Reika-sama – 133

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My first time jogging was one early morning, where the sun had only just appeared. Even though it was so early in the morning, my bodyguard, Mihara-san, was already greeting me with a lively smile.

“Good morning, Reika-ojousama! Come! We’ll do our best, starting today!”

“Good morning… I will be in your capable care.”

After doing some leg stretches in the garden, we began slowly running around my neighbourhood.

Mihara-san had suggested 3 kilometres for our first day. I told him that I had never run for 3 kilometres before but he told me that I had to run at least 3 kilometres for it to have any point, so in the end I had no choice but to bear with it.

“We aren’t worrying about your time today, so just go at your own pace!”

“I understand.”

Under his encouragement my running was energetic at first, but before long my feet were leaden. My lungs hurt too.

“Eh-! Reika-ojousama, what’s the matter!?”

“…It hurts.”

“We’ve only just run 500 metres, you know?!”

Like I care. I don’t think I can run 3 kilometres unless we drop the pace more.

The hot-blooded exercise enthusiast Mihara-san was having none of it though.

“Reika-ojousama! You’re running slower than you walk, you know!? Come on!”

Impossible. It hurts. I want to give up…

I was already heaving before we reached the 1 kilometre mark. I was slumped over as I ran, and my arms looked more like I was dog-paddling than I was running. And my lungs… my lungs… were burning… I swear I could taste blood…

“Reika-ojousama! Swing your arms more! Come one! One! Two! One! Two!”

Mihara-san began to count out a rhythm to encourage me as he ran beside me.

“Don’t give in to yourself, Reika-ojousama!”

“Reika-ojousama! We haven’t even reached the halfway point! Give it some oomph!”

“Keep your head up and keep at it! Go! Go! Go!”

Mihara-san’s voice rang out through the affluent neighbourhood.

Pain… Why had I ever thought this would be a good idea… When were the endorphins going to come… I kept waiting, but the runner’s high never came for me… Pain… Painnnnn…

In the end, it came down to him pushing me from behind, but I somehow managed the 3 kilometres back to the house.

With shaking legs, I collapsed onto the garden without a care. The grass was sharp and prickly but I couldn’t bring myself to bother.

“Reika-ojousama! After the jog we still have your stretches!”

Impossible… I didn’t have the energy to get up anymore… My heart was pounding dangerously in my chest.

A wide-eyed Oniisama discovered me laying around in the garden.

“Reika, you okay…?”

I tried to speak but only strange wheezing noises came out, so I shook my head instead.

“Mihara-san, how far did she run?”

“Roughly 3 kilometres.”

“Hmmmm, this bad after just 3 kilometres…?” said Oniisama, sounding troubled.

Sorry for being useless, you two.

“But no need to worry! With daily running she’ll have the stamina in no time!”

Eh-!? I’m going to be doing this daily!?

I wanted to reply but it hurt too much to. Please no, just today was enough already… Please, no more running…

But Mihara-san had been hired specifically to guard me during my jogs. Hiring him based on a whim, and then quitting after one day? I couldn’t bring myself to be so selfish… But I hated this…

The sunlight was getting stronger now so if I lay there I would tan. Somehow gathering the strength to get up, Mihara-san and Oniisama supported me as I headed indoors. Inside I lay down again.

Thanks to Mihara-san’s hot-blooded pep talk the whole neighbourhood was aware of what a sorry sight I was. And given how much Okaasama cared about face, she was absolutely livid about it. Things were just horrible…

Starting from the next day we were driven to a nearby park to do the jogging.

But Okaasama was still in a bad mood. Things were just horrible…

The only spot of encouragement came from Beatrice’s emails.

“Today I ran 5 kilometres!”

“Today I ran in the evening too!”

Thank god I wasn’t alone──




I had no choice but to agree to the detox thing to cheer Okaasama up.

I still didn’t wanna go… But if I said that now Okaasama would finally throw a fit for real. This was my punishment for shaming her in public.

But at least it was just a detox course. It couldn’t be as bad as last year’s fasting…

I arrived with Okaasama at the Kaburagi group’s hotel. The hotel porter helped us with our luggage and we were guided into a room where acquaintances of my mother were waiting. They were older women from the upper class, and after looking around, many of them had been at the fasting last year. I supposed that a few of them were into dieting fads, and had invited all the rest along. What a pain…

That was when I noticed Maihama-san present, who was for some reason looking dressed up. She noticed me too, and came over.

