Port Town Alrescha

“So this is Hanapecha.”

“It’s Alrescha. Do you like the town?”

“It’s quite nice. The wind is a bit salty, but it feels good.”

The salty breeze was strong enough to be smelt from the bed of the carriage. It was the characteristic smell of a coastal region.

The view of the townscape from the carriage gave off the feel of a foreign port town. The slightly old-fashioned look of the buildings also let off a pleasant atmosphere. There’s nothing to criticize about it as a tourist spot.

… It would have been a good idea to have mentioned something about the food situation to loligramps.

While it was charming to have a quiet place where I could sleep for as long as I wanted, if I had stayed there, I would have starved.

Because a person happened to be passing by, I ended up leaving my birthplace… but this new area looked pretty nice. I wanted to quickly have a nap.

“Well then, I’m fine here.”

“Ah… W-Wait a second Arge-san.”

As I started to step off of the carriage, Zeno calls out to me.

To be blunt, the name Arge that I have gotten used to being called over the past few days was really half-assedly picked.

My full name is Argento Vampear. Argento is the Italian word for silver and Vampear is the French word for vampire.

(TL: I chose to write ‘vampire’ as ‘vampear’ to distinguish it from the english word. It’s the usual trouble with Japanese being able to use foreign words for everything. Take 吸血鬼 and ヴァンパイア as an example, although it’s written ヴァンピール in this novel.  Seriously, I’m going to shoot someone one of these days over katakana…)

I could have used the name from my past life, but Kuon Ginji is definitely a guy’s name. I may have felt like a guy inside, but I was physically a girl, so I ended up picking a name that sounded feminine.


“Please take this and this.”

Zeno-kun searched the inside of carriage and handed me a black hooded cape and leather bag. When I took the bag, it made a jingling sound. It’s pretty heavy, is there gold inside?

“There might only be a little, but please use it as funds for your travels.”

“Ah, so this is money… Is this ok, even though you’re a merchant?”

I wasn’t thinking about that problem at all, so the truth is, I was super thankful for the cash… however, for a merchant, money is supposed to be more important than anything else. Was it really okay for him to so readily give this to someone with such a suspicious background?

“It’s because you saved my life. Also, while you’re in town, please try to keep the hood on. Arge-san stands out a lot, so this way it should stop… you know, stop you from being hit on.”

Ah, that does sound like a pain.

From what I can tell, it isn’t an exaggeration to call the current me’s appearance an unrivaled beautiful girl.

Judging from the Terrier Bandits’ and Zeno-kun’s reactions, my evaluation didn’t seem to be wrong. For this reason, it might end up being important to cover my face. I have no interest in men. If they were to feed and care for me, it’s a different story though.

… Zeno-kun seemed like the diligent type.

If I were to marry a person like this, helping out with his business seems tiresome.

To make matters worse, he’s a peddler, Meaning, unless he retires, there will never be a chance to settle down. As a target to leech off of, he’s not perfect. This sucks.

Also, the uncomfortableness of the carriage’s luggage area lost him some points as well.

Even if you docked these points, there’s no mistaking Zeno-kun is a good person. He had even done all of this for me.

“Uun… I feel kinda bad after all this.”

“It’s fine. Even for me, I feel kinda bad after receiving a horse.”

No, that’s just something you picked up from the Terrier Bandits.

“I still can’t casually accept this. I can’t repay you with anything right now though… how about next time we meet?”

“Next time?”

“Yes. If we meet again and Zeno-kun is in trouble, please let me save you.”

In exchange for saving his life, the thing I requested of him was to feed me.

I had already received my reward. That’s why I considered him taking me this far, clothing me, and giving me money a separate case from that deal.

It might have felt natural to Zeno-kun, but me being unable to pay back his goodwill makes me feel sick.

I might be extremely lazy, but I’m the type to properly settle my debts.

Even if I thought that, all I have is my body. Even the clothes I am wearing don’t belong to me.

The only thing I can pay with right now is a verbal promise.

Of course, a verbal promise is still a promise. If we were to ever meet again, if I had something to pay him with, I would gladly pay the price. It’s this type of feeling behind this promise.

After making this promise, it’s probably best to go our separate ways for now.

“… If you put it that way, I understand.”

“Well then, I’ll be off. Thank you so much. Please hire proper bodyguards from now on.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Stay healthy, Arge-san!”

I properly pulled down the hood and jumped off the carriage.

With some reluctance, I walked quickly and disappeared into the crowd without looking back.

Well then, first things first…

“… Let’s get some lunch.”

Naps are nice and all, but I just received money, so let’s gratefully use it. Money is only valuable when used after all.


    1. barge into a lords house take his bed fight anyone who tries to take it back until they give up trying then demand food claiming to be the protector of this napping ground


  1. I admire how she’s handily become a gold-digger. Well, not necessarily gold… comfort-digger?

    I’m excited to see where she will nap next…. XD XD XD

    Thanks so much for all your hard work~~~~

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  2. Minor typo –
    The salty breeze was strong enough to be smelt from the bed
    – smell

    Thank you for the chapter.


  3. Nothing like staring a New series and descose that his last update was the last year….

    I knew it would be good since its here in this blog, but also knew his updates would be scarce……since its in this blog



  4. Hello
    This novel seems nice but “vampear” is not the french word for vampire .
    We also say “vampire” (vam-pi-re) ^^ yep i’m french but good traduction
    sorry for my lack of grammar.



  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    BTW, ヴァンピール , is the katakana, for Vampire in Japanish, (Japanish spanish words), I just read this way of writing it the last week, it’s based on “Vampiro”, that is the spanish word for vampire, so I think it comes from there. Just saying. xD.


  6. Funny thing is. Argento is more masculine not feminine. In italian, the -o ending signifies masculine and -a signifies feminine, much like spanish


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