u should reconsider 눈_눈 i like this face

and have a revelation


fifteen minutes

can save you

fifteen years or more



better chapter releases!


yea i have shiro text now

u can go check the others bc all the posts have shiro text

“vive la revolution”
-jaon, the slogan

 “Hello, birds, look at your fellow birds, now back to me, now back at your fellow birds, now back to me. Sadly, the bird isn’t me, but if they stopped reading Onii-chan Translations and joined the Slave Revolution, they could help me out by giving me all of their money. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in the hut with the possible senpais your bird could pay for ;). What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s the last few chapters of those seven light novel chapters you’re still waiting for. Look again, the chapters are now in rainbow text. Anything is possible when your bird is not reading Onii-chan’s translations and is giving us all of their money. Onii-chan’s entering a whole new level of constipation anyways so give us money.”


have this nice video



if u see this

theres another cool video on the llsif pagu

dat, u kno

prob nv went on

at least skim them

skim milk is something the holy cow can tolerate

u still honor it in that way

10 thoughts on “u should reconsider 눈_눈 i like this face”

  1. Dream of a wiener…. Is that a novel? Did you get enough money to buy/dream those wieners? Are or y’all just really, really hungry from staying up waaayyy too late without midnight snacks.


    1. Co-Organizer of the Slave Revolution, The 6th Holier Catrabbit, Mew Berry aka Ame von Ame says:

      In this timezone, yes.
      But not for the whole world~ :D


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