Reika-sama – 022

After I retired from spying, I had almost no contact with those two, and spent my days in peace.
The fact that I was turned into a gopher wasn’t revealed either, and I managed to escape the downfall in hierarchy that I had dreaded.
Actually far from it, there’s this misunderstanding now that “Reika-sama is close enough to that Kaburagi-sama that he would personally rely on her” and I’m even the target off some weird envy.
No, no, we’re not close, I said.
Since then, we’ve almost never spoken, so please don’t look at me with those expectant eyes.


As for Aira-sama, since then we’ve continued to message each other once in a while. What an extravagant mail buddy!
Aside from advice with studying and talks about her middle school life, she also tells me about how Kaburagi and Yurie-sama are doing.

It was also though Aira-sama that I heard about the success of the letter strategy.
With a letter written with all of Kaburagi’s heart, and a cute bouquet arriving every day, Yurie-sama folded pretty  quickly.
Apparently Aira-sama didn’t get to actually read it, but the envelope and writing paper that Yurie-sama showed here were all different varieties, and had cute flowers and animals drawn on them.
It looks like he properly followed my advice.
Since letters about how lonely he was and how hard it was by himself came every day on that cute kind of paper, given that Yurie-sama thought of him as a cute little brother to begin with, apparently her maternal instincts and guilt shook her resolve.

Persuasion by sob story, huh. I’m sure it was Enjou’s idea.

Cunningly, he even wrote about how he wanted to dance with her at this year’s summer party and got a promise from her.
As expected of Enjou. Turning even bad luck into opportunity.

And truly, when it came to the summer party, maybe he was hiding his shyness because his face looked unhappy and he was all red and stuff, but he really did end up dancing with Yurie-sama.
Could it be that he saw my waltz with Oniisama and longed for the same thing?
That he hoped that he could do it one day as well?
Even now, Kaburagi is a little shorter than Yurie-sama, but the difference in their height has shrunk since my dance with Oniisama, so maybe he’s been biding his time.
As for the waltz itself, even if he’s like that he’s still Kaburagi, so he lead Yurie-sama even though he’s just a little primary schooler.
All the Ojousamas were entranced by it.
I just wanted to snort, and chewed on some roast beef instead.

Also, apparently he really did reflect, because Kaburagi’s stalker attitude calmed down as well.
It seems like he’s training himself each day to become more suitable for the older Yurie.
At school, he’s got the same cool poker face as usual, and the girls all squeal and make a fuss, but now that I know his true face, I can’t help but want to tell somebody.
But if I did that, it’d set me straight on the path to destruction, so when I get home I sink my face into my pillow and scream “HE’S ACTUALLY AN IDIOT YOU KNOWWWW!” “AND HE’S ALSO A STALKER YOU KNOWWWW!” “DON’T BE FOOLEDDDD!” to relieve my stress.


And so as days like that passed, one day I suddenly received an email from my (in my mind, at least) mail buddy Aira-sama, inviting me to go out during the school anniversary.


Of course I’ll go! No matter what, I’ll go!
Aahh, oh my goodness!
The role of princess is always played by her best friend  Yurie-sama, but for just today I’ll get to be the princess that she protects!?

The maid helped me curl my hair into the usual hairstyle that my mother likes.
She even added a ribbon to the back of my head, and I looked like a fake Rococo Queen. [←Mary Antoinette]
But with this Fake Rococo Queen Hair, isn’t it kind of like that manga I read in my past life? The one about the French revolution, with the beautiful cross dressing female knight, and the tragic queen that she protected?

When I quickly went to brag to Oniisama about my outing with Aira-sama, he said that it was dangerous for just two girls, so he and his friend Imari-sama would be coming along as well.

Aahh, oh my goodness!
Not just Aira-sama, but Oniisama and Imari-sama as well!
Aira-sama in my right and, Imari-sama in my left, and Oniisama at my back! Hah-!? Could this be that situation that’s all the rage in shoujo manga? The so-called reverse harem situation!?
Aahh, my spring has finally…

Momozono Imari-sama has been Oniisama’s friend since primary, and is a splendid person that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few times.
The truth is, Imari-sama is actually the one who gave me the idea for the small bouquets.
When Imari-sama comes over to play, he always gives me (his friend’s little sister) a small and cute bouquet, and a few sweets and the like.
As for the sweets, they’re things like honey in a beautiful jar, or a box of assorted flower-shaped chocolates; just things that a girl would very likely appreciate.
Even though he shouldn’t have any sisters, at 11th grade he’s already splendid at dealing with girls, and really seems like the type that trouble will follow.
But he always gives me lots of stuff.
Of course, I do like Imari-sama who’s both kind and somewhat dangerous, you know? Women prefer men with a little danger over a plainly kind and no-risk guy. That’s why I think that in the future, Imari-sama will become an enemy of womankind, and honestly I’m quite looking forw-, …quite worried about him.

Anyway, Imari-sama is a different kind of ikemen to Oniisama.
It’s the same with Enjou and Kaburagi too, but why do hot guys always seem to be friends with other hot guys?
Speaking of which, I wonder who Akizawa-kun is good friends with…
…I think I’d better stop playing innocent while thinking about these no-good ideas.
I mean, Akizawa-kun has big round eyes, and is cute in his own way too, isn’t he.
I love your friendly face, Akizawa-kun!


When I asked Aira-sama whether it was okay for the two of them to come, she happily agreed.
The place we’re going is the most popular amusement park in Japan.
I wonder if everybody will be willing to wear animal-ear headbands with me.
Oniisama seems like he’d definitely hate it.
We’re going on a weekday, but it’ll probably be really packed, huhh… I’d better eat and sleep well so I’m in peak condition for the day.
Just a little bit longer until my bewitching reverse-harem date!



By the way, according to my Aira-sama Intelligence, Kaburagi and Yurie-sama’s school anniversary date (at least that’s what he thinks of it) went splendidly without a hitch.
They went to a museum.
I wouldn’t expect any less.

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  1. thanks a lot–!
    look at it! look at it—! reika knows exactly where enjou has assisted! she knows him too well! ehehe! the ship is cruising just fi—-ne!
    lol to reika’s admiration of aira! well, aira is pretty cool!
    wait, imari-sama? hm–i could ship him with reika too…choices choices…ahem, i mean, reika and enjou are still cute—
    go, to the amusement park—!

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      1. There is going to be continuation of Gate and budget eater. The struggle is real the anime(grimgal), boku dake ga inai machi, dimension w, durarara, statue idol group anime (Sekko Boys).


  2. I have a mental image of Reika chewing on some manga meat (poetic license, okay) while rolling her eyes at Kaburagi and Yurie. It’s quite delightful.

    My thanks to you, O esteemed Grand Arbiter.


  3. Did I die and flew to heaven???? Thank you so much!!!!! Omg a new chapter everyday now??? This is crazy!! XD I hope this last till we meet the heroine
    ;w; ohhhh this is too wonderful!!!
    And wow I’m beginning to wonder who Reika will end up with XD I see so many choices lololol


  4. So Aira invited her out because Yuri was going with this Mr. Stalker? Though Reika said “mail buddy (in my mind at least)” Aira actually already considers them friends it seems?

    Then again, considering Aira keeps talking to Reika about Mr. Stalker and Yuri, I wonder if she’s misunderstanding that Reiki is interested in him? That might make more sense.


  5. I love your friendly face, Akizawa-kun~

    -this friend-ship has long set sail.


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    Many thanks for translating~


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