It’s like 6:26AM and I stayed up all night to translate, but ended up arguing with an autist prick, so I’m changing my policy of “no censorship” do “deleting any retarded comments I see”.

50 thoughts on “It’s like 6:26AM and I stayed up all night to translate, but ended up arguing with an autist prick, so I’m changing my policy of “no censorship” do “deleting any retarded comments I see”.”

    1. Lol I just read all the posts now that only your side of the argument is there it’s really funny because you make reference to things he said but now that its gone you can make up his replies it was a good 10 mins


    2. “Why are you still here?” and “Do you realize the grammar you used in the argument (it’s gone now) was absolutely awful?”
      About your grammar…it was so bad it was almost funny.


      1. come to think of it, your wording being so awkward really just highlighted the stupidity of your statements and really detracted from the sort of rationality that your tone would suggest and really does make you seem, well, stupid. and kinda autistic yourself cuz that’s the extent of your communicative abilities.


    3. I’m pretty certain that if you identify yourself as “normal” these days, it’s a tongue in cheek way of suggesting that you’re racist.

      It’s the era of equal rights after all.


    4. Este’s already in Australia. It’s way too late for him to live in a place with normal people.

      I’m kidding, I live in the United States, and we’re full of nutjobs as well. Trump is basically just a “classier” (in his opinion) Gina Rinehart that a disturbing portion of our population actually likes.

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      1. Normal people exist only in video games and anime. Like Naegi Komaru: So normal it’s abnormal.


  1. No need to insult autistic people, just do it like you would handle a rabid dog. Back slowly away…. and reach for a shotgun. Don’t debate, just shoot!


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    1. Are comments not sorted by time posted anymore or something? This post appeared in the middle of the comments for me and I tried reading the drama in the other post but it was out of order for me too.

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  2. to be honest i’m shocked you haven’t adopted deleting/ignoring idiots that seem like their entire existence is based around being a total dick XD

    Ran into quite a few of them in the past they always have something to argue about

    try not to take them serious, have fun delete or ban those that cause you discomfort we don’t blame you in fact we encourage it.

    you deserve better than to get heckled at or argued with even more so to the point where it becomes detrimental to what you are doing it gets kind of silly when it gets that far


      1. Different strokes for different folks i guess? its like everything there’s always some people who ‘stand out’ among the crowd.

        But yeah i understand that you dont like censorship and its a great policy but some people tend to take it for granted so if you find someone like that last guy i guess just ignore em?

        also hope you managed to get some rest i heard you didnt get much sleep :(

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      2. why cant ppl follow the Thumper 2.0 rule “If you cant say anything nice then don’t say anything at all……unless its funny than your safe”

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  3. And here goes another case of people using the anonymity of the internet in an uncivilised and shameful manner…i feel sorry that you have to go through this…

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  4. Can’t tell which is longer, this title, or ‘i’mma highschool stu… Best selling author..strangled… Voice actress’ something.


  5. Nuuu don’t delete them! Put “I am a loser” instead…well something like that…it makes it funnier if they come back to see their comment changed


  6. HMM anyway to get the chapters reposted i realy like the wild last boss reading it. just ignore dummys like that anyway i think this will be a awsome story.


  7. Please tell me what is the password for “The last boss appeared” light novelI do hope you will tell me…..


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