Reika-sama – 006

Again, let it be noted that ‘healing’ or ‘soothing’ is a very, very common term in Japanese for things that sooth the heart, whether through gentleness or cuteness.

Also fujoshi = women that enjoy imagining BL pairings, and literally means ‘rotten woman’. It’s a pun/homophone for ‘lady with class(婦女子)‘.

In the end, the plan was for me to attend cram school starting the end of the summer holidays in September.
Not only is it a clean time to join, but it matches up with the schedule of the curriculum too.
There’s still two months until September, but I won’t say anything greedy.
As you’d expect they’d be suspicious if I insisted on going right this moment after all.

I sure am looking forward to it.


But first is summer break!
As a wealthy primary school, they didn’t give us any dull holiday homework like writing an observation diary of a morning glory.
Although I actually quite like raising morning glories and sponge gourds and the like. Tsk.

“Where are you going during the summer break, Reika-sama?”

Also, since the summer holidays are a few weeks long, the entire school is excited.
Follower #1, Serika-chan seemed to be really looking forward to it, just like Follower #2 Kikuno-chan was.
And of course I was too!

“I am going to Tahiti with my family.”

“My, how lovely!”

Beaches really are the best in summer, aren’t they!
I’ve already bought a new swim suit, so I’ll show them the swimming skills of the Japanese!

“As soon as the holidays begin, my family is going to our holiday home. After that, is Hawaii.”

Hearing Serika-chan say this, Kikuno added,

“My family is going to Hawaii as well! Perhaps we’ll meet over there!”

“Eeh-, really!?”

Their eyes sparkled at the unexpected coincidence, and began comparing their itineraries and destinations.

Looking across the classroom, all my other classmates were excitedly talking about their travel plans as well.
People often say that the moments leading up to the trip are the most fun, but it really does look like it.
You just look forward to it so much.
But from what I hear, almost all of them are going overseas. Apparently this school doesn’t have any kids that go to the beach at Chiba or Kanagawa…
In my old life, they were my family’s standard beach trip spots.
Aah, I miss the grilled corn that I ate at Bousou in Chiba. -drools-

“Speaking of which, have you heard? They say that Kaburagi-sama is going to the Mediterranean sea.”

Serika-chan whispered with a smile, like she saved that best bit for last.
Hmm, the Mediterranean huh.

“I’ll bet they’re going to stay at a hotel owned by the Kaburagi Group, and spend almost all of the holidays overseas. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle not seeing his face for a whole month.”

Serika-chan spoke happily about Emperor, and then spoke sadly about not being able to meet him. To that, Kikuno-chan replied,

“I’ll bet he’s going together with Enjou-sama. Aah, if only I could go to the Mediterranean with those two.”

These two have a good grasp of Kaburagi’s information even though they’re in different classes. As expected of the fan network.

“You two sure are informed.” I praised, but they told me that it was natural to know at least that much.

Is that how it is?

But still, Enjou Shuusuke is going on vacation with Emperor?
Those two sure have been getting along from way back, huh.

In 『you are my dolce』, Enjou Shuusuke was a character introduced as Emperor’s childhood and current friend, and supported the protagonist’s romance with Emperor.
There were few people who could speak with Emperor on even terms, and one time when the protagonist and Emperor had a disagreement, Enjou Shuusuke even rebuked him.
Unlike Emperor with his cold and overpowering atmosphere, Enjou who always mediated with a soft smile was popular as a ‘soothing’ character amongst the readers.
And amongst the more ‘rotten’ women, he was treated as Emperor’s bride…
But when it came to anybody who tried to harm his friend the Emperor, he became quite harsh. There were even times when he was harsher than Emperor, huh~
And of course Kisshouin Reika was an enemy to him, and occasionally she would be brutally cut down.

Even now I sometimes see them together in the Petite Pivoine or the hallway, and it seems that their relationship is already just like the manga’s.
If I recall, they were supposed to have attended kindergarten together as well.

If it’s just the faces, I was in Team Enjou.
In the coloured illustrations he had honey-coloured hair, and was just like a prince.
When I first enrolled and I saw his black hair, boy was I shocked.
‘Was that honey dyed!? Was that hair colour non-natural!?’ I thought.
But that makes sense I guess. He wasn’t a half-Japanese character, so of course he couldn’t have that hair colour.
‘Did he dye his hair at some point? Did he suddenly have a honey-dyed make over? What did everyone around him think?’
I’ll be looking forward to seeing what happens, while smirking inside a little.

Speaking of which, is hair dye okay in this school?


The Pivoine is going to have their customary summer party.
In the end, it’s mostly for the real Pivoine, and we Petites are just tagging along.
But since they sent us invitations as well, lately the salon’s been filled with talk about the party.
The girls have been talking about what dresses they’re going to wear.

And as for me, I’m looking forward to it too.
I mean, it sounds so fun, right!?
Picture it; a dazzling hall with Oneesamas in beautiful dresses, being escorted by all the Oniisamas.
And in the middle of the hall are people doing the waltz.
Just watching it alone sounds fun!
The drawings in the manga were gorgeous too.
The protagonist got bullied by Kisshouin Reika and the followers though…

I ended up remembering something nasty.

Well, whatever. Let’s get back in gear and think about fun things.
I heard that Kaburagi Masaya won’t be in Japan this year, so while he’s gone I’ll enjoy the Pivoine!




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28 thoughts on “Reika-sama – 006”

    1. Yeah. It’s an otome game set in a very rich private school. Just think of an asian drama you know, and there you have it.


      1. i was wandering if you know that kobatochandaisuki has done 21 chapters for this series.does this mean the 2 of you will do it together?
        i will love it if thats the case cause the update rate is abysmal when it comes to this one, last chapter was months ago


  1. Man all of the english differences are tripping me up a little, like “enrolment” instead of “enrollment” and “fulfil” instead of “fulfill” lol.


    “my family are going to our holiday home”
    “are” -> “is”

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    1. Here’s something else to trip you up:

      In American English, collective nouns are almost always treated as singular. In British English, it often depends on whether the speaker/writer sees the noun as a unit or as individuals. That seems to defeat the purpose of collective nouns, but that is how it is.

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      1. I’d gotten used to the spelling differences, but I hadn’t heard the singular/plural thing before. That’s interesting.

        Thanks for the translations. I’m looking forward to Reika’s awkwardness.


  2. I keep getting “Suiran” and “Suzuran” mixed up in my head and it is making this a very strange story indeed.


  3. …. thinking about it, almost all foreigners are depicted with blonde or red hair, as if that were completely normal for Europe and the Americas.


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