Tilea’s Worries – Chapter 43

Chapter 43 – “It’s Tilea’s magic lessons!” (Finale)

“Timu, the magic of Japan is too dangerous for you to use. You need to prioritise mastering the magic system of this world first, okay?”

“However, I have already mastered the magic system of this world. To master it more than this is…”

“Hmmm~ You’ve already mastered it, huh~?”

“Of course. I can use every element. In particular, there is nobody who can approach my skill in darkness magic.”

The typical ‘master of darkness magic’ setting, huh…

My head is hurting from all the chuunibyou. But at least this makes the conversation easy to lead. If she’s going to boast about mastering magic, then I can get her to explain magic theory to me.

“Timu, if you’re that confident, then let’s review your knowledge and have you explain this world’s magic system to me.”

“I understand. As you know, there are eight elements in magic; fire, water, wood, earth, wind, lightning, light and darkness. The most powerful element is the element that we of the demon race specialise in; darkness magic. Furthermore, we can further separate this into great darkness, middle darkness, and small darkness categories. Great darkness is――”

W-, What?

As expected of a chuunibyou. I don’t understand a thing she’s saying.

“Timu, stop. Not that. More, basic, stuff. First you need to explain how to produce magic.”

“Huh… Is there truly a need to explain something so simple after all this time?”

What a cocky-! Didn’t you only just learn elementary magic yourself!
Even though all she can use herself is elementary magic… Honestly, did she get so into playing a demon that she forgot that herself?

“Timu, what are you going to do if you get the basics wrong? No matter what field of study, you won’t go very far if you get the basics wrong.”

“I see… That did not occur to me. As expected of Oneesama!”

“Yep, yep. Now that you understand, try explaining.”

“Yes. As you know, the foundation of invoking magic is mana control. Generally, those that are able to use magic can do so due to their natural control of mana. Although the method of mana control varies between person to person, the standard is to use ‘image’. By envisioning an image that will allow mana in the body to smoothly circulate, a quicker and smarter invocation can be achieved than through a magic equation or circle. Members of the demon race are naturally capable of this control, but it seems that the immature humans can forcefully control mana through the training methods of different ‘schools’ or ‘styles’.”

Mm~mm, I still don’t really get it, Timu. Are you saying that your mental image is important?

――Or rather, it’s pretty hard to understand this with just theory, isn’t it.

I know! A picture is worth a thousand words. It might be easier to understand if I see Timu teaching somebody else.

“Timu, I understand the theory now. Next, try using some magic.”

“Then shall I turn some nearby mountain forest into a cinder field?”

“No, there’s no need for that. Let’s see~ I know, how about you teach Niel the basics. I’ll see how you instruct him.”

“Nielsen? His specialty is close-combat, and magic is his weak point.”

“I know. So teach him how to use elementary magic.”

“Huhu, Oneesama. No matter how bad Nielsen might be at magic, of course he has no problem using the likes of elementary magic.”

WHAT!? So cheeky! Even though you’re just a Pervert(Nielsen)!

The situation is getting worse and worse. I definitely can’t say that I can’t use magic now. My dignity as an older sister will come under scrutiny.

“I-, I see. So Niel can use magic as well…”

“Yes. Nielsen primarily uses body reinforcement magic.”

“Hm~mm, then Niel, use a little magic.”

“Yes, milady. Well then, shall I use reinforcement magic to destroy a nearby boulder?”

“No, there’s no need for that. Just show me that you can use elementary magic.”

“As you wish. Although I am ashamed at my lack of skill… MMNH!”

A flame appeared from Pervert(Nielsen)’s hand. Although it was a small flame, it was definitely there. Not some trick or sleight-of-hand, but real and honest-to-god magic.

Dammit! He really fucking did it. Not bad for a Pervert(Nielsen) I guess.

“O-, Ohh~? Not bad. By the way, how did you do that?”

“Even if you ask me that… Tilea-sama, elementary magic is akin to breathing to we demons.”

“Then Niel, how do you breathe?”

“As expected of Oneesama. It is true that explaining the simple things are surprisingly difficult.”

“I see now. I feel deep admiration at your profound question, Tilea-sama.”

“There’s no need for admiration, so just try to explain.”

“Yes, milady. First, you feel the whirlpool of mana flowing within your body. Then, you smoothly move the mana through your entire body, from head to toe, and then using that mana, from your hand you――”

“Niel, stop! You’re abridging it too much. How do you feel that whirlpool?”

“T-, That is to say, you do so naturally, or…”

“How do you do so naturally?”

“M-, My deepest apologies. I cannot explain it well.”

Pervert(Nielsen) cocked his head in thought. Looks like I can’t get anything better than this.

Mm~mm, even hearing the theory and seeing it done, I still don’t get it at all. No good. I guess thinking about it any more than this is pointless.

Alright. Then I’ll get used to it through practice. Guess I’ll give doing it a go.

I mean, even Pervert(Nielsen) can use magic. There’s no way that I can’t. Even Pervert(Nielsen) can do it. That’s where I’ll get my confidence from.

“That’s enough, you two. I understand now. Well then, next I’ll be showing you magic.”


Timu and Pervert(Nielsen) looked my way with eyes filled with expectation. I can’t fail now. I concentrated to try raising my mana, or something along that feeling.

“Nn unn.”

Giving it my all, I held my hands out.

