Turf War – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – “Parent-Teacher Interview?”

The Royal Capital’s Magic Academy reopened, and so young talents with bright futures resumed their academic endeavours. Of course, my prided little sister was trying just as hard.
At first I was worried that she wouldn’t be used to the lifestyle, but the girl herself has been completely nonchalant. I’m sure it’s because of the support her friends Edim and Jessica are giving her.

For some reason I was called to the Academy today. Something like a parent-teacher interview? The school asked for Timu’s parents or guardian, but Mum and Dad are still in Beruga and can’t come here so easily.
Because of that, it fell to me as her older sister.

Hmmm, a parent-teacher interview…

It’s probably some talk about her grades or her future huh. As her older sister, I’ll need to have a good discussion.

And so, I happily headed to the Academy. When I arrived, the students were studying in class, or doing things like sports.

Ahh, even though it’s in a different world, it’s really still a school, huhh~

I looked here and there curiously, as I took in my surroundings.

Mn. There’s so much youth. It reminds me of my old life. Although I was bullied, I still had a few friends. After school I would chat with friends with the same hobbies as me, and even though I didn’t have a girlfriend, we came up with “100 ways of getting an elf girlfriend in a fantasy world” together. It’s become a fond memory to me now. I hope Timu will have a nice youth like that too.

I know! When I meet the teacher, should I ask if there are any good clubs for her to join? School life would be even better if she had things to do with friends.

As I headed for the reception, I started simulating the interview in my mind.

When I arrived, a clerk came out and asked me to follow. So I did as I was told and followed behind them.

After walking for a while, I was eventually guided to a door with elegant decoration.

This room…?

It was a terribly important-looking door. I’ll bet it cost quite a bit. Even though it was just a door, it was like a small work of art. I-, Is it okay to leave my fingerprints on this? Am I overthinking things?

Well, here we go.

I knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

“Excuse me.”

Since somebody answered, I headed inside with a greeting. What greeted me was a strict-looking man who seemed rather high-strung. Probably Timu’s homeroom teacher. I’d better greet him quickly.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Tilea, Timu’s older sister. I’ve come in place of our parents.”

“I’m Timu-kun’s homeroom teacher, Jayjay J. Amacheur. Well, please take a seat.”

Jayjay-sensei offered me a seat, so I sat down in the one opposite him.

“Now then, the reason I have asked you to come is in regard to Timu-kun’s future.”

“Ah, I thought so. Is Timu doing well?”

“Her grades at least, are completely without objection. She is one of the most talented students in the history of our school.”

“Ooh, is that so!”

“Her entrance exam was exceptional as well. Usually a mid-semester transfer would be out of the question unless the student was fairly gifted, but Timu-kun was extraordinary. Her answers often leave her teachers speechless, and it would even be possible for her to one day become the best wizard in the Capital.”

Ooh, that’s amazing! Since Timu learnt magic by herself, and even played magic with a bunch of adults, I knew that she was talented.

But I never could have dreamed that her teacher would praise her this much…

Huhu, I’m so proud of her.

“Sensei, please continue to guide her.”

“I intend to. However, as her older sister, please give a word of warning as well!”

“Eh!? What do you…”

“Timu-kun’s grades are certainly marvellous. How-e-ver, in contrast her attitude towards teachers is incredibly bad. She is rebellious, and doesn’t see her teachers as teachers! No matter how good her grades are, it is a huge problem for her to be this arrogant at her ageee!!”

Jayjay-sensei got too excited and his face turned bright red. I guess he’s really angry about her attitude.

Haha, I thought this might happen. I knew her chuunibyou would be a problem.

But to think she would suddenly pick a fight with her home room teacher…

Hahh, but I don’t think he would understand even if I explained her chuunibyou to him. This is bad. If I do nothing, this is going to go on her report one day. I’ve already sworn to clean up after her chuunibyou. I’ll have to do with this now.

“I’m terribly sorry, Sensei. I will scold her seriously when she comes home. So please, please calm your anger.”

“Huu~ Huu~ Huu~ That girl’s impertinence, her conceit is just… Argh! She’s so infuriating! No matter how bad I might be, I’m still a teacher at this prided school, you know! But that girl…! Hahh, hahh…”

Perhaps he was recalling Timu’s attitude or something because Jayjay-sensei showed no signs of calming down. Timu must have really done a number on him.
Can’t be helped. I’ll just wait quietly until he calms down. It’s impossible to talk to angry people.
And so, I decided to wait until Jayjay-sensei was done venting.

A few dozen minutes later…

“Hahh, hahh… I-, I have shown you something terribly unsightly.”

He began speaking politely again. I guess he’s calm now.

“I really am sorry. Sometimes my sister acts like a little child.”

“No, it is the responsibility of a teacher to guide children.”

“I will make sure to warn her about her attitude as well. So please keep taking care of my sister.”

It’s for Timu’s upbringing. I gave a 90 degree bow, and deeply lowered my head.

