Western VRMMO 【DEMONDAL】 was known for its extremely harsh game system. To begin with, there were no levels. There were no skills. There were no guilds. There was no inventory. There were no convenient system messages or maps of any kind either. It was so needlessly realistic that it was already basically a VR life simulator.

As for anything game-like, it was basically limited to weapon masteries; a proficiency level that you got from using your weapon, as well as physical strength that increased as well. That was it.

It was a fantasy game so there was magic, but forming a contract with a spirit was extremely difficult, and only 1% of the playerbase were magicians.

In this VR game 【DEMONDAL】 that was ridiculously close to reality, the protagonist Kei who was a well known mounted archery expert, was one day sent to another world with his Russian 【DEMONDAL】 friend.

The game that was severe to begin with had turned into a reality, and the harshness increased again――

Why you should translate it:

  1. The partner is a blonde Russian loli “ninja” who speaks like a bro
  2. The excerpts below:


「FUCK YOU(死にさらせ)!!!」





「”NINJA”! ”NINJA”のアンドレイ!?」
「Holy Shit(なんてこった)!! 本物か!?」












**3. The MC’s nickname was Jap the Ripper.

As if you don’t want to translate this!


Art for the LN (Vermillion – Étranger à L’arc Rouge)



  1. from the synopsis alone i think i get the feeling if the novel will be great and bit dark cuz of the virtual is TOO real.

    and yea, hope someone will translate it >.<

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  2. Jap the ripper LOL
    A russian loli ninja that speaks like a bro? That’s a shemale that got stressed to role play a girl and let it go and began to act like himself xD
    Seems fun~

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    1. Other way around; turns out ‘Andrei the NINJA’ was actually ‘Eileen the NINJA(-cosplaying girl)’.

      Sex differences are somewhat more realistic in this game as well, and females get a debuff to strength, while males get a debuff to hand-fiddly-dexterity. As a NINJA (or rather, as a person using the weapons of a ninja) it just made more sense to play a male.

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  3. loli ninja is justice. I want to see this teased by somebody at least. Sheeprabbit why do you find everything cool? You’ll never run out of novels to translate.


      1. I’m also waiting for that duke’s daughter. I already went pleading for many translators to translate that, but with no result ;_;
        Also, that fox story looks cute~


  4. Most effective way to get someone to translate is to make 3 chapter Teaser and then abandoned it :-)


  5. It sounded good until they said the game turned real. They spent like four paragraphs building up the VR game then the last one telling us those last four paragraphs were meaningless.


  6. Do you have any raws? I’ve taken like 2 years of uni japanese and want something to practice w/, so I’d consider taking this up if it’s free… otherwise I might as well just translate my college’s copy of the man’yoshu…


    1. It took a chunk out of my Friday night and the entirety of Saturday, but I’m up to date with the WN! Too bad that the author seems to be working on other stuff.

      It’s definitely not what I was expecting, but I like it. I guess that I thought it would be more like Manuke FPS Player or even DesuMachi. There’s an OP element, but most problems encountered in society can’t be resolved through brute force; also, a little kindness isn’t always reciprocated by unconditional love and devotion (*cough most harem WNs cough*).

      Since this runs counter to some of the more popular WN elements, it might not be too popular with the younger (teenage) crowd. So, I’m not holding my breath on someone picking it up all too quickly. Still, this is definitely going on my list of LNs to eventually buy.

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