Raid on the Capital – Chapter 18

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Little known fact: Edim’s toothless dialogue, I had to stick my fingers into my mouth to translate.

Chapter 18 – “Timu made a friend.”

After asking Myuu for directions, I prepared to depart.

He asked me “Shall this one accompany you?” but I told him to prioritise Timu’s safety. The truth is that I would feel a lot safer with his protection, but that’s exactly why I have to keep him by Timu’s side.

Just as I was about to set off, Timu and Edim came back. Even though Edim had been so restless before, she was totally calm now. I’ll bet it’s because their friendship deepened.

“Timu, have you finished talking to Edim?”

“Yes. It seems that she finally knows her place.”

Mumu, damned Timu. What are you acting all arrogant for.

Isn’t Edim mad?

I glanced at Edim. But contrary to my expectations, Edim was just gazing at Timu, entranced. Umu, no problems it seems. I didn’t see even a little hostility. Rather, you could even as she was intoxicated with Timu.

To think that Timu would gain this much affection in just that little time…

Timu really gets the job done, huh. I wonder what on earth they talked about. Maybe some shounen-esque words of passion and friendship?

But if that was the case, Timu’s attitude is much too cold. Unlike Edim, Timu has been looking at Edim with a cool and scornful gaze. I guess Timu is still nervous.

“Timu, did you properly talk to her? You look a bit dissatisfied, but…”

“No, she is a present from my Oneesama. I would not be dissatisfied. I was actually in the middle of training her to be worthy of her position.”

Chuuni as always. If a normal person heard this, they’d be astounded. Can’t be helped. Since Timu finally found a friend, I’ll have to follow-up so that things aren’t ruined.

“Edim, um, Timu speaks like this, but don’t misunderstand, okay? She’s actually a gentle and reliable girl.”

“What bizarre things are you… I am prepared to offer my heart and body to Esteemed True Ancestor. You may be her older sister, but you’re just a temporary one, right? What disrespect you show to her! To begin with, what ‘Timu’? Esteemed True Ance――”

“YOUU ABSOLUTEE FOOOOLLLLL――――! Is my training still lacking? When did I tell you to act so disrespectfully towards Oneesama!”

“Eh? Eh? B-, But Esteemed True Ancestor is, the number one existence in the world. And despite that, a human like this…”

“Edim. Were you not a gift from Oneesama, those insolent words of yours would be reason to execute you a hundred times over. Any further outrages will――”

“Aah, stop, stop! I’m happy that you’re angry for my sake, but you’re going too far, Timu. Stop that.”

Timu looked like she was going to attack Edim at any moment, so I stepped in, in a panic.

Phew. Looks like I managed to avoid a fight for now. Both Timu and Edim are too relaxed considering the emergency we’re in. Normally I’d want them to have a peaceful talk with each other, but now isn’t the time for fighting.

Maybe because she thought I was scolding her, Timu turned despondent. As for Edim, she was depressed because she almost got into a fight with Timu.

Hmmmm. What’s going on here?

I still don’t quite understand the relationship they have. The argument just now was because Timu thought that Edim was making fun of me, and she got mad. That much I understand. Timu loves her sister, after all.

The one I don’t get is Edim. Even though Timu looked down on her so much, she didn’t get mad. Far from it, she even looked a little happy. And she’s spouting lines that aren’t any less chuunibyou than Timu.

Why? What’s happening here?

I desperately used my mind.

-click click click… ching!-

I’ve got it!

Edim is probably infected with Timu’s chuunibyou. That’s definitely it. Timu’s charisma is something else, huh. There’s already five hundred people in the Praetorian Guard, and Timu’s acting skills just make things worse.

Edim is around a middle schooler’s age, so it makes sense that she’d be influenced. As for why Edim respects Timu so much, I’ve pretty much got an idea.

Even though she’s a vampire, Timu treated her normally, so she was moved by her. And that’s why she’s fine being treated like a servant! And well, honestly speaking, I’m pretty sure this Edim is kind of a masochist. Being treated by Timu this way is probably just a reward to her.

And if she loves Timu, then that means the reason she was treating me that way was because she saw how close I was with Timu, and ended up getting jealous.

Honestly, what a cute girl. Even though friendship and familial love is totally different…

Now that I know this, I shouldn’t get in their way. I’ll let them have a nice, slow talk together, to deepen their friendship.

As for me, it’s time――or rather, if I don’t hurry up soon, Lepes-san is going to be in serious trouble.

“Timu, get along with Edim, and try not to fight, okay?”

“Yes. I will train her thoroughly, so that she will never disrespect Oneesama again.”

Mn!? Timu, do you really understand?

Hmm~ If I use my chuunibyou translator…

“I’ll ask Edim not to badmouth my beloved Oneechan.” is it? Geez, Timu’s suuch a cutie too.

“Very well. Well then, Oneechan is going to the Headquarters for a bit. Thinking about it, I really don’t have the time to be loitering like this.”

“I understand. Then Oneesama, do you need no accompaniment? If it pleases you, I could clear the way, but…”

“I’ll be fine alone. You and Edim wait here. Myuu, I’ll be leaving their protection to you.”

“Yes, Milady. Please leave it to this one.”

Alright. With Myuu here, I have nothing to worry about. All that’s left is to tell Headquarters about Lepes-san and… Ah-, somebody had better tend to him until help arrives. If he suddenly takes a turn for the worst, it’d be terrible.

“Myuu, Timu, I forgot to mention, but there’s actually a heavily injured man in that hut. Please take care of him for me.”

“A man in the hut… (He was) in a place like this…”

“Mn? What’s wrong? If there’s some problem――”

“No, as expected of you, Oneesama. You truly work fast.”

Work fast? As in, dealing with this emergency? I don’t think I ever did anything that amazing, but…

“It’s nothing to praise me about. Anyway, I’ll be off for a bit.”

After running for a while,


I think I heard a yell come from far behind me. In the direction of the hut, actually.

Could Lepes-san have woken up?

Maybe he saw Myuu’s face and got scared.

It’s quite possible. Myuu is always cleaning up after people, so he’s got a pretty scary face. And if you woke up, and all these strange people were there, you’d definitely be surprised. I should have told Lepes-san not to worry, before I left.

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    Tilea:take care of him (heal him)
    Timu/Camilla: as expected of you oneesama you truly work fast (kill him)

    Again i would like to say this to translator sama
    Timu: As expected of you, estelion sama, you truly work(translate) fast

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