Reika-sama – 174

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“Yesterday, that Takamichi Wakaba girl caused problems again, I see.”

The President stopped to enjoy a sip of tea.

“Because of that one girl the entire school has been thrown into chaos and ill-discipline. Don’t you all agree?”

Her allies agreed and their dislike of Wakaba-chan showed in their expressions.

I just smiled and stayed silent.

Since yesterday I had been terrified that she would call me out on defending Wakaba-chan and I could tell the moment was here.

The moment I arrived in the salon after school today, the President called me over for some tea.

My heart hadn’t stopped thumping since. This wasn’t going to be a problem was it?

There was an urban myth that mammals were born with a set number of heartbeats. I hoped I wasn’t using mine up.

“What do you think, Reika-sama?”

I knew it!

“Not much, but I…”

“From what I hear, you stopped a group of girls from confronting Takamichi-san?”

Ueegghh, there were little waves in my teacup from the shaking…

Come on, Reika! You’re an actress right now!

“Yes. I was told that there was a disturbance so I went to investigate, only to hear something that I could not accept and, well…”


“Even if Takamichi-san herself has problems, I cannot agree with insulting her family as well. It would hurt me deeply if anybody disparaged my own family…” I said as I placed a hand to my chest and tried my best to look sad.

The people around began to sympathise with me, because “Everybody knows how close Reika-sama is with her family…”

“You’re a kind person, so no wonder you couldn’t overlook that. Insulting family is certainly classless.”


“But if we examine the root cause, this was all because Takamichi-san earned the enmity of so many people by failing to understand propriety. If it wasn’t for her lack of consideration, Reika-sama would never have had to have been hurt.”


Everybody voiced their agreement.

“Poor Reika-sama.”

“Why did Reika-sama have to suffer for a girl like that?”

“Without even knowing how it ends up hurting Reika-sama, Takamichi Wakaba continues to have the Student Council President wait on her hand and foot. How very convenient for her.”

“With the way the Student Council have been spoilt it’s little wonder that that girl has been getting ahead of herself,” complained one of the boys.

“Very true,” agreed the President. “Because the current Student Council has been pushing their luck, that girl has felt no reason to reform.”

The President took my hands into hers.

“Reika-sama. I know full well how kind you are. But kindness is not enough for the President of the Pivoine. There are times when we must be harsh as well. If not, the Student Council will only grow more impudent.”

“No, but as I mentioned earlier, I am not capable enough to…”

“The current Student Council is truly aggravating. It appears that they even harbour ambitions of supplanting the Pivoine.”


After that the conversation turned to their latest skirmish with the Student Council.

Aahh, so they still hadn’t given up on making me president…

I quietly left my seat and headed for my usual sofa by the wall.

I suppose I can at least consider having dealt with the repercussions of yesterday? Ahhh…

Around the time that I was on my second cup of tea, Kaburagi and Enjou finally came along.

They had no idea about how other people suffered!

Perhaps my displeasure was oozing from my body because Enjou spoke to me.

“What’s wrong, Kisshouin-san? You seem worn out today.”

I am!

“The end of the year is a busy time.”

Recently it was one worry after another.

I was actually checking for white hairs you know.

Well, given all the scalp massages I was getting from both the beauty salon and myself, I think it was in pretty good shape though!

On days like this I just wanted to head to my club and begin knitting already. You can really lose yourself in knitting, after all.

I bade the two of them goodbye and left the salon.


The Handicrafts Club was heaven!

Everyone happily knitted as we discussed the tea party on the last day of club activities for the year.

Since I was only a (provisional) member last year I didn’t get to participate, but this year I could boldly do so. Wahh, so happy.

“When I mentioned the tea party to Kotou-san she said she wanted to join in.”

“My, my, that would simply not do, Minami-kun. Tell her that if she wants to participate then she should join the club.”

Geez, that Ririna is so spoilt. Even a (provisional) member like me wasn’t allowed to. The road to the end-of-year tea party is that tough, you know. Definitely not a party that just any outsider can join in on.

“Are you making a neck warmer, Reika-sama?”

“Uhuhu, that is a secret.”

I couldn’t admit that it was meant to be a belly warmer yet… If I screwed it up, I could always give it to the tanuki. A nice, cute pink one for him!



After the conversation between Sakura-chan and Aoi-chan the other day, I was starting to feel anxious about cooking.

Were girls just supposed to know? If so, that was bad news for me…

I casually asked the girls in my group, and a lot of them couldn’t cook either. Plenty of them had employees to do that after all.