“Goodness, you came too, Reika-san?” she said with a challenging look.

“Yes. You too, it seems, Maihama-san,” I replied with a smile.

“Fasting last year, and now a detox this year? You sure are working hard. You must really be desperate for her approval. Masaya-sama’s Okaasama, I mean.”


“You seem to be misunderstanding, but I am simply here to accompany my mother. The shocking addition here is you. For all that you mocked it last year, you seem to be standing right here. How the direction of the wind changes. They say that to slay the general you must first begin with the horse, but just because you yourself are in that position is no reason to project onto me. It is offensive.”

What was that!?

Hmph. She could glare all she wanted, it wouldn’t make her scarier. And once again, her curls were half-baked today.

I bade her gokigen’yoh with a smile and then left.

This trip was already turning into something annoying though…

Oh! Akimi-san! Hiiiii!

I could feel Maihama-san glaring from behind but I ignored it.

When everybody was here, Kaburagi’s Okaasama appeared on scene with a bang.

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      1. Huhuhu~ it’s because este-chan is the best bro!

        Este-chan~ should I call you senpai? gege? oppa~? onii-sama~?

        Thanks for the chapter by the waay~

        Este is the beeeeeest~


  1. Why is Reika-sama so antagonistic to Ema? They couldn’t pass any chance meeting without some sort of a skirmish, could they? It always ends with Reika-sama’s win though.

    Woah, that bang at the end got me curious abou lt the next chapter.


    1. Eeeeeexcuuuuuuuuseeeeee meeeeeee?

      Reika-sama would NEVER started a skirmish all on her own! She CLEARLY did not want to have any business with Maihama!(this one and Ema is the same person, right?) That wretch is the one who bring her own narrow minded view to trouble Reika-sama!! And did you not see how in this chapter Reika oooobviously declared she’s having none of it!!! Reika-sama already declared by pretty words that she got no hand in trying to become Maihama’s love rival, but that girl just force her view to her!!

      See this line!:

      “They say that to slay the general you must first begin with the horse, but just because you yourself are in that position is no reason to project onto me. It is offensive.”

      >no reason to project onto me

      Why so antagonistic?! Ask the half-baked curls why the heck she kept projecting ‘love rival’ position to Reika-sama!! In teh first Reika-sama avoided and avoided but then this half-baked curls just need to kept being a bitter and resentful toward Reika-sama! Who on earth would not be annoyed if somebody is igniting ill intentions towards you by a reason that’s totally off the mark??!?!?!?!!?!?!! And it’s all born from the perpeator own misudnerstanding and that perpeator did noy even care about the victim’s views! That half baked wretch is purposely bullying off Reika-sama like the petty and narrow-minded villainess she is!!

      This is that Bakaburagi’s fault for handing Reika-sama a love poem anthology!! Damn it, Bakaburagiiiii!!!!

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      1. Literally everyone else has been shipping Reika with him since primary school including the parents. This is a legitimate worry for maihama. The other problem is Reika is reasonably terrified of the backlash if she outright stated what she thinks (this is why she keeps on trying to get others to quash things if she can). So to the maihama that is worried (and others) the statement Reika made is more easily interpreted as mocking her for having to even compete since Reika clearly can win via just existing due to superiority while saying that she’s offended that such riffraff thinks it’s on the same level as her.

        . Reika doesn’t realize it but she’s been an absolutely vicious competitor from an outside perspective so Maihama’s interpretation is the more reasonable one of what’s going on despite how off base it is.

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        1. Reika isn’t responsible for the actions of others. She has absolutely no obligation whatsoever to put her social position at risk for the sake Maihama’s calm. The fact that Maihama can’t draw Kaburagi’s attention at all is entirely on her. Choosing to attack her perceived rival instead is in no way reasonable, it is merely an outlet for her frustrations.

          Hell, even if Reika were actually competing for Kaburagi’s attention it would be unreasonable. Attacking a rival because your one sided affections are not returned still makes you the villain.


          1. Tran, I was not stating in any way that the behavior itself was ok. I was merely trying to shed some light on the motivations behind the behaviors which are at least understandable.

