Buying LNs (Otoburi, Tilea, EGA)

CDJapan boasts an English interface, and pretty cheap prices.

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to update the links, seeing as I’ve been using it for ages now, but well, I’m changing the links now.

Link to the LN on Otoburi will be updated. Link to the recently released Tilea LN adaptation will be put up. Next month when EGA releases, I will put up a link for that as well.


12 thoughts on “Buying LNs (Otoburi, Tilea, EGA)”

  1. I learned now is that the US dollar is doing a lot better now 100 yen a year ago and for the longest time before that was worth way more than a US dollar. It is doing better against the euro than it was a while ago so it isn’t the yen dropping so much as the dollar improving.


      1. it only means that we can buys goods for cheaper than before for the people that live in the us. shipping will always be annoying but stuff i buy digitally from japan will be cheaper


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