It wasn’t enough to set me at ease though. I couldn’t say for certain that I’d never have to cook, after all. Like what if there was some day when I had to cook for a boy I liked!?

In the past I tried teaching myself through experiments a few times, but I got bored straight away. Maybe learning under an expert was the right idea after all?

While I was thinking about it, I suddenly thought of Akimi-san. I think she might have said something about becoming a cooking teacher?

Just between you and me, I actually don’t know a whole lot about cooking. I would probably have to start with the basics of the basics.

I had the feeling that Akimi-san would be a gentle teacher to a clumsy person like me.

In the end I sent her a message about it. Ooh, I hoped that she’d say okay.

She immediately replied that as long as I was fine with her. She even asked me to try her cooking to see if I was okay with her sense of taste first. Yaaay!

Now even I was going to be able to cook for my future boyfriend! Wait for me, my yet unknown love!

Since it wasn’t set in stone yet, I only told Oniisama that I might be learning how to cook. He gave me a strange look. Why? I even told him that I’d be giving him the most of my cooking.




For some reason Kaburagi gave me a book on acupoints. It was tagged on the pages for “acupoints good for lessening fatigue”.

What the heck.

Hmmmm, now where’s the acupoint for smaller stomachs…

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105 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 174”

  1. Kaburagi being Kaburagi gives Reika something he thinks will be “helpful”.

    But if Reika starts bringing acupuncture needles to school…Fellow Stalking Horse may have to step in…again.

    Liked by 81 people

    1. Bakaragi better watch out, because if Reika masters the dim mak touch, I know who who her prime target would be.

      And Bakaragi best not be thinking about a Wakaba + Reika harem route with these little gifts or we Reika fans will have to build a woodshed at the back of Suiran to take him behind.

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  2. Kaburagi being nice to Reika as a friend and she thinking “what the heck ?” is priceless ! I like Kaburagi and Reika’s interactions so much xD (but I’m still against KabuRei)

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    1. I think it’s gotten to the point that no matter what she says, they’re going to steamroll over her and twist what she said as Wakaba being at fault and Reika being a “victim” and I can just picture it too:

      Reika: Actually, I really was trying to stop them from picking on Takamichi-san.
      President: That degenerate! To think that someone could stoop so low as to make a scene and force Reika-sama to step in.
      Reika: No, I mean-
      President: Is she trying to drag our school’s name through the mud!? To abuse Reika-sama’s kindness and make herself look like the victim.
      Reika: How would that-
      Everybody joins in:
      That’s right! Making Reika-sama suffer so much for her sake!
      Truly horrible! How dare such an outsider come to this school and create such a ruckus!
      Something needs to be done about such a troublemaker!
      Poor Reika, having to deal with something like this!

      And then a riot will start and Reika will be left wishing she’d kept her mouth shut about it after all. ;}

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      1. And then girls start coming to have a word with Wakaba for “bothering Reika-sama.”

        And then Stalking Horse runs up to Reika, “Oy! I hear you’ve been having your minions bully Wakaba!”

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  3. (shipping glasses-ON) There goes Enjou, Reika-watching again. Although, I didn’t expect something so considerate (at least by his standards) from Bakaburagi. What’s he up to?… was it Enjou?

    Yay! More food to come soon XD But poor Oniisama. Reika’s cooking, huh. I’m not sure how well Akimi can teach her, but for his sake, I hope it’s pretty darn well. XDD

    Thank you so much for another update, and such a quick one too XDXDXD It’s my birthday, so this was an especially nice surprise ^^

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    1. i kinda get the feeling that those two’ll end up getting together though. Akimi gives me older sister vibes that feels intentional.

      Or is it just me >.<

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    2. I still want to know how her family will respond if she end up getting that guy that looks like her old self’s cousin as a boyfriend.

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    3. first of all, Happy Birthday,ragapeace! ^__^

      second of all, Enjou was the one who noticed Reika’s fatigue. I’m pretty sure he said something about it to/around Kaburagi, so Kaburagi being the weird caring friend he is, gave her that book. lol

      third, poor Oniisama…I hope her cooking skills get better -___-“

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    4. I get the vibe of Boyfriend and Girlfriend from Enjou and Reika interaction in this chapter…Even without my shipping glasses on..

      It’s pretty gratifying to have someone there to understand your fatigue at the end of a troublesome event, after all. And Enjou could see Reika’s stress at a glance which elicited a smile from me…

      Yeah, the first thought that came to mind when Kaburagi gave her the book was “Enjou said something” because I shall never overestimate that Bakaburagi!