            Reika is generally very easy to read the emotions or vague intents of. The reason she isn’t read more easily is because almost everyone makes their own assumptions to plaster in the way of the truth.
            This means that all of Reika’s looking down upon maihama and general thoughts like half baked curls are all very obvious to Maihama. So Maihama see’s Reika’s disdain and looking down upon her the whole time then when she’s trying to do something with Kaburagi but Kaburagi ignores Maihama for Reika she misinterprets Reika’s disdain for Kaburagi as being aimed at her..
            So from the get go Reika has looked like a villainous ojou-sama constantly insulting and looking down on her as inherently inferior from day one.(plus she sort of has been doing that minus the villainous intent.) Then no matter how hard she tries Kaburagi and his lack of tact belittles her more even as she tries to learn how to please him better. Eg the Chocolates. He belittles her publicly then when she later tries to give him something she knows he likes he acts like a pedantic asshole and continues to belittle her.
            This pattern keeps on repeating to give her a massive inferiority complex constantly/accidentally cultivated more by Reika whenever they meet which is why her attempted rival actions have been escalating. Maihama’s crush or whatever on Kaburagi is blinding her to just how nasty he is to her so she views it not as him being a jerk but as herself being declared as not good enough compared to Reika. The same sort of thing is happening with her and Kaburagi’s mother since she was initially given backing so she hasn’t stopped to consider that she’s been shoved under the bus because they would never just turn on her like that.
            Once again I must repeat that her actions are unjust and whatever but it’s also ridiculous to expect Maihama to sit down and take what Reika has been inadvertently dishing out. Of course she started snapping.
            Even the most recent stepping thing was a manifestation of that. She probably heard about Reika’s jogging so she thought she finally had a possible advantage. She didn’t care about winning Kaburagi at that moment. She just wanted to beat Reika as a form of self validation of her worth against how Reika has always been looking down upon her.

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            1. doesnt that mean that maihama just have low self-steem? how could reika knows whats in the head of a hot headed young maiden in love, and have you forgotten that she (maihama) is totally vicious to other girls too? you cant expect reika to treat her like she is her friend or something out of nothing, she (reika) always wants to evade troublesome things (specially masaya) but problems always find her.


              1. I never said that I did. I suppose that i could blame Reika’s unwillingness to outright say the truth of what she thinks about Kaburagi if I wanted to be reaching but that’s more of an intended consequence at best.
                I was going to say that the self esteem thing is more of a specific thing only around Reika but she is sticking around in a verbally abusive relationship so it could be more prevalent than i realized.
                I’m not entirely sure why i have to repeatedly keep saying that I do not condone Maihama’s bad behavior as good and am merely explaining my theory as to what is causing it.

                If i were to try and blame somebody else for her own behavior (for the sake of argument instead of if I believe it’s true) on this i’d probably try Kaburagi since it’s just occurred to me that Maihama might be sort of mimicking Kaburagi’s rude behaviors if she didn’t come up with them herself.
                EG Kaburagi is always spouting ultra rude comments at Reika. Mahama really hasn’t said anything worse than Kaburagi on that front.
                She might actually be more of a match for him than we realized?

                Of course there’s also the super minor detail that Reika is considered to be a nasty and mean person you never want to cross with for she is the incarnation of Kali. Nobody could ever make the same mistake about Maihama in this same series.


                1. well even if reika did say the truth would someone belive her? remember when she say that she didnt have any special feelings for masaya, what did everybody do? they did try to make real in her minds and in her actions the idea that reika is in love with masaya, and that masaya does somewhat acknowledge and answer those feelings (the poems anthology, his willingness to play something that she likes, how he aproach her on his own, etc.).

                  even her sempais and enjou did shove masaya in his broken spirited form to her, so she could somewhat fix him, isnt that mean that even if she tell the truth nobody would belive her? she would come as a tsundere or at best as a shy maiden in love.

                  finaly reika doesn not have to be kind at somebody that comes at her with such belicosity (inclined or eager to fight; aggressively hostile; belligerent; pugnacious), her education has teach her that she must “answer in kind” to such actions, if not she “lose face”, so reika could never treat maihama better if maihama does not treat her better first.

                  and in the kali incident she just did her duty, she has said that she is the “leader” of a big and powerfull faction of girls, so she also has responsability towards them, in that case it was for the “agression” of other faction that she was forced to confront them (making a fuss around masaya, enjou and bothering the other girls at the same time).


