Another thought while lying in bed

I have admin powers that allow me to edit other people’s comments. From now on, maybe I should change the ‘First!’ comments of anybody who wasn’t first to ‘I am a loser’ just to drive it in that they lost.

51 thoughts on “Another thought while lying in bed”

  1. And change the “First!” of anyone who is first to “I’m an attention whore!” just to drive it in that they are attention whores.


  2. I’d say just change everyone who writes a useless post like “First” to “I am a loser” –

    That, or extend it to “First to be a virgin at 90!”

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  3. Change to something like”I am lowlife maggot who love to being stepped on” would fit well isnt it
    /put highheel on


          1. Yes. his car was more damaged than mine though. Black BMW according to witnesses around the neighborhood. Luckily his license plate fell off his car. His license plate is 7HVG710. If you figure out his address, let me know. I know the insurance companies know, but I know they wont tell me.

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      1. I also don’t hate on people who have the bizarre affliction to write
        “First” but I do get peeved when they don’t have anything else to say, not even a thank you. I view it, every time I come across it, with the same level of exasperation as my cats “presents” of dead rodents on my front porch. I’m like “Really?! Again?!” BTW today was a twofer, dead rat AND a dead chipmunk. I practically see my cat saying “First!”(chipmunk of the season) Still waiting on that squirrel.. My cat tries so very hard to get him.

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  4. ‘w ‘ What about people who talks of their beta experience that you couldn’t get in?
    (actually, did you try for the beta key? ‘. ‘ iirc the chance was something like 50% since the site didn’t have that many people)


  5. Never understood the obsession with that anyway. Well maybe that one time we did a synergy speedrun for half life while drunk.

    I like the idea.


        1. Such purity. Or maybe I just have a dirty mind. The one that wrote ecchi below me seems to understand me.
          What comes to your mind when a girl say “I give you my first”?


  6. -Another thought while lying in bed
    “Steal people’s first who didn’t get it because i’m an admin.”

    I’m sorry, please ignore me.

    I am a loser.


  7. Once, I managed to get first in one of the arifureta chapters.

    It was one of the most happy moments of my internet life.

    You should totally do that. That way you would rub salt where it hurts, and getting first would felt more gratifying.

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