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  4. Wow, thanks for another chapter. You’re on a roll!
    Kaburagi, we will accept this peace offering, but you’re still a pain in the neck. It beats the previous book of lovesickness at least.
    Cooking lessons should be oniichan’s dreams come true. And he could share the burden, er, Reika’s achievements with the tanuki. Ah, I miss the sidestory pov’s. there aren’t enough of them. ^^

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    1. After a year of little to no exercise, I started jogging last month, but I soon lost interest because of the onlooking bystanders. I am trying to replace jogging with cycling now because, at least, I fly past the neighbors’ stares. I then realized how out of shape I am because the distance I can currently cover is less than 15% of what I could do a year ago. T_T

      Then I tried the hula hoop, but I could make it stay for more than 2 rotations. I could easily do a hundred some fifteen years ago. What is wrong with me?

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  5. I like that Kaburagi is actually,in his own way, friendly to Rei-chan while being clearly interested in someone else.

    Rei-chan should hurry up and become a Revolutionary Ojousama. Maybe an Epic Speech would do it.

    Oh. Finally. Rei-chan will stop making Bad Food.

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    1. Are you willing to taste test her cooking?
      I’ll wait 24 hours watching those who ate them before attempting a bite (if no one shows any I’ll effects).

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    2. Still wish she would become the president and destroy EVERYONE with her fan, but now it most likely will be some handcraft gear since everything keeps getting banned XD

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      1. If you cross her, she can make a needle felt of you. (Voodoo. For some reason the closed parentheses is not responding, so there will just have to be no ending to my parentheses…..


  6. That day, onii-sama thought he saw Nirvana…
    In any case, I can’t wait for Reika-sama to become Mistress of All Needles. Knitting, acupuncture… All she needs now are Pine Needles and Syringe Needles.

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  7. Thats one of the things about that Bakaburagi, its how observant he can be at random times, mostly hes a dense ball of stupid and insensitive, its no wonder he resembles an ass most times.

    Another Bakaburagi Pov

    I was top of the leader board yet again, a smug smile appeared on my face, Enjou looked at me with disgust, why was I his friend again? this guy, seriously. I wonder how Wakaba did, seeing the Student council president in 3rd place made his lips twitch in annoyance, really that girl shouldve studied harder, but still it is a good result, after a small exchange with her he left feeling light-hearted, she was so smart, certainly someone I could find pleasant to talk with, she was not a stupid girl, inanely giggling or smiling at nothing in particular, he really disliked insipid girls. She had many talents, strong athletically, a fantastic cook, she was in all aspects like an ideal female companion to me, he smiled thinking about how she looked at him while they spoke, she was cute, even that open mouthed look she sometimes had was adorable.

    “Hmm” Enjou had his eyes on Kisshouin,
    “What is it?” I enquired, Shuuske often looked at Kisshouin, its because of his interest that my eyes would look at her as well.
    After asking Kisshouin I found out she was rather tired of late, which left her in an unhappy state, hmm perhaps I could help with that, she wasnt a bad sort, her brain decent, although she wasnt in the top 30 this time, but it was surprising that she would be ranked on the odd occasion, not that I really noticed, it was Shuuske that often highlighted her accomplishments, she had helped him in the past, so she was less forgettable than other people, hmm perhaps I could ask her advice regarding Wakaba…

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    1. Not bad, but you need to stick to “first person” while writing. Lines like “…he really disliked insipid girls” break the flow.


  8. “Since it wasn’t set in stone yet, I only told Oniisama that I might be learning how to cook. He gave me a strange look. Why? I even told him that I’d be giving him the most of my cooking.” LOLOL Reika-chan is out to poison her brother! ahahaha! Many thanks!

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  9. Wow, you are on a roll!

    The “logic” behind the victim blaming is making my head hurt. Poor Wakaba-chan…
    That’s surprisingly sweet of Bakaburagi though. Perhaps he will be worthy of Reika-sama’s benevolence after all.