                  1. OK.. where to begin?
                    You (and others) keep on repeatedly inferring things not stated and then i have to try and debunk the misunderstandings because i want to at least try to be clear in what i’m communicating only for more wild cockameme theories to spring out of nowhere.
                    I did not declare that Reika has to be kind or make any sort of statement demanding that any character act differently. Understanding or thinking of a character’s actions/motivations does not automatically mean i’m arguing that they’re in the right. As an example singe the more ridiculous the better this gets illustrated: Kim Jong Il likes basketball and movies. He might smile when he sees a kitten because they are fluffy and cute. This does not automatically mean I think he’s a great person or everyone is wrong for treating him in response to the way he acts or proclaiming his innocence. He is still a brutal totalitarian dictator that oppresses and starves his entire people under his regime. Having to explain that I do not admire or support “North Korea” nor am I blaming their problems on “America” when i am implying nothing of the sort gets extremely annoying after the first few times which is why i am getting rather snippy right now. The fact that said assumptions would be made is entirely on you as they were never remotely in my mind in the first place.

                    Now that Ii have finished this slight rant, let’s look at the rest of what you have said.

                    “It’s not reika’s fault that noone believes her nor would they.”
                    That’s not quite accurate. Your statement implies that Reika has in no way encouraged, willingly or by accident the belief that she is interested in Kaburagi and Enjou.Let’s take a look at what she’s actually done instead.
                    From primary school onwards she has been joining in the praises of Kaburagi and Enjou. That’s problem one. That might be somewhat mitigated by her stating she had no actual interest in them during primary school but she keeps on throwing that opportunity away.
                    Next is that she has been repeatedly avoiding encountering Kaburagi. Now this in itself is not wrong BUT the problem is the excuse she’s been using. She’s been claiming that she’s shy to a bunch of parents that are trying to ship two children together with the obvious reason behind what could be making her too shy being Kaburagi. .
                    But this is not the end of Reika’s mistakes. I the chocolat incident she went and got a super special gift with great personal thought for kaburagi while lording it over Kaburagi’s “girlfriend” ( I am using the term extraordinarily loose here) about how much better she understands him.

                    I’m sure there are other mistakes but these cover the main three types she has been making.( praising kaburagi which makes it looks like she likes him, pretending to be shy to make herself look more like she likes him, and giving him gifts that can easily be interpreted as romantic.) I cannot honestly say that Reika is innocent of fault for everyone’s assumptions because she has been unwittingly stabbing herself in the foot for nearly a decade straight. They don’t/won’t believe her because she’s been setting herself up for them to not believe her the entire time.

                    Lastly, what I was trying to convey when talking about her being revered as Kali seems have have been miscommunicated, misinterpreted, or flew over your head. You went into the wrong train of thought being said there. The Kali incident wasn’t the cause of her reputation and she’s had said reputation since she was in primary school.
                    Reika has had a bad reputation through no fault of her own since she was a child. It stands to reason that a different child of similar background/origins in a different school can attain a similarly nasty reputation without regards to their actual personality. (This does not mean in any way that I am saying that maihama is a perfect little angel.) We are also in a series where almost everyone’s outward personality that everyone assumes is entirely false. It’s just something to consider instead of metaphorically hissing at the sight of anyone pointing out Maihama is also a human being instead of a caricature.

                    Please don’t let the next replies be something about how I said Reika should totally be nice and buddy buddy to Maihama for she is a delicate little flower getting her heart broken by Reika’s mean old bullying. I’m sick of that.


                    1. lol relax there, but one thing of what you said was really note worthy, if “more” people keep making the same mistakes about what you said maybe its because you keep expresing yourself the wrong way, because if you did it right then we woulnt be having this kind of misunderstanding.

                      because lets be honest if a “lot” of people keep making those kind of asumptions then is because they read/see the other person(you) doing something that “Tacitly” express her support to one character (cough maihama) by pointing out mistakes (or contradictions) of a rival of that character (reika) or even of her love interest (masaya), and in the end those actions are seen as a clear sign of approval for the actions/choices of a character (maihama).

                      btw you forgot that reika is not a genius like her brother or enjou, she makes mistakes, get nervous, get sick, and harm herself when trying to do something stupid (like when she almost poison herself) to avoid a bad end (geting involved with masaya), etc. so if someone like her does mistake must i blame her because she didnt think ahead? no because in this case its is something inherent in her personality(like being a glutton and a little petty [in this case petty:is an immature over reaction in retaliation of an undesired outcome.] and childish), she was made this way.


