Mushoku Tensei LN Raw EBOOK Vol 1~5 ≈ 20USD

If any of you guys want to support Rifujin no Magonote and happen to also be a bunch of elitists who don’t want to buy the officially translated manga coming out later for whatever reason, thanks to Lord Krytyk’s kind announcement, it has come to my attention that you can get vol 1~5 as ebooks for about 20USD.

It’s bookwalker which is pretty easy to use. I’m pretty sure the checkout even has an English-language option, and they even take Paypal which is convenient.

So yeah. Go nuts.

This is all for you guys. I’ve already got the damn things in paper.

Offer lasts until the 8th, JP time.

EDIT: Ah, and I think you can get No Game No Life 1~6 for about 11USD, so here you go you goddamn lolicons.

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