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    1. Yeah he’s surprisingly good at taking care of his friends. Now we know why Enjou stays with him despite his numerous annoying shortcomings 😆


  10. Is it possible, that because Reika is not so clingy to Kaburagi that Kaburagi never got that chance to actually grow up the way he was suppose to be? I mean, in the original, he had to give her face as her father’s company is somewhat on the same level. So with his annoyance, he plotted early on for the downfall of Reika’s family just in case he needs it in the future. And it didn’t help that the original Reika was a full on beach and determined on Kaburagi so her father did all sort of underhanded stuff to make it happen which ultimately led to their downfall. Now in this case, since none of it happened, Kaburagi is more of an immature and irritable brat rather than a cool-headed MC. Which probably makes Wakaba less interested in him and more interested in Yuri with Reika… Just a thought :D

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    1. Remember how when the two were kids, Kaburagi treated Reika as a gopher? And how Kaburagi’s mother and Reika’s mother are good friends? The first his mother meets Reika, she asks him about her son and how he was treating her, and threatens to knock sense into him if he gives her trouble. But she lied and said nothing bad about him because she was too much of a chicken around the Kaburagi family. I am thinking the manga Reika couldn’t stand to be pushed around, so Kaburagi got some home discipline as in a child that this version missed out on.

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  11. Damn it, the accursed Pivione President twisting Reika’s words!

    And Fight on! The Great Onii-sama, I pray for your health and stomach. Hehe~ I can’t wait for another excerpt of Onii-sama!


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    —😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the Bakaburagi Book collection +1

    Srsly, what a wide range of Books does he read😂
    And it doesn’t seem like he’s aware of the help Reika-Sara gave to wakaba (though I bet Enjou knows it already🌚)

    Thanks for the chapter✨✨

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  13. Awwww, don’t you guys think it’s cute? Kaburagi, Enjou, and Reika are actually friends, they just don’t know it :)
    They look out for each other(mostly Reika looking out for Wakaba and, indirectly, Kaburagi) and really think about each other(Kaburagi helping Reika complete the Zodiac and giving Reika ‘gifts’).

    Liked by 6 people

      1. From Kaburagi’s point of view, Reika is one of the extremely few girls who doesn’t annoy the hell out of him (the others being Yurie and Wakaba). I’m sure she’s a special friend to him in his own Bakaburagi way.

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    1. Yeah. They are actually Childhood Friends lol.


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  14. “Maybe learning under an expert was the right idea after all?”
    “I would probably have to start with the basics of the basics.”
    Maybe? Probably? Oh, I love this lines! I’m still laughing!!

    “I had the feeling that Akimi-san would be a gentle teacher to a clumsy person like me.” The fact that she accepts her own clumsiness makes me think that she is finally growing a little.

    Though threatening her marvelous Onii-sama after that… There is still a long way to go. What it’s good, because I love LONG stories; even if I never meet the actual end (Bakamille-chan, I miss you).

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  15. -_-
    Reika… please stay a Chief Village till the end of the novel.
    i at least would be sad as a self-proclaimed villager if you ever retire the position


  16. Thank you! Oh my, Kaburagi is getting more and more caring towards Reika, that’s so sweet he probably consider her as a friend by now, still an asshole and pain in the ass though.


  17. thnx for the chapter

    and really reika you will use your brother as an experimental subject? poor him i hope he have a steel stomach

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      1. i was not talking about her father, i was talking about her brother

        “I only told Oniisama that I might be learning how to cook. He gave me a strange look. Why? I even told him that I’d be giving him the most of my cooking.”

        like this part did say, lots of the future food are reserved for her brother lol

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  18. Thanks for the chapter! I’m just rlly surprised…Bakaburagi actually gave her a book that makes sense for her situation xD.


  19. Poor Oni-sama. ‘I know I said dumber kids are cuter, but that’s only when I don’t suffer from their hijinks!’ RIP Oni-sama’s stomach.

    Reika should just be president, and I’m sure she will. It takes no work and she could rule as the benevolent rococo queen. Too bad she’s too much of a coward to consider it.


  20. I love this novel, I discovered this novel 3 days ago and I finished it from 1 to 177, I was so excited to know the rest that I finished it quickly xD.
    Thank you for all this translation it must have been a lot of work.

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  21. To Our Beloved Mayor.

    All of the residents and permanent citizens here in Forever Alone Village sincerely respect you, and are cheering you on in your continued efforts to accept new residents. We also hope for the day that our dear Mayor conquers Couple Village and Romance Town and brings them into the fold as new permanent citizens of our beautiful village.

    We are all ready to move at your word, as we see you not only as our Mayor, but also as the General who will conquer all, creating the Nation of Forever Alone!

    In the hopes that you will be able to find happiness with us, we shall continue to stand by Kisshouin Reika-sama’s side forever.

    With the greatest respect,
    -Villager A


  22. Okay, so how long has Enjou been keeping his attention on Reika? Was it after getting punched in the gut?? Just when?! and when are we getting a peek at his thoughts!


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