Anri & Friends – Profile Images


  1. Yes, the buttons are a lie.
  2. Click it for the fullsize image. It’s larger than the cover pic.
  3. The text is basically all a rehash
  4. The new text is too small, but that’s the only way it would fit.
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46 thoughts on “Anri & Friends – Profile Images”

  1. ANRI: A girl who was summoned to another world and given the skills of an Evil God by a mysterious man.
    Looking for peace & quiet, she moved into a dungeon.

    TENA: A slave girl ravaged by disease.
    Purchased by Anri, and given her blessing, she became her kin and began looking after Anri’s day-to-day needs.

    LEONORA ROMARIEL: The daughter of the current Demon King, and the successor to the throne.
    On her journey to become an adult, she dove into Anri’s dungeon.

    NO LIFE KING: The undead king summoned by Anri.
    Swearing loyalty to her, he guards the 10th floor.


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  2. Am I the only one who thinks that Anri-sama looks really adorable in the profile pictures? Also, Tena and Leonera should go without saying. Although to be honest, Leonera is both cute and packing heat in more than one way…….. I seriously am attempted to kill her future husband right now…. and Ojiisama if he puts the moves on Anri-sama.

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    1. You forgot the future summoned hero since he will meet Tena.
      He should just die in pain.
      Same for whoever wants to marry Leonora.
      They both belong to Anri(s)-sama…


  3. Seeing the profiles, I kind of want to cuddle Anri-sama and Tena…
    They both look so cute…

    But that would be the same thing as defiling their godlines, so I won’t.


    1. Why would you change the title to something that doesn’t even sound like a title? “Evil God Average” is the right choice.


      1. I probably could have found it on my own as well.
        As for missing the links… I have a tendancy to outright ignore links that aren’t what I am looking for at the time.

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  4. I wonder how it is just now that I noticed, but is it just me or does Leonora totally looks like the heroine? Also, that No Life King looks sad…

    I really hope this gets an anime some day. Also, fear not Sheeprabbit, for before I leave this world I will :probably: buy the novel. I just have to get a job and hope the ever decaying economy of my country does not force me to sell a kidney for it.

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