Added links for teasers, and simplified menu

Things are getting out of hand with the amount of teasers I have, so I’ve simplied the menu a lot. Links to every teaser TOC can simply be found on the teaser page now.

You may ask why I didn’t do this a hundred years ago, and the answer is basically that I liked to make things convoluted and inconvenient for people but sttill, apparently more than one person can’t use the dropdown menus on their phones, and that goes past joke-level harassment so i went and fixed it.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. so that’s how it is. There’s links now.

35 thoughts on “Added links for teasers, and simplified menu”

  1. “that I liked to make things convoluted and inconvenient for people but sttill,”

    Also, it’s normal to like making things inconvenient for others.


  2. So the general consensus is that sheeprabbit will refuse to do anything for anyone’s convenience unless 1. It has nothing to do with TL (Since she picks what she wants and no more than that) and 2. something actually makes things unusable entirely.
    Sounds about the same as always. Keep up the good work, and ignore the trolls… though we all know it only takes that one guy to mess up your whole day.


  3. I found that if I press and hold on a drop down menu until the options list thing appears I can close the options list thing and the menu drop down works properly.
    It’s a bit of a weird workaround but it works.

    There are a bunch of sites that I have to use this trick on in order to navigate properly.


  4. i’m kinda curious as to why the password protected stuff is showing up on linksites like novelupdates. If you aren’t sharing it why advertise it?


    1. Well, you probably wouldn’t know, but somehow after I post a chapter somebody links it on novelupdates within 5 minutes.

      I suspect people with nothing better to do simply man RSS feeds all day and link whatever they see. And I only have one password protected series, and it wasn’t password protected initially, you see.

      Well, either that, or I’m a lot more popular than either you or I realise.


  5. i habitually click on anything you translate simply because of good taste my friend so it was quite a dissapointment to not be able to read something you translated.


    1. Well, if it’s of any consolation, it didn’t turn out very good… You probably wouldn’t know, but a lot of Japanese fantasy novels (the more action-ey ones) have this weird trend of having really interesting side characters, or ‘original body owners’ and the most boooooring protagonists ever.

      I think it’s because they either insert themselves into the protagonist role, or leave it generic so that typical Japanese male readers can pretend that it’s them.


  6. and on that note if i think about it that’s probably an rss bot programmed to do that automatically didn’t realise that wasn’t you and i should have as a programmer myself


  7. and as for the reason for multiple emails from the same ip i susspect that’s because i habitually use a vpn


  8. it’s a very simmilar trend to american novels in teen fiction unfortunately really cut and dry male mc with no personality and very interesting side characters. which is oddly why i was reading college level novels in 5th’ grade when i was much younger. as for favorites on the site i think Jashin average was mine. (must confess to liking op main characters especially female ones xD)


  9. Anyways thanks for the prompt responses and sorry if I seemed a bit rude, and stay awesome my friend. great translation work here, yup.


  10. well that would make sense lol the translator didn’t post on it tho was wondering if they just decided to just drop translating when that happened or something. that happened with the group i was working with a while back scrounging up raws that would have been popular lol.

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  11. they were basically looking for dropped big projects but they didn’t even get one release out bit of a miserable fail wot


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