Raid on the Capital – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – Edim’s True Master

“D-, Dammihh! Lehh go!”

“Edim, was it? Honestly, what an insolent fellow you are. Were you not a gift from Oneesama, I would scrap you on the spot. No, that kind of thinking is unacceptable. You are a gift from Oneesama. Even a rock, I must treasure.”

W-, What the heck. What the heck, what the heck!? What’s with you people!? I’m a goddamn demon, you know!?
Even though I was supposed to have ascended to a demon, to a being above humans…
Why is it that you two can just grab me and do whatever you want to me?

“Curshh youu! I ham a dhee-mhonn, you knhoww!”

“Heh. First is healing that disgraceful chipped tooth of yours. Edim, you have the glory of being a present from Oneesama. As a gift from Oneesama, you must look worthy of the part.”

“W-, whah are hyou…?”

“Enough, be silent!”

Timu, the younger sister of Arcune-sama’s killer, was gripping my face without mercy.

Kuh-! Let go!

I struggled and rampaged, but that vice-grip wouldn’t budge at all. Even though my strength was supposed to be equal to ten grown men…

Why? Just why? I don’t understand what’s happening.

Then, Timu started chanting some kind of spell, and mana flowed into me like a muddy stream.

UWAHHH! W-, What pitch dark power. My body is being filled with strength.

“Hahh, hahh, just what are you… H-, Huh? My tooth is healed!?”

“Hmph. I, your True Ancestor, granted you mana. Healing a tooth is but child’s play.”

“Eh-!? No way. Are you really my True Ancestor… -sama?”

“So you still cannot tell! Try concentrating on the source of your mana.”

“B-, But, my master is Arcune-sama and…”

“THIS INSUFFERABLE DUNCEEE! This Arwhatever? He is no more than kin created by my failed creation. By all rights, I would normally be disposing of the kin of that kin immediately.”

“T-, That can’t be…”

It’s true that Timu, no, that this Esteemed True Ancestor is the real thing. When I calmed down and checked the mana inside me, it was telling me that my mana came from the personage before me, and that she was a demon of so high a ranking that Arcune-sama couldn’t compare.

Aahh, what on earth have I…! To think that I did something so rude to this personage…

When I remembered how I bit her, cursed her, behaved with ultimate rudeness, my face sank with regret.

“However, Edim, you have been uplifted from the status of being garbage formed from garbage, to the glorious position of ‘gift from Oneesama’. Feel proud. I shall turn you into one of my direct kin.”

With that, Esteemed True Ancestor painted the surroundings in jet-black mana.

Aahh, amazing…

In an instant, I was enveloped in her mana. I immediately prostrated at her feet, and made to apologise for my previous misdeeds.

”Aahh, lofty and esteemed True Ancestor… Please forgive my foolish behaviour.”

“Hmph, so you finally understand. Indeed. You shall sing praise and worship of Oneesama and I.”

“Yes, Milady. I shall engrave it on my heart.”

“And also. Edim, come here.”


I did as she commanded, and moved to her side.

Aahh, why didn’t I notice?

Now that I realised that the personage before me was my lofty and august True Ancestor, I was charmed by not only her mana, but her exceptionally beautiful countenance.

While I watched her, enraptured, she placed her indescribably beautiful hand on my head.

“For one of my kin, you are much too frail. Even considering the fact that you were once a human, you are still unacceptably weak.”

“M-My deepest apologies. Please forgive me.”

“Well, your appearance is not bad, at least. As long as I properly bring out your latent potential later, perhaps even you will be of some use.”

A surge of incredible mana came from her hand.


A voice leaked out, despite myself.

Hahh, hahh, what numbing and sweet mana!
Sweet, so very sweet…
AAhh, my mana is getting used to it! IT’S GETTING TOO USED TO ITTTT――――!

She truly is the source. My blood as a kin sought for her mana endlessly.
Hahh, hahh, so this is the power of the Esteemed True Ancestor…

My true Master…

Hahh, hahh, it’s just too amazing. This ecstasy that I’ve never felt before… Why is this ecstasy, why is this mana…

Hahh, hahh, hahh, I can’t. I can’t think about it. Before I can, my brain is going to boil. Because of this mana, I can’t think for the pleasure.



Before this power, Arcune is nothing by trash.

“Hahh, hahh… haaa~n. S-, Sho amashingg, E-, Esteemed True Ancestor.”

As saliva flowed from my mouth, I clung to Esteemed True Ancestor.

Aahh, my magnificent True Ancestor. That dignified bearing, and that impossibly beautiful profile. I want to form stronger, and stronger bonds with her.

Hahh, hahh, I can’t stand it anymore. In the end I did something as shocking and bold as trying to kiss the Esteemed True Ancestor…

“Mu!? This fool!”


Evaded by Esteemed True Ancestor, I ended up suffering a kick.

“To dare kiss me… You shall know your place!”

“Hahh, hahh… m-, my deepest… a-, apologies. B-, But, you were j-, just s-so beautiful… t-, that I couldn’t, can’t――”

“Hmph, mad from the pleasure, huh! I suppose it can’t be helped. Here. I’ll allow you a foot.”

Esteemed True Ancestor gave me permission.

Aahh, what fortune!

I began to kiss that august foot of unparalleled beauty.

Hahh, hahh, I’m so unbelievably lucky!

Entranced, I nestled against up against her foot.

I shall serve you for eternity, True Ancestor Camilla-sama!

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