51 thoughts on “Evil God Average – Volume 2”

    1. It’s not the eyes, it’s the aura they carry. Aura that cannot be conveyed through the screen of your computer from a scan of a drawing.

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  1. didnt the story say that the protagonist was very pretty, but everyone who look at the eyes got scared (from chpt. 1)? how come her eyes look so normal?


    1. It’s the aura coming from Her eyes that is extremely scary.
      Unfortunately, a drawing can only fail to convey Divine Powers, so we cannot realise it while watching at Her figure.


    1. The artist actually gets the expressions pretty spot-on. For example:

      the ‘I’m-Anri-and-why-was-I-given-no-underwear’ expression

      the ‘I’m-Anri-and-you’ve-been-on-this-puzzle-for-hours-now!’ expression

      the ‘I’m-Anri-and-as-usual-I-am-currently-forgetting-the-effect-my-eyes-has-and-thus-not-noticing-the-other-person’s-terror’ expression

      the ‘I’m-Leonora-and-I’m-shyly-borrowing-somebody’s-bath-after-wrongly-accusing-them-and-invading-their-house’ expression

      and my very favourite, ‘I’m-Anri-and-holy-shit-what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-here’ expression

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      1. Her illuminating beauty, the wondrous curves, her bare shoulders, her lovely smooth skin, her black hair that shines wildly in the air, her gown that is translucent revealing her seductive body, and most of all, her eyes… now the deepest, darkest eyes has sprung up and captured my heart.

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      2. …So… Anri was going to confront and terrorize an army… and Tena was standing behind her smiling away…

        You sure Tena isn’t maso or Yandere? :P


  2. The artist so meh, Anri just a Kirito.
    Danganropa or gakkou gurashi good example how cute characters with creepy eyes.


  3. Is that Lili in front of Anri-sama?

    The Dark God looks less of a delinquent than I thought he would…
    Well, I can’t remember how he was described in the novel and my initial image of him became distorded with how many times Anri-sama called him a “delinquent” or a “pervert”…

    Sophia looks nice. Her smiling face looks scary, but still nice…
    Even if I can’t understand the utility of an armor with a cleavage…

    Is that Leonora’s true body?


    1. gods doesn’t need armor to protect them. On the other hand, showing *ahem* positive qualities may attract more people to worship them thus increasing their power that can be used for divine protection or what not. :P


  4. Ordered my copy yesterday.

    If it weren’t for shipping charges, feeling virtuous about actually supporting the authors of the stuff I read translations of online would be so much less painful, alas. Sometimes I think Penny Arcade had the right idea when they made that comic about hooking a big boat to Japan and importing the whole country at once. :)

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