Turf War – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – “Awawawa, being a spy is impossible for me.”

I wiped down the maybell tea with a handkerchief.

Oh crap, the shock made me spurt stuff everywhere.

Because the maybell tea went spraying everywhere, everybody frowned at me. Worst was Raiden-san who was sitting opposite me. I got it all over him, and he’s still glaring now.

Hii, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Actually, it’s a bishoujo’s spit, so please think of it as a reward.

“What happened, Tilea?” asked Remilia with worry.

“S-, Sorry. I was just so shocked when I heard about how they were taking over the country.”

“Honestly,” grumbled a man, “This is why commoners are…”

The people around me all looked at me with disappointment.

“A… haha… It accidentally went down my windpipe.”

“Well, Tilea’s shock was hardly unreasonable,” added Remilia.

“U-, Umm, could it be your imagination? I mean, people might just be tense because they were there during the raid.”

“No, if you can tell, you can tell. At a glance they seem like the same people, but they’re different people.”

Well, yeah. I mean, all these people that used to be “I LOVE ARCUDAS!” turned into “Hahh, hahh, Edim-tan, you’re the best♪”

Anyone who knew them would definitely think of them as different people. But I can’t give up now. It’s Edim’s, my, and Timu’s lifestyle at stake here.

“R-, Really? People turning into demons? N-, No way! I haven’t noticed at all.”

“That’s because you’re one of the townspeople. I do not suppose the demons have infiltrated the masses yet.”

“It is just as Remilia-sama says. The Captain was always so passionate about hunting down the remaining demons, but now he’s studdenly stopped it all? He even harshly punished the people that protested! It’s too strange!”

“Yeah. The Guild suddenly stopped handing out demon subjugation missions too. It’s supposed to be the most important thing right now. There’s definitely something fishy going on with the management!”

The people around me began strongly voicing their opinions. It’s probably true that the leaders have stopped the search for demons, but that’s all for Edim’s sake. They’re not trying to take over the country, or conquer the world or anything, okay? They just want to let Edim live life as a normal girl.

But it’s not like I can say that. If I did, these people would definitely try and kill her. In other words, I have to find a good explanation for what’s been happening.

“U-, Umm, this is just the humble opinion of a normal person but…”

“Mn? Tilea, if you have something to say, then do not hold back. Just say it.”

“Y-, Yes. Could it be that the leaders have all stopped the demon hunts because they don’t want any more losses? During the raid, everyone saw just how abnormally powerful the demons were.”

“Wha-, YOU! Are you looking down on the National Army! My regiment aren’t weaklings who would bow to the demons!”

“Yeah! The old Captain would never have done something so cowardly! He’s a completely different person.”

“H-, However, you guys can only say that because you weren’t there. It wouldn’t be strange for people to change their opinion if they had been there personally.”

“Y-, YOU! A mere informant dares to look down on us!”

Uwah, o-, oh no. Did I go a little too far?

All these soldiers were red in the face from their anger. It looks like they won’t listen. They weren’t there during the attack. Should I try turning to Remilia-san?

“U-, Umm, what do you think, Remilia-san?”

“Well, you may have a point, Tilea. It is true that the demons were vastly more powerful than we were. It is certainly possible that the Guildmaster and Royal Family would take a meeker attitude after that.”

“T-, That can’t be, Remilia-sama…”

Everyone was shocked.

“But it is the truth that vampires have infiltrated the Public Safety Force. And this is simply my instinct as a warrior, but I suspect that the top brass aren’t moving for the sake of the country. They are working for some other purpose.”

As expected of Remilia-san. That’s correct. They’re working for their master’s, Edim’s, sake.

“In that case, we must not tarry, Remilia-sama. We must immediately seek out the mastermind behind them and kill them!”

“Exactly! If we don’t fix things now, this country is doomed.”

“I understand your opinions,” said Remilia. “In that case, we will observe those who are suspicious, and wait for them to contact their puppetmaster. We then catch them all together.”

T-, This is so bad. I can’t turn back the flow of things. Everyone was vocally agreeing with her. At this rate the Vampire Destruction Plan is going to be a thing.

Think, Tilea! You have to convince them right now!

I took a deep breath.

And then…


My sudden scream drew their attention.

“What’s the matter, Tilea?”

“I-I! I don’t think you should be spending time on this!”

“What are you saying!” shouted a man, “An amateur should butt out!”

“Yeah!” added another, “You’re speaking out of place, you mere informant!”

I thought this would happen. It was a storm of booing. But Remilia stopped them with one hand, and looked right at me.

“Tilea. For what reason are you objecting?”

“I, I just can’t believe that the demons are taking over. You said it yourself that it was just intuition, and if you have time to be spending on dubious things like that, I think you should be focusing it on improving the public order and maintaining the infrastructure.”

“You! Are you still saying that you don’t believe us!”

“Yeah! If the damned demons take over our country, you think there’s going to be any infrastructure left to maintain!”

“B-, But, the public order has really gotten bad. There are burglars all over the place… Everyone is spending their days anxiously.”

“You should solve trifling things like that on your own. We’re busy with what really matters.”

“Exactly. If you’re worried about safety, why not just hire some guards from the guild?”

