89 thoughts on “EGA LN Adaptation Cover”

      1. She’s described as if she’d be considered entirely beautiful if not for the terror from seeing her eyes too, so having a passive, untoggleable magical enhancement on the eyes as the source of terror rather than the eyes themselves as the source of terror makes plenty of sense.

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      2. I disagree. Of course the extreme effect she got after being transported is magical, but in chapter 1, it is mentioned that she has had problems with her eyes since childhood. Nothing out of this world, but they are scary eyes. And that picture is nothing like that.


        1. You’re wrong. That’s exactly the opposite of what I just said. The human Anri on earth was chosen by Evil God because her eyes were magical. He didn’t give her the eyes. He just buffed them to ‘average evil god level’. It’s the other way around.

          He happened across a human who miraculously had the same quality as an evil god, and decided to [spoiler].

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      3. Actually no, in the first chapter, the Evil God said she had dark eyes that, forgive me for not having exact words, festered like limpid pools of the world’s dark or negative feelings…sorry that’s as far as I remember without rereading, but still, they should be black at least, right?


      4. Let me copy the part of chapter 1 that I’m talking about here:

        “Having a small chest just doesn’t have any benefits and doesn’t cause any harm either, but my eyes and atmosphere have caused real harm.

        Since I was small, because of these eyes and this atmosphere, people around me have been pointlessly afraid of me.
        Even though it’s not like I was going to do anything to them, once our eyes met, everybody looked away.
        Even when I approached a famous delinquent senpai, he bolted away.
        There have even been times when yakuza-ey people with punch perms dogeza’d before me.”

        That’s not magic yet right? Or did I misunderstand and she have small-scale magical eyes from birth? If not, at the very least I was expecting that her eyes would be Ryuji from toradora level.


    1. Yea, I know what you mean it’s almost like with “Yomigaeri,” I had something else pictured for No-Life, Demon Princess, and even Tena’s miko outfit. Plus, is Anri-sama wearing a nun’s habit?


    1. Demons in this worlds are basically white-haired elves in appearance. Or maybe you’d say that Elves are blond-haired demons? yadda-yadda, fantasy creatures.

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      1. She looks more like the sacrificed girl. . . . . oh well maybe it’s on the perspective the artist must have drawn her w/ some distance in mind. . .but in my imagination she was more like the secretary look. . .oh well nice pic!



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    1. Well, it’s been said she’s pretty multiple times, and it’s just that when people look into her eyes, they end up seeing all the evil in the world.


    1. Kinda the norm, right? After a volume or two, they start a monthly/bi-monthly manga. Seems like every light novel these days has a manga adaptation. At least that’s how it seems.


  2. Leonora has a bigger “plot” than I thought. Also, I imagined Anri’s eyes to look more empty. Like, as if there was a void in those eyes or something. But it’s still nice.

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  3. I most definitely didn’t think of Tena as a loli in my mind… what the heck… well whatever… I will just have to keep my mental image of Tena and use it instead of this one when reading.


  4. I’ve been imagining her as the first one here http://etrian.wikia.com/wiki/Hexer so Tena has been somewhat of a loli in my mind too. But…I was kinda hoping my expectations would be exceeded…oh well, it’s average enough XD Leonora however…wasn’t supposed to be wearing a fluffy dress in the beginning right? There’s armor so I’m assuming that’s what she raided the dungeon with.

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  5. I always pictured Leonora and Tena as having short hair. I don’t know why for Tena but Leonora is a battle type so having short hair would make more sense for her. As for Tena I always seem to imagine her having a more developed chest after receiving her blessing, but then again I forgot she’s only 14.

    Actually, they look nothing like what I my imagination came up with, not that that’s a bad thing really. I’m actually kind of shocked that my impression of their chests was backwards.

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      1. I tend to re-read the stories but ‘minor’ details like entire character descriptions seem to just not register.

        This is entirely my own problem though. I’ve always had a tendancy to read way faster than most people I know, and that seems to come at the expense of not absorbing the details.


    1. That`s the authors fault for not giving Tena the personality of a child. She was going out to town and doing chores for Anri without any issue or even the slightest hint of childishness.

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  6. Tena is way cuter than what was I expect. Anri-sama, no ones would blame you if you cuddle her every night if she’s that cute you know… Or rather, wanting to cuddle a super cute girl wont stop you from being straight! So just go for it!

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  7. Anri-chan is too “cute” to be proper. :(

    Besides the problem of the eyes, she was always described as the “cool beauty” not the “cute kid next door”. Expected her to be a bit more stone faced and angular.

    Oh well. It’s the story that counts.

    Still think Sheepy’s title trans makes a lot more sense. Evil God Average, rather than Average Evil God. One is a goal that got out of hand, the other is a title.

    Would love to see the manga version, especially the part where all the creatures in the forest and dungeon high-tail it out of there as soon as she steps inside. :) I can see it now. 1st panel she steps inside. 2nd panel nothing happens, 3rd panel, everyone runs outside. lol


  8. This is extremely close to how I imagined the characters.
    The No Life King is scarily close, even the robe is pretty much exactly what I pictured, the only difference is I had a less beret-like crown in mind.
    Tena is basically identical to what I imagined too, other than her outfit. I actually didn’t think the author intended her to be that loli-ish; I just hoped, and pictured her like that anyway.
    I thought of Leonora as looking a little older though, with a much more practical armour-dress and darker skin.

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