Tilea Teaser – Camilla in the Capital

“A welcoming party, you say?”

“Mn. The class came together to organise it to welcome you, Camilla-sama.”

I tried my very best to invite Timu-chan.

If possible, I want her to come. I want her to enjoy her time at this academy as well.

Mmmn, but maybe it’s impossible…

Over these last few days of talking to her, I get it. With Timu-chan’s personality, there’s pretty much zero percent chance of her going. We’ve only just met, but I can tell. She’s the proud and lone type that hates socialising with others.

“Umu. I shall attend.”

“EH-!? Really?”

“What’s the matter? You said that you wanted me to come.”

“M-, Mn. But I thought that you’d hate these sort of things.”

“Well, you are correct there. However, it is a command from Oneesama. She ordered that I participate in these sort of events, you see.”

Ah-, so you had an Oneechan.

Timu-chan started saying, “Oneesama’s orders are absolute. No matter what a pointless and idiotic event it may be, I shall attend.”

Yeah, she’s definitely looking down on us. But that really suits her. She’s like a person who was born to rule. Over these last few days, even the -sama is coming naturally to me now.

But Timu-chan, this arrogant and vainglorious girl, is obediently obeying her Oneesan. I’ll bet she’s even scarier than Timu-chan, and an even more amazing mass of charisma.

“So your Oneesan is also…”


This is bad. Timu-chan is about to snap. It’s definitely because I didn’t use honorifics, right?

“Ah-, no, I was just thinking, I’m sure Camilla-sama’s Oneesama is also an amazing beauty too, huh…”

“Miless. So you do understand. Oneesama is not only more beautiful than I, she is also a truly lofty and sublime personage.”

Thought so. Although she’s talking about her relative, it’s still Timu-chan who never praises anybody. She’s definitely an amazingly beautiful, noble, sublime, Queen-like character.

I kind of want to meet her, but then kind of don’t…

Nope, definitely can’t. I’m sure a hole would burn through my stomach from the stress. But I do want to hear more about her.

“Camilla-sama, what is your Oneesama――”

“So the new kid is in this class!”

“Camilla-sama, you’ve been to a noble’s party before?”

“Miless, I believe I’ve already told you. I do not know nor care about the parties of garbage. However, if you are asking if I have attended high class parties before, then I have indeed experienced a few. Parties gorgeous and luxurious enough that the likes of you could never imagine.”

Normally thinking about it, that would be a total lie. A lie by a commoner trying her very best to act tough. But when Timu-chan says it, for some reason you start to believe it.

It’s mysterious. Really so mysterious. Timu-chan is such a mysterious person.

“Oohh! I just remembered. Miless, I shall hand you this. Gratefully accept it.”

Saying that, Timu-chan pulled out a letter from her pocket.

“Eh-!? Camilla-sama, what is this?”

I reflexively held out my hand to receive it when,

“YOUUU! What cur would dare accept this with such an attitude!”


“Firstly, get down on one knee!”

“U-, Ummm…”


“Wawah, sorry.”

I immediately genuflected and held both my arms out to receive it. It’s like a vassal receiving some reward from their king.

“That’s right. That’s the proper way to accept it. This is a letter from Oneesama. You shall accept it with austerity and dignity.”

A letter from Timu-chan’s Oneesan? Why is she giving a letter to me?

“U-, Ummm, why is she giving me a letter…?”

“Umu. The truth is, I received an order from Oneesama to hand over this letter to my friends-in-name possessions, you see.”

“And that’s me?”

“Exactly. Miless, you are Doll Unit One. Although it was plain and simple, you still organised a welcome party for my sake. You are plenty qualified to be my doll.”


Honestly, I don’t know what to say anymore…

But a letter from Timu-chan’s Oneesan? I get the feeling that it’s about making sure I know my place as a slave.

Anyway, I’d better accept the letter before Timu-chan’s mood gets worse.

And so…

I reverently accepted the letter in two hands, and noticed the quality of the paper fibre.

Is this… lambskin parchment? No, it’s even whiter and smoother than that.

A-, Amazing. A letter on paper that might be used for diplomatic letters between kings… What on earth is written here!?

With the anxiety and strain rising in my heart, I braced myself and opened it.

Now then, what kind of things are written here…

Hi there! I’m Tilea. Timu’s my little sister! It’s nice to meet you. Ahaha~ I’m sure you’re surprised about the sudden letter. Sorry about that.

Huu~ Doubting my eyes, I reflexively rubbed them.

“Mu!? Miless, what’s wrong all of a sudden?”

“U-, Ummm, Camilla-sama, is this letter truly from your Oneesama?”