“H-, How can you say that… Do you know just how much money it would cost to do that! We’d all go bankrupt. And that’s even assuming we can trust the people we hire. If we hire somebody we can’t trust, we’d have to spend every night afraid of being attacked!”

“It’s a small sacrifice for a great cause. Our country is on the brink. If the country falls, then it’s putting the cart before the horse.”

“W-, What are you saying! What are you going to do if the people are doomed first!”

“Are you mocking the country!”

Oh no. All the ultranationalists are fired up now. They started advancing on me like they were going to attack.

Save me Remilia-sa――hang on, Remilia-san is advancing too?

“Remilia-sama, this girl is being much too arrogant towards the nation. What will we do?”

“Remilia-sama, it might be better to teach her a few manners.”

Oh my god, the ultranationalists are trying to stir her up.

Remilia-san, you wouldn’t use violence on a friend, right? I believe in you.

I gave a trusting, or rather, a begging look at Remilia-san. For some reason she clenched her fist.

H-, Huh? A-, Am I done for? Yeah, of course. Remilia-san has always been really loyal to the country.

Aah, oh no!? Remilia-san’s fist is…



But contrary to expectations, the punch wasn’t directed at me, but at one of the ultranationalists. Then, before my eyes, Remilia-san lowered her head.

“I’m sorry. As the Captain tasked with keeping the public order, I apologise from the bottom of my heart.”

“Remilia-sama, please stop that. To lower your head to a commoner is――”

“SILENCE! Have you lot no shame! We exist to protect the country. I believe this too. But if the citizens are crying for help, and as the leaders we trample over their earnest pleas, do you really believe we can fix this country!”

Remilia-san’s grave rebuke startled the ultranationalists into silence. The other members were shocked too. Perhaps it got through to them, because the ultranationalists began apologising to me.

What leadership and determination! What resplendent nobility!

I guess this is what you call real charisma. It makes you want to follow her. I’ve fallen for you all over again, Remilia-san. You’re just so cool.

With that, the discussion ended.

The result was that the participants seriously reflected on my opinion. They decided to improve the public order first.

I did it! Well, they’re still keeping an eye on suspicious people, but I guess we can call it compromise. They’re looking for a guy called Eddygar too, so I doubt it’ll lead them to Edim.

Huhu, this is all thanks to my fake info about Pistachio and Eddygar, two suspicious people that visited my shop.

Phew, I thought I was going to die from stomach pain during that meeting, but it looks like I made it.

While I was basking in the relief, Remilia-san came up to me.

“I knew it was a good idea to bring you, Tilea. It was good to find out how the common people were feeling.”

“No, I didn’t do anything at all.”

“No, Tilea. Because we are all warriors, our views are too monolithic. But thanks to you, we ended up having a good discussion. Did you not also provide us with a lead! Tilea, I am grateful to you.”

“I-, I’m honoured.”

I’m sorry. It was fake info so please don’t feel so grateful. Uu, I feel so bad. I’ve been doing nothing but lying to my future girlfriend.

“I will be expecting a lot out of you.”

“Y-, Yes. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.”

“Umu. The next meeting is next month. I’ll be counting on you.”

“S-, Sorry? U-, Umm, isn’t the meeting over…?”

“What are you saying. In order to revive the Capital, there are countless things that we should discuss as trustworthy individuals. The Loyalist Committee for the Extermination of Demons. From today onwards, you’re an intelligence operative in our operation,” said Remilia with a bright smile.

W-, What’s with that CIA agent-sounding role?

And Remilia-san, how can you just let a mole into your group like this? I’m on the demon’s side to protect Edim, you know.

Aah, I think my stomach pains just came back. It looks like my worries won’t clear up so easily.

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  1. Thank you, I appreciate how the your fast upload ties in the story together so we don’t feel the cliff hanger! XD
    Also I wonder what would happen when Remilia finds out that her body is sought after by a “Unstoppable demon God” who already thinks Remilia as her wifu.

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  2. -Bishoujo’s spit! she should voice that concept vocally.
    -Uooh Remilia’s really doing her role.
    Reading this makes me miss Duke’s Daughter… it’s been 2 months ever since chapter 43.


  3. Remilia has nice charisma! As expected of the one the Evil God has her eye on. Now it remains to be seen if Tilea’s random deflections will actually end up helping thw pubic safety force somehow.

    Thanks once more!

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  4. The leader of the demons has infiltrated the start of the rebellion. When all the world is hers she will hang with the rebellion.


  5. “Please be our spy against these horrible demons!” Tilea(Demon king): “Sure thing bro, totally on your side”. Yeah, this is getting out of hand. I finally realized why this novel makes me feel uncomfortable and annoyed sometimes. I am one of those guys who dislike when things are too unknown, when it feels like shit is going down and it’s going to be really bad for the mc(I usually imagine myself to be the mc when reading, or at least somewhat from that perspective), so it’s real hard to read about all the stupid shit she does and all these misunderstandings that is the very core of this novel. She is basically walking a veeery thin line all the freaking time with all of these misunderstandings and it makes me as a reader uneasy(hell, I can hardly even handle when a new unknown villain is introduced in other novels, I just want them to get beat into a pulp as fast as possible). Well, it’s funny most of the time anyway, but it is truly hard to read sometimes, haha.


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