Aside from being an obsessive perfectionist. Kaburagi does what Kaburagi wants to do and nothing more. Outside peer pressure is a nonfactor in his life because he’s too self-absorbed, aggressive and privileged to do anything less. The notion that people might think less of him for defending Wakaba has not even entered his mind.

      Consequently, that’s what he finds so attractive about Wakaba. Wakaba is straight up-and-down and doesn’t front. She goes to school in gumboots if it’s raining, doesn’t groom her hair and picks food out of Suiran’s forest. She stares off into space and leaves her mouth hanging open. She’s a total space case. She has a lot in common with Kaburagi in that they both live in their own world and aren’t influenced by surrounding peer pressure.

      This is also why Karburagi feels so satisfied by the Zodiac explanation for Reika’s odd behavior. It’s the sort of obsessive personal project he’d embark upon himself and who gives a damn what anybody thinks of you. He’s just projecting his motivations upon Reika. And ironically, it probably improves his opinion of her, even if Reika doesn’t quite appreciate this.

      Anyway, we’re about to see how good Enjou’s Observation-Fu of Reika is. I wonder how long it is until he notices that Reika is missing parts of her eyebrows?

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      1. Yass Ved-sama is my role model! Their analysis is always spot on!

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        “I was about to say something but Enjou returned, and Kaburagi left his seat instead.”




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          also I am a bit curious about Yukino.. do you think he’s actually also a black-bellied person like his oniisama?

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  12. I used a waterproof liner to carefully draw in a natural looking eyebrow.
    And besides, if you took everyone’s make-up off there were plenty of women who had plucked their eyebrows off! Compared to them I still had the ends!
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    Enjou had left for some new tea, so it was just the two of us when he muttered,

    “…There are a lot of people in the Pivoine who don’t think well of her.”

    His voice was low and quiet, but I heard every word.

    Hmmm… So it really was for Wakaba-chan’s sake. He really was the type to do anything for his special person.

    Finally! Finally He realize it! now that you know Kaburagi, why don’t you do something instead? at least stop the bullying. you’re the official president now afterall! but please don’t involve our adorable Reika.. she is innocent in all of this😊

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  15. “…There are a lot of people in the Pivoine who don’t think well of her.”

    His voice was low and quiet, but I heard every word.

    Hmmm… So it really was for Wakaba-chan’s sake. He really was the type to do anything for his special person.

    “I won’t hand her over, ohohoho.”


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    1. No doubt, the blast furnace is symbolic of the engines of industry of capitalism, which is bearing down upon the hapless proletariat. The hapless proletariat, haplessly have foolishly armed and clothed themselves in the very material luxuries that the system will against them to unmake them. Thus the oppression continues.

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