Oh? Is it just my imagination? Feels like the ground just shook, or…

“M-, My sincere apologies. O-, Oneesama, could you not hold back your mana?”


“Hahh, hahh, e-, even I feel like your, mana will crush me. And Nielsen… is already close to unconscious.”

Looking carefully, Pervert(Nielsen) was making a suffering expression. He’s got a cold sweat, and his complexion looks bad too.

Could it be that me using magic seems that dangerous?

Maybe that Pervert(Nielsen) is thinking, “UWAHH! This hopeless case is definitely going to fail. Something is definitely going to explode. I need some earmuffs.” or something like that?

True, letting their mana run wild or failing to control it does sound like something a beginner would do. With my level of mana I doubt anybody would really get hurt, but it’d be bad if I scalded Timu’s face or something.

O-, Okay. An image of me suppressing the magic.

Imagine, imagine…

I know! I’ll use the image of Dragon Kwest’s first fire spell, Meran. If I use the image of a small flame like that, then…


Ooh! Something came out! I can use magic too!

S-, So at last, in the truest sense, I too have set foot into a fantasy world…
But, this thing, rather than a fire it looks more like a black flame, or maybe a demonic flame or something doesn’t it.

Mn!? Could it be that this is darkness magic!?

Haha, although I gave it up, it looks like a bit of chuunibyou is left in my heart. Well, I guess that’s fine. Time to unveil it to Timu and Pervert(Niel).

“Timu, Niel, look at this. This is my Meran.”

“O-, Oneesama…”

“W-, What is it? Well, it’s true that it’s a small flame but… I just haven’t used my real strength yet, so…”

“So Tilea-sama’s ‘Meran’ is shockingly, a highly condensed magic bullet…”

“U-, Umu. Just this one magic bullet alone is equal to a thousand uses of my trump card, Star Freya[Super Demonic Star Magic Bullet].”

Star Freya?

Aah~ That was Timu’s elementary magic bullet barrage, right? Hm~mm, so I managed something more advanced than that spell?

Huhu, thank goodness. Maybe now I’ve managed to save face as an elder sister.

“No, no, you’re definitely exaggerating, Timu. Your magic was amazing too, you know.”

“Huhu, I can tell the difference in our ability whether I want to or not. You always surprise me, Oneesama.”

Timu’s gaze filled with trust… I just winged it, but I’m really glad I succeeded.

“Well then, Tilea-sama. Now that your ‘Meran’ is invoked, whatever will you do about it?”

“What, you ask? …I was just going to fire it randomly somewhere, but…”

“O-, Oneesama. Doing so would level the place as far as the eye can see, but are you fine with that?”

Geez, exaggerating again.

Ah-!? But doing so would be bad manners just like littering cigarettes, wouldn’t it. I can’t do something so antisocial in front of my little sister.

Should I extinguish it…?

Hm? How am I supposed to do that?

This is bad. I don’t know how to cancel a spell.

Ummmmm, would it work if I try imagining the image of it disappearing this time?

Disappear, disappear… Aahh~ This is such a bother. I can probably smother a flame this size with just my hand.

I raised my other hand over the flame and forcefully extinguished it.

“Ah-, Oneesama, please wai――”


I-, I underestimated this thing. That was pretty damn hot. It felt like a lighter. I might have burnt myself.

“O-, Oneesama, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. Timu, you can’t copy what I just did, okay?”

“Copying you would be absolutely impossible, Oneesama. Something like invoking a magic bullet with the power of thousands of advanced magics, before extinguishing it with one hand, is…”

Haha, chuunibyou as always.

Phew, but still, Timu’s chuunibyou doesn’t seem to be receding in the least. When I called over tutors, her attitude was like that after all, and at this rate, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she’ll have a dreadful time in the real world.

What should I do? How can I rehabilitate her?

Mn, I think maybe it would be best to have her learn how to live and deal with other people.

In my past life it was normal schools, and I guess in this life, a magic academy?

In an academy, she’ll have lots of friends her age. I think it’ll teach her not just in the way of studies, but also the importance of relationships with other people. It might sound pretentious coming from a former hikikomori, but I don’t want Timu to make the same mistakes I did.

Alright. I need to make it so that Timu wants to go to school.

“Timu, it looks like you’re quite taken with the number of techniques I have, but I came up with them while I was at school, you know. I polished my skills at school.”

“Is that how it was?”

“Yep. So you know? I think that rather than have me teach you magic, I’d like it if you enrolled in the Magic Academy in the capital.”

“I-, I am to attend an academy for the likes of humans…?”

“Timu, it’s because of that attitude that I want you to go! There are tough times as well while you’re going to school, but it’ll definitely become useful for you.”

“I-, I see. Although I am tired of dealing with these fools, perhaps there may be some hint there. And moreover, no matter what else, it was you who said so. I shall abide by your words, Oneesama.”

It looks like Timu is finally willing to go. Maybe now, even Timu will learn some common sense.

“Looks like you’re willing. That’s a good sign. Oneechan will support your school life with all her power.”

“Thank you very much. I shall strive to meet your expectations, Oneesama!”

Alright, time to strike while the iron is hot. For now, I’ll have Loser(Bizef) get us permission for Timu to attend the Magic Academy. His title is only good for times like this, so no sense in not using it, right?

“I’ll imagine a Meran like in Dragon Kwest.”

Phew~ It’s been quite a while since I first picked this up off Shintouyu, but I’ve finally finished the first arc. Onto the next, soon…

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