    2. Kaburagi Mama brought guns and cannons and grenades and sh*t… she’s gonna terrorize the fat away with her explosives…

      And yes, Ema is a b*tch…


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  3. “Pain… Why did had I ever thought this would be a good idea… When were the endorphins going to come… I kept waiting, but the runner’s high never came for me… Pain… Painnnnn…”

    Fun fact, keeping your heart rate around 120ish (depending on the person) will burn more fat (relatively). Higher rates will first use up glycogen stores, and then proceed to produce lactic acid, causing pain. Increasing your heart rate is good for health though, so it’s often suggested to sprint and jog interchangeably, in a 1:3 time ratio(sprint 10 sec jog 30 sec, 20 60 etc) This gives your body some time to recover in between sprints. With more exercise, your body will start to burn fat at even higher heart rates, which means a general lessening of lactic acid. And less pain. Although, that was from a fitness class a couple years back, so take with some salt. Not too much, or your blood pressure will go up.

    Good luck Reika! Though you’ll never read this . . .

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    1. What if 120 is your normal bpm? One time at PE class we took our own bpm so I was kinda scare if my body was okay since others had lower bpm.


        1. Also, resting heart rate is best measured right after you wake up. Since, well, rest. Though it’s harder if you don’t have the equipment for it.


      1. Are you sure its your resting bpm? You might have exercised before you took your heart rate. Try taking it again. Coz anything above 100bpm at rest is definitely not normal and I suggest you visit a doctor for that.


          1. Well, I think it’s also different when you’re younger. Hormones, and maybe having a relatively smaller body (some people don’t stop growing til 25, though it’s a lie for me)


    1. The key similarity between the Reika species and the Bea-tan species is curled, silky head hair. Both, coincidently, seem to be pampered with beauty treatment on a frequent basis. Other anatomical similarities are a given.

      Hence, they can become well-matched friends. Research report end.

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  4. 3 km run? As a start?! What kind of torture is that?!! If I wanted to cover that distance I’d have used a bike, it’s fun too. Hang in there Reika-san! Carbs is the enemy!

    Thanks for the chapter

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      1. Proper fitness and exercise for a person requires more individual determination than comparison to a group. Otherwise, everyone would get the same results by doing the same thing. I was more like Reika when I first started. It took over an hour to get a proper mile and I definitely didn’t jog the whole way.


  5. Running is tough but if she gets into the habit then it is going to be much better than these fasting courses.

    And here we have another person that has pissed off Reika. Big difference between this and how she interacts with Kaburagi and Enjou. The difference between being irritated and angry I suppose.

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  6. Mihara sucks at training.
    Reika should start out walking, then interval training. It’s perfectly fine for her to be jogging slower than she’s walking since that alone is getting her heart rate up.

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    1. As stated: She should be walking. Not even jogging yet. It builds up a baseline stamina and conditions your feet and legs for bearing the stress.
      People want to go all out starting out and it doesn’t work because they hate it and drop off the wagon.

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  8. Did Reika just publicly state that she finds the very idea of being considered as a partner for Kaburagi to be offensive without anyone noticing?

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    1. Sort of? Not really?
      If I’m reading her metaphor right, I think Reika is saying that Maihama is more serious about fighting Reika than vice versa, whereas Reika doesn’t even feel threatened and even dismisses her curls as second-rate.
      Reika has come a long way hasn’t she?

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    And on that topic I hope that one day Kaburagi & Enjou has to deal with misguided jealousy over Reika. I know this time it’s not their fault, but it’s absolutely unfair that Reika gets this BS and they don’t.

    Hang in there, Reika-tan and Bea-tan.

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    1. Right now, I think that Enjou in trying to match up Kaburagi and Reika. As thanks for seeing Yukino, Enjou asked Kaburagi to play piano. He probably has noticed that she enjoys his music. Enjou may come to regret this.


    2. It’s more the trainer’s fault but Reika was basically so bad that the end result is she essentially screamed out that she’s a fatty fat fatty (much more stigma about being fat that in more obese nations like America) which in the end all reflects upon her as a parent. So now to everyone in the neighborhood she’s the awful parent that can’t even be concerned enough with her daughter’s health to make sure she can run for 500 meters.
      TLDR Tiger mom mode was activated.


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    (source: experience-I tried to overexert myself in my first serious workout with a buddy without preparing properly and temporarily lost my vision halfway through and almost passed out; my friend even had to call a paramedic!; PLEASE EVERYONE: if you’re going to make some serious changes to your lifestyle, consult properly with an expert first before starting anything, or at least do research and make the changes gradually).

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