16 thoughts on “Navigation on my blog”

  1. mmm, Thanks!!

    I like the comment that told you to jeep the good job… I have no idea what they were trying to convey, but I think if I had blog I would prefer all my commenters to be incomprehensible…

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    1. Clearly the “good job” is Anri’s temple she made as an above-ground dungeon level. Driving a jeep up the temple steps is simply common sense.

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  2. Yeah thank you, i’m so happy. I had to confess when i start to read EGA that really annoy me to keep the index for easly change the chapter. Well now i have finish i just follow on the news but for all the futur new reader: Thank you (thay will not say thank for this because they will take it for granted)


  3. You only just noticed that the old system was an abomination that should have been taken behind the shed ages ago for a quick bullet between the eyes?


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