Heavy Object ED




screenshot77It’s always like this. I put myself last.
As long as everybody is happy and smiling, then it’s fine, I thought.

‘It isn’t anybody’s fault; this is just how things are supposed to be.’
That’s what I convinced myself.

‘I’m not wrong. I’m not wrong.’
Even though I thought that,
why am I wounded all over?

screenshot80You were the only one who noticed, weren’t you.
This small, stifled voice of mine.



screenshot81When did I start wanting,
to stay by your side, I wonder?

As though gently undoing my tangled heart,

the warmth in the hand that you held out to me…

it was when I touched it that I realised;

I’m not alone any more.’







Fits the Princess quite a bit, huh! For once there’s a great reason to debut the ending song in the second episode. It was so cute that I had to translate it. Plus, it’s by Kano(鹿乃)! Who knew she got signed!

30 thoughts on “Heavy Object ED”

  1. Muscles… imagine if the girl in this vid looked like the buff girl in HunterXHunter XDDD this song is scary now <_<


  2. :v Well, I don’t plan to watch that many anime this season. so here’s my choice of ED out of what I do watch

    Partly for the seemingly Tokisaki Kurumi’s cousin.

    For OP still One Punch Man.

    And the apparently not used in ep 1 at all song:


      1. Well, I did say this season :v

        If I consider all-time that ED (this season one, not kimi no shiranai) would have to compete against something like this too:

        Admittedly my list of things I do watch is currently just 3:
        Another-SHAFT-mindscrew the animation.

        -x – Rakudai Kishi and Asterisk I basically put under “will suffer the same crush-the-side-characters fate as SAO”, though I might look up the part when Kirin shows up in Asterisk.


      2. Among monogatari? Just EDs or including OP too?

        If for OP I’d incline towards Platinum Disco.

        If only ED I totally agree :v kinda hard to beat kimi no shiranai.

        -x – Still haven’t dl tsukimonogatari tho, and Shinobu is one of my favorite character of that series.


  3. I feel as if very few anime translating groups actually even do the themes as well. With the romanji and other stuff included, it doesn’t seem like anyone does them anymore. Especially the part where they make subtitles for the romanji pop out more when it is being sung. As well as making the subtitles look like the font of the credits or title.


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