“I know. Timu-kun has incredible talent. To be honest, I even feel envious. But I am a teacher of this school, and have sworn allegiance to the Kingdom of Arcudas. I intend on giving my full support to talents who can one day become the treasures of our nation.”

“I see. I’m sure Timu will try her best too.”

“You think that?”

“Mn!? Am I wrong?”

“I also thought I could inspire her and told her ‘If you continue studying hard, you can become a brilliant court wizard’.”

“What did Timu say?”

“Even though she has so much talent, she showed no interest at all in becoming one!”

“Haha, that sounds like her.”

“Is that something to be laughing about! A court wizard! Even after all the studies upon studies that magicians do, only very few can ever become one. The proud magical elites of the Capital. And Timu-kun, Timu-kun… She treats them as though the position is rotten dog feed. You think that’s acceptable! How could that attitude be possible for somebody who has pledged allegiance to our nation!”

“W-, Well, I can certainly understand how you feel, but in the end it depends on what the person herself wants to do. And isn’t pledging allegiance or whatever a little heavy…?”

“What on earth are you saying! The moment she entered this academy, it became natural for her to offer her life to the country! Or rather, it should be how anybody living in the Capital feels!”

What an ultranationalist… No wonder Timu clashed with him.

“U-, Umm, did you tell Timu how you felt?”

“Of course. I told her how a loyal citizen should be. And in particular, I emphasised the model attitude for a court wizard.”

“And, could I ask what that involved exactly?”

After that, Jayjay-sensei went on and on about how great a court wizard was.

He went on about the history of the court wizards, about the way they served the nation, about the ultimate form of self-improvement etc. etc.

Ahh, I can kind of understand Timu’s feelings now. This is the kind of guy you’d want to rebel against. I’m starting to not give a crap about court wizards. And all this stuff about how they live is stuffy too.

My conclusion? It’s basically slave labour. Court wizards don’t even get a holiday! Each day from early in the morning until late at night, they work, work, work, and the free time they have is all devoted to research or special training.
And just the journey to becoming one is scary too. It’s nothing but studying, training, studying, training until you become a cadet.

It’s like they don’t even know what ‘taking a break’ means.

I see. No wonder Timu didn’t want to become one. No matter how respected a profession it is, Timu would break under that.

“I understand now. Of course something like that is impossible! I can totally understand why Timu doesn’t like it.”

“What a weak attitude! It becomes truly impossible when you think it impossible! Once you consider the country, even the impossible should become possible. As long as she stakes her life and endeavours, the door will open for her!”

W-, What an idealist…

It’s out of the question for Timu to walk the road of a corporate slave. I understand now. I can’t leave Timu to a guy like this.

You think I’ll give my sister to a black company like you!

“Sensei, don’t you think it would be pitiful for Timu to have no time for play or sleep!”

“You’ve babbled nothing but timidity… Listen up! There are mountains of people who can’t become court wizard even if they wanted to! Timu has the talent. Babbling about how it’s impossible, or how there’s no play time, is the same as blasphemy to them.”

He’s finally said it. That argument about how there are people in the world who want to work but can’t. It was this kind of reasoning that made me become a shut-in.

“Sensei, that’s a very old way of thinking. People will only collapse if they don’t enjoy their lives.”

I began explaining to this idealist about how ridiculous and unreasonable his argument was. But far from listening, he just grew more and more stubborn.

And then…

“Enough! I understand very well how you think now. I’m sure that’s also why Timu-kun has no motivation.”

“Yes. I think so too.”

“Very well. Timu-kun is expelled. No matter how good her grades are, that spoilt attitude will only be a bad influence on the others.”

“P-, Please wait a moment. Sensei, you don’t have to be so hasty about…”

“No, expulsion is still too lenient, isn’t it. You two have no loyalty to the nation at all. And there’s the issue of Timu-kun’s arrogance. You two are unfit to live in the Capital. I will immediately have you deported from our country.”

“Hah!? No matter what, that’s way too high-handed! Are you crazy?”

“Hmm. Disparaging a teacher of the Academy. Casually disparaging a teacher at the Academy that has the backing of the royal family… Let me ask you one thing; would you be prepared to give your life for the country?”

“O-, Out of the blue you…”

“Just answer the question! Can you? Can’t you?”

“H-, How on earth could I! If it isn’t for my family, if it isn’t for Timu, how on earth could I be prepared to die.”

“That settles it. Nobody living in our nation could possibly think that way. In that case, could you two be linked to the demons? You damned traitors! I’ll immediately imprison you!”

“A-, Are you serious? Y-, You’re being entirely ridiculous. Are you an idiot! Or is this revenge because Timu beat you in an argument.”

“EEI! Both you sisters repulse me. Somebody! Call the guards!”

Oi, what the fuck! Of all things, this maniac started accusing Timu and I of being spies for the demons. We’re not seriously going to be imprisoned, right?


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