“Youu, are you scorning me? You think I could mistake a letter from my Oneesama!”

“S-, Sorry, I’m really sorry. Y-, You’re right.”

Seeing Timu-chan’s threatening expression, I went back to reading again.

…The truth is, I wanted to talk to you, Timu’s friend. The two of us are from the countryside, and Timu must be standing out because of when she enrolled, right? That’s why I was worried about whether or not she was being picked on by bullies. Timu likes to act tough and say stuff about Camilla and whatnot, but I think that she’s actually really scared and worried about getting along in school, like a trembling baby rabbit.

Bff-!? Timu-chan a baby rabbit!? No matter how you look at it, she’s a tiger-, no, a dragon like in the legends. Because of the shocking words, I once again rubbed my eyes when…

Oh crap. Timu-chan’s completely glaring at me.

I’d better get back to reading.

…So you know? I hope that as Timu’s friend, you’ll look after her for me. I mean, you know what she’s like, right? I’m sure she definitely won’t ask for help by herself. Far from it, I think she’ll probably inconvenience everybody around her. Or rather, she’s already done that, right? I’m really sorry. But you know? Timu is actually a really sweet and good girl. You definitely won’t regret being friends with her. Definitely not! So I was thinking, I’d be really happy if you could keep being friends with her, or something like that. Ahaha. I’m just a worrywart of an older sister. Oh, I know! You know, we’re actually owners of Restaurant Berum on the main street in the west side of town. You might be surprised, but Oneesan[me] is actually a pro chef, and cooking is my specialty. When you have the time, come over to play. Since you’re Timu’s friend, I’ll give you a huge welcome, okay!? Of course you won’t have to pay, and I’ll treat you whatever you want.

And then, at the end of the letter was a smiling face, probably a drawing of Timu-chan’s Oneesan herself.

Huu. I reflexively looked up at the skies. How am I supposed to feel about this?

She’s a good person. This Oneesan is a super good person. Her letter was childish, but you could feel the kindness flowing out from it.

“U-, Umm, this is truly a letter from your Oneesama, yes?”


“No, that isn’t what I mean――U-, Umm, I was just wondering, do you perhaps know what the contents of this letter are?”

“Foolishness! Of course I wouldn’t open Oneesama’s letter of my own accord!”

“R-, Right. That makes sense. So you don’t know then.”

“Umu. However, I have a rough idea.”

“Ohh~? Like what?”

“It is a letter from Oneesama who always worries about me. No doubt that in worry of whether or not my life at school is going smoothly, she even went out of her way to worry about my doll. I have no doubts that it is a letter reminding my dolls to behave in the manner that a doll should.”


Timu-chan’s Oneesan, I understand your feelings now. About Timu-chan acting tough… I don’t think that’s the case, since this is probably how she really is, but anyway, I don’t know nobody else like her. That’s why she really has my interest. And she’s a mysterious girl overflowing with charisma, or perhaps you could call it charm. I definitely want to get along with her.

But as for Timu-chan’s Oneesan, I really can’t form a solid image of her in my mind.

When I received the letter, Timu-chan’s mystery just deepened. She really is a mysterious girl. I’m getting more and more interested in her.

Note: Miless is a fallen noble due to her family’s financial straits, but her family still holds the title of Baronet

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  2. Thanks 4 the teaser!
    You realize you just made everyone want to read the chapters sooner right? Or is this your way of torturing us? Is Fluffy an S?


          1. But we also know the ones doing the killing are going to hit the Dark Matter black hole where logic does not work and all powerful vampires get killed by a chef Goddess in disguise (kind of) in an extremely lol way that makes them doubt their sanity. And shred their dignity. :P


  3. thx for the chapter!!! lol As expected of Timu in a school environment. It is just a good thing that her guards didn’t follow her, or else, there would be trouble. Still, I hoping to see Timu-chan as the one of the 4 Evil Kings who took over the school…. lol. I am sorry, but it would too irionic


      1. It is a common Japanese, Chinese, or Korean thing. The number 4 is a sacred number, and even the number of sacred beasts/symbols is four. You ever noticed how there are usually Four Generals, heroes, major countries, or other such things in anime and web novels?


          1. Well, they don’t have to be her match. I was just thinking of there being 3 other top students who give trouble to the student council, like perhaps that Miless ojou-chan. You know, just to show more kicks and laughs about how Camilla would become the top of the school while Tilea-sama would just think of it as Timu-sama becoming one of the popular kids or mascots of the school


  4. estelion sama you would post a new chapter bout tilea again this week right??

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