26 thoughts on “One of my recommendations is being translated now”

  1. Somehow the ‘avoiding death flags’ theme is becoming more common nowdays…

    I guess it is better than just becoming stronk and getting harems errday.

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  2. Saw that it was in your recommendations, but I was looking for something more +18 when I start to MTL :V (since it motivates you a lot along the way~)… I mean.. If you happen to have a +18 Recommendation list, we (the pervs) wouldn’t mind xD…


      1. Hmm, certainly true… just finding any +18 novel without any kind of fetish-ish scenario is difficult..

        But well, for that there’s VNs, some are great~ (Majikoi).


              1. You can always get the patched one with the included voice… (which reminds me to get F:SN original with the voices again… And Utawarerumono x.x)


  3. So far, its pretty good! I like this type of shoujo(?) novel that focuses on a male protagonist. Its sorta fresh (although the only other one ive read was “my sister is a evil heroine/dont remember name”, which hasnt been updated in forever…)


          1. It is a view point like that that i find really interesting to read from. Not a goodie goodie but not a psychpath ether. If you ever find another novel like this one me know.


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