Incidentally I have your IP and email, and I’m about three metres and perhaps 30 centimetres-ish away from not giving a shit about ethics and just posting it up here for everybody to see.

Looks like I can be friends with James now.

“Whoa there, don’t be a hypocrite. I see you also haven’t made a single argument either. Let’s review:
1.NORMEN complains about lack of substance in gender bending.
2.Est and CO reply that this isn’t a story that aims to show case substance in gender bending.
Do you see what I’m saying here?”

64 thoughts on “Incidentally I have your IP and email, and I’m about three metres and perhaps 30 centimetres-ish away from not giving a shit about ethics and just posting it up here for everybody to see.”

      1. Or naked old men/women ones…

        Yes they exist, the former I know because my friend pranked me with it (back in the days, when ‘builds’ was not something I cared about when playing MMOs)

        The latter…due to a certain last week tonight’s youtube about India’s porn ban.

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  1. I welcome the embrace of my bed, my phone warns me of a great obstacle(post)… I see the darkness at the end of my thoughts, but this bright screen is blocking the way.

    Oh, Holy Sheeprabbit, smite thy foe so that this peon may find peace.


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  2. Oh… Estelion, don’t do that. Just delete or blacklist him, eat a snickers, have a nice wank, and take a nap or walk to clear your head. He’s not worth the elevated blood pressure.

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  3. That a dick move they pull talking shit to you when you work your ass off to translate if anyone has a fucking problem with how you translate
    They kindly fuck off and learn to read another language thank you for taking the time to translate you do pretty good job

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  4. Well, if he has a problem with gender bender wn translations, then all I can say is that he really walked into the wrong door for this one.

    “Why doesn’t this toilet have urinals!!”
    “It’s the ladies, idiot.”
    “But ladies toilets should have urinals too!”


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  5. Looking at new edit to the post…

    You may not have made an argument, but you did make his point moot. Insert something snarky here. Attacking foundation of another’s premise is a valid tactic by itself.

    He didn’t defend, repeating his stance.

    The end. Victor Sheeprabbit.

    Sauce: a really tired potato who aced debate class

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    1. His whole point was stupid, “the gender bender makes no sense, a female character would have worked”, unlike in other WN the MC in Ruphas was forced to to live the role he had been playing completely. MCs in other WNs like Diablo, Mira, and Ainz may end up with physical changes, but they role play to meet expectations on the personality.

      That and he came to the home of cute MC WNs and talked shit about moe.

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      1. “the gender bender makes no sense, a female character would have worked” I think I have seen this exact argument in an LN thread on 4chan. Shit, nonetheless.


      2. Obviously he has not thought this through. With a female MC, it would not be a gender-bender. Q.E.D.9


        1. The point of the story isn’t just gender bender, it’s everything about him being changed, merging with his character. He changed physically, the new body has it’s own persona, which affects his words and actions, even new instincts and habits were formed. We might not have noticed any of that if the MC started life off as a female.


  6. Wow relax. I get the anger but posting personal details is kinda risky. In some places thats a crime. On another note thx for the translations, always appreciate ppl who take the time to help others enjoy wat they also enjoy

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      1. well a good argument can be fun too and the anonymity of the internet is rather convenient for it too


  7. I’d love the humor of unintended gender benders too, when some hot guy tries to make a pass at the heroine thinking she’s a she and the guy inside is going “Get away from me!!!!” :)

    And even more ironic when you wonder how many people that guy has made a pass at are really males. :P


  8. Hello this does not belong here but could you pick up the wild last boss as a main project or translate the current chapters if you have time?

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      1. “I came from aho update and debating about gender bender then i thrown to another world become gender bender heroine i hate”

        Oh god, some shitty web novel title and plot come to my mind orz

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  9. post all his personal info so we can shame him >:)

    also saw it on aho and thought.. this is probably going to be the most interesting read of the day.


  10. Always thought gender bender mangas were hilarious but some of the reincarnated gender bender light novels rlly crack me up. Especially The ones where the MC tries to make a harem with with the same sex (opp. Sex from his/her original gender) but attracts the opposite sex

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  11. Wow. Some people will just argue with just about anything. Yessh. I mean, if you have a problem with the way something is done, then go do it yourself if you think you can do better instead of someone doing it as a labor of love.

    Also, I like the stories that you focus on here. It’s refreshing to say the least especially with all the other subjects that are usually covered.

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  12. I kinda pity the fellow cuz that means he does not enjoy OSO. But for the same reason, he should burn in the stake IMO


  13. This is pretty much what happens in the internetz, everyone argues, but they don’t argue about the same things, and because they don’t realize that they’re arguing about different things, **** happens


  14. I think it’s perfectly ok to let out the pent-up stress and rage in a big boom once in a while, especially when you get the perfect target in the form of an annoying unrelenting asshole.

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