Oh hey! Happy Oniichanyamete Anniversary guys!

I only noticed just now, but apparently it’s been basically a whole year since I first started translating on this blog.

The timestamp for the first chapter of the now dropped Yomigaeri no Maou has it as . And it’s December 9th, 2015 where I am.

Sorry for not having anything special for today, because I totally forgot…

Maybe something in the works for another day…

But anyhow, hooray! Thank you, enthusiastic readers and thank you commenters! I more or less translate because I have favourite series that I want to share with others, and your continued enthusiasm for these series is probably the biggest factor behind me not quitting.

(Also sorry for all the distractions and the irregular release schedule)



40 thoughts on “Oh hey! Happy Oniichanyamete Anniversary guys!”

  1. Eh, I don’t mind irregular posts. Happy Anniversary.

    Free stuff is free stuff, regardless of when I get free stuff, it is just nice to get free stuff…Did I mention I like free stuff? Free stuff is great.

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  2. woohoo~! Happy Anniversary~ :).
    Well, yeah. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I really did get pulled here by that first series, thinking about the first time I visited this blog it is quite empty compare to now. There’s like what? 2-3 columns back then?(the projects, teasers etc. at the top)

    And again! Happy Anniversary~ ^^.
    — Thanks for sharing happiness to us! lol ^^.

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  3. -claps excitedly- congratulations—-! hope you continue to translate for many years to come, rofl! -gives ice-creams cakes gift-

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  4. That makes Oniichan my shitty early birthday present? It’s okay, I still love you. Oniichan yamenaide kudasai.


  5. Don’t mind us este, as we don’t mind getting more stuff to read *-*

    Anyway…happy aniversary and stuff…

    hope we see yah translating for another whole year ;3

    that sounds like a hard work though…

    don’t burn yarself~


  6. taling about aniversary…why don’t you tell us how you came to be called as “Grand Arbiter, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th)” .w.?

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  7. Happy Aniversary! Idk when I started following your blog sadly, but its also been a year for me reading lots of WN x.x (before that was LNs…)

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  8. “Sorry for not having anything special for today, because I totally forgot…”

    You got 3 Tilea-chan chapters and you said you have nothing special??!! Shame on you!!! Smite him our Goddess!!! – Tilea’s fan club/demon army.


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