Reika-sama – 036

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Oniisama safely made it into his department of choice.
And so because of that, in order to celebrate with a banggg, I think I’ll open the lid to my safe!

“Oniisama! I shall get you a present to celebrate your pass! What do you want?”

At first I thought about making it a surprise, but I couldn’t come up with any good ideas?
‘Would a watch be good?’ or so I thought, but a watch worthy of the heir of the Kisshouin family wouldn’t be within my meagre power to buy, so I had to give up on it.
Well, if I used all of the money, I might have gotten somewhere but…
Even if I thought about this and that, I couldn’t think of any wonderful ideas, so in the end I decided that I could only ask the person himself.

Now come, Oniisama! I didn’t use my new years money, so I’ve got quite a bit, you know! Don’t be shy!
It’s my savings for my future, but it’s a celebration for none other than my Oniisama so of course I shall use it!

“I have been saving up in my piggy bank. So please tell me what you want!”

“Eh-! We’re using your money!?”

So far shopping for Christmas presents or birthday presents has been done with Okaasama, so I’ve always used the Kisshouin family card instead of my own money.
And apparently Oniisama didn’t know about me saving money.
He was shocked when he heard the amount. I really do have that much money though.

“Let’s see. I think just your feelings would be plenty, but…”

“That will not do. I want to wish you congratulations, no matter what.”

Even though Oniisama has been trying so hard, I haven’t given him a thing.
I persuaded the hesitant Oniisama, and what he ended up choosing was a high class ballpoint pen from the familiar white star makers.
I didn’t expect to spend this little.
But it’s true that we already have a number of fountain pens and ballpoint pens from this place.

“I like how easy the pens from this place write. Since you went and got me it, I think I’ll use the pen you get me at university.”

Oohh! That would be great!
If Oniisama uses my present every day, I’d be really happy too.
Now that it’s come to this, let’s hurry up and buy it!


I went with Oniisama to the store, and after having him try a bunch of them, I bought him one that he liked.
Oniisama was really happy. Him being happy makes me super happy too.
And after that I had Italian for lunch with Oniisama!
Oniisama has been busy all this time with studying, and then after that he got his driver’s license and went out with friends, so he hasn’t really had time for me, which is why I was so happy today.

“What will you be having, Reika?”

“Let me see~”

I wracked my brains as I looked at the menu. Oh, ravioli. That would be really yummy, huh~?
After having decided on our orders, I was happily chatting with Oniisama when,

“Excuse me. Might you be Kisshouin-sama’s two children?”

A woman called out to us.


“Why if it isn’t Kaburagi-sama. It has been a while. This girl is my sister, Reika.”

Oniisama stood up to greet her, so I did the same in a panic.


Kaburagi’s mum was a neat beauty, and I’ve met her once or twice at parties before.
Although both those times I basically only greeted her.

“Yes, I remember of course. Reika-san, it’s been a while, hasn’t it. You’ve gotten taller since the last time we met.”

Kaburagi-Mother smiled at me, but all I could do was return a cramped courtesy smile.
It’s fine even if you don’t remember someone like me. Rather, please forget me all your life.

After chatting about a few things with Oniisama, Kaburagi-Mother started with “Speaking of which,” before looking at me.

“Reika-san, you’re in the same grade as my son Masaya, aren’t you? Are you close with him?”


“No, unfortunately Masaya-sama and I are in different classes, and so we do not have very many chances to interact.”

And I intend to keep it that way.

“My, is that so? Then by all means come over to play. That Masaya only ever brings Shuusuke-kun over, you know. It would be wonderful if a girl came over. The place would brighten up.”

And if you want a girl, there’s Yurie-sama isn’t there! Yurie-sama has been coming over since she was little hasn’t she!
Absolutely no! ABSOLUTELY NO!

Unaffected by my inner panic, Kaburagi-Mother gave a beautiful smile before excusing herself.

Oh my god…
The fun atmosphere from earlier has been totally blown away, and Oniisama looked curiously at the dazed me.

“What’s wrong? You seem kind of off.”

“…No, I am simply shocked by Kaburagi-sama’s sudden appearance.”

Kaburagi-Mother remembered my name. She remembered I existed.
Just that much is fine, but to a coward like me, just being related at all to Kaburagi is scary.
That mum of his appeared a few times in the manga after all…
Ah-, that’s right!

“Oniisama, you will be telling Okaasama and Otousama about how we met with Kaburagi-sama today, correct?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“When you do, please do not tell them about how she invited me over to play. Because that was just being polite! If they mistake her for being serious I shall be terribly troubled!”

“…You don’t want to go over to the Kaburagi house?”

Of course I don’t want to go!

“Well, if that’s all, then sure I won’t say anything. Do you hate Masaya-kun? Did he do something to you?”

“No, nothing of the sort! Only, Otousama and Okaasama are expecting me to become close to him, and earlier they had a weird misunderstanding too. So because of that, I am a little…”

“I see. It’s too early for you, huh?”

Oniisamaaaa. You’re my last ray of hope, you know.
The dish that got brought in later should have been my beloved Italian, but because of the shock I couldn’t really tell how it tasted.


Later when we got home, I just flopped onto my bed and remembered Kaburagi-Mother in 『you are my dolce』.
As I recall, she supported Kaburagi-Father in his job, and was a talented person.
There was also an episode about how she was a powerful mum, and ever since Kaburagi was young, whenever he went and played a prank she would punish him mercilessly.
The fact that she has a gorgeous face and an intense glare is just like Kaburagi. I guess he takes after his mother.
Wait-, who cares about that right now.
She disapproved when the heir as well as her cute, only son, Emperor, began dating a commoner girl, and chided him a number of times too.
Pushed by the lies and cajolery of Kisshouin Reika’s parents, she held an engagement party for her son and Reika, but then she was touched by her son’s resolve and dedication to the protagonist, and blessed the two of them.
Without caring about Reika and her family falling beyond repair…

Uwahh… I definitely don’t wanna get involved.

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  3. Ara, that lady is definitely scary. She so easily switches from my son should be engaged to this girl to oh, this other girl works so who cares about the past one.

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    – can’t tell what is up with Wakaba…

    – can’t tell if the Kisshouin parents are ambitious enough to cajole Kaburagi mama – though the parents do seem like they are pretty prejudiced against “commoners”

    – or maybe if these three start getting together to plan something, maybe Reika might be able to sniff it out and stop it before they can move forward with any “engagement” thoughts


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