Cthulu Average – Interlude Arc – Chapter 09

Side story 09 – A Certain Founder’s Faith

When I was young, the world seemed filled with colour.

At the time, I had never doubted the flowery lifestyle I had been born into as a noble.
I wasn’t the eldest son so I couldn’t inherit the household, but because our family was high ranked I assumed that I would be wedded into some other family, and in fact that was what my father was thinking about.

In the Kingdom of Fortera, the nobility were split into three rough factions. The first was the Royalist Faction; a gathering of nobles that pledged their allegiance to the king and royal family. The second was the Feudal Lords Faction; a faction that pushed for the benefits of nobles, and occasionally opposed the Royalists Faction. Finally, was the Church Faction; a gathering of nobles with deep connections to the Church of Sacred Light, and took a neutral stand in the scuffle between the other two factions.
The power of the nation was roughly divided into 4 parts Feudal Lords, 3 parts Royalists, 2 parts Church, and 1 part for all the other factions, as well as those individualistic nobles that didn’t join any factions at all.

Because my family was a powerful family within the Church Faction, I had joined the Church of Sacred Light when I was young, and often met with people from the Church. When I was young I had just simply believed in what I was taught, and worshipped the Sacred Goddess, but as I grew older and came into contact with the Church more and more, I began to see reality.

Widespread bribery and debauchery, fat ministers who thought only about exploiting the believers; a vulgar situation unlike the public image.

By that time, I was old enough to know that there wasn’t any meaning in screaming ‘this is wrong’. The upper echelons who were foremost in this injustice would surely pay me no heed. The nobility in the Church Faction weren’t pious either, and were a group of nobles who wanted to use the Church’s backing to gain profits, and people who actually had faith were the minority. It was obvious that trying to expose this unfairness would just fall upon deaf ears.
Being afraid of isolation, I decided to keep my feelings locked in my heat. And before long, my faith had left me.

My colourful world had been a grey world painted in falsehoods.




Now that I had found it bothersome to deal with nobility or the Church, although I kept up appearances, I would occasionally sneak out of my house. Having said that though, it wasn’t as though I had anywhere I wanted to go. I just wanted to see a world with colour, and so I spent my time walking around town dressed like a commoner. Unlike the world of nobles or the Church, the town still seemed filled with colour.
It was around this time that I hid my identity and registered as an adventurer. To begin with, as a noble of the Church Faction, I had been brought up in the use of a mace. Because of that, I immediately distinguished myself in the Guild. Before I knew it, I had made companions to do the requests with, and as I spent each day having fun, the colour came back to the world────up until my companions died from wounds during a request.

They were heavy wounds, but by no means were they heavy enough that they wouldn’t be saved. If they were carried into a church and received the healing of a cleric, they should have been able to live longer. The problem was that the bishops that could use high level healing magic were all occupied with the Noble Faction, and healing for just an adventurer was left for later. Once you excluded the bishops, the Church only had young clerics, and you couldn’t hope for proper healing from them.
Had I used my family name, I might have been able to give them priority, but at the same time it would mean exposing my background and it was clear that I wouldn’t be able to spend time with them like we had been. In order to save my companions, I had to cut my ties with them; because of this decision, I couldn’t come to a decision. By the time I had finally decided to expose myself, my companions had already stopped breathing.

The world once again returned to grey.
For my own conveniences, I had abandoned my companions. Because of that, I couldn’t live the way I had been anymore. I lamented and regretted, but my companions wouldn’t return.
I stopped showing up at the Guild, and spend my days drinking cheap liquor in a tavern.
One day, a man I knew from the bar invited me to a certain gathering. The group didn’t have a name, but having originally been close with the Church, I immediately realised who they were────a gathering of those who worshipped the god that the Church referred to as the Evil God. The past me would probably have scorned them and stayed away, but having half given up on myself, I participated in the gathering.

And then I came across my second, and final faith.

In the gathering, they talked about the injustice of the Church of Sacred Light, as well as the God that opposed the Sacred Goddess.
The former were things that I had always thought about, and kept hidden in my heart without talking to anyone about. Having found a place where people sympathised with me for the first time, I rejoiced.
As for the latter, although the Church of Sacred Light had spoken about that god as well, they taught that that God was an evil being that wished for the meaningless destruction of the world. No, I’m sure the truth was that the Church of Sacred Light simply couldn’t tell why they wanted to destroy the world.
When the people of the world fall into depravity, the true God will save them through destruction. To the depraved Church of Sacred Light, it’s obvious that such a god would be bad news for them. Because the Church, as well as the Sacred Goddess they worshipped concealed their depravity, they persecuted this god as the Evil God.

I had found a being truly worthy of my faith.
While secretly using the authority and assets of my family, as well as my connections with the Church that I shunned, I elevated myself within our Faith.




There was a rumour that the god that we worshipped had descended to a certain dungeon. It was information I had obtained from the Church of Sacred Light, but because this was a matter of importance to them as well, it was hard to think that these were lies. If it turned out to be true, we needed to welcome God at all costs.
Having been recognised for my contributions to the cause, I had been left in charge of this area, and so I directed my fellow believers to Riemel where the dungeon was.


Because the believers of the Sacred Light would get in the way if they found out, we decided to split up and head for the dungeon entrance, and meet up once it was time. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be any adventurers visiting the dungeon at night, so there was nobody but us.
Because there was a large room on the 1st floor, we decided to hold the ritual there. The believers set up the fire, cauldron and altar whilst I meditated until the ritual began in order to heighten my concentration.


After a while, all the believers had gathered, and the ritual began.
We burnt an incense that uplifted one’s mind, and heightened our concentration to call forth God. Because I was the one managing things I was wearing a priest’s outfit, but the other believers removed their bothersome clothes to cast off their ties to the world. There were also believers who lay with each other to offer that lust to our God.

Feeling the surge of piety and that everything was progressing smoothly, I walked to the middle of the room, and raised my right hand. The frenzied believers immediately went silent, but they were as feverish as ever… No, that feverish enthusiasm had increased.

“We now begin the ritual of offerings!”

Together with my shout, the believers all raised cries of joy.
They prepared a stone altar, and lay atop it the girl that had been bought as a sacrifice.


It pained my heart to see the girl struggling in tears, but this too was for the sake of our faith. I believe that her soul will be retrieved by our God to serve as the cornerstone of the new world.

“O god of ours, please accept our humble offering.”

With those words, I brought down the raised dagger towards the girl’s heart.
I felt the feeling of cutting flesh that I had experienced in my adventurer days, together with a splash of fresh blood… That’s what should have happened, but the next thing that I felt was the sensation of stabbing at something hard, and the sparks that came with it.
The dagger than I had swung downwards had faintly marked the stone altar, and snapped at the tip. The girl that should have accepted the dagger with her body was nowhere to be seen.

What-, just what was going on!?
Where had the girl sacrifice gone?

Although I had fallen into confusion from the sudden events, I immediately realised what had happened.
The girl was tied up before me; she had no means to escape on her own, and there was no way I wouldn’t have noticed had somebody else rescued her.
If there was someone who could do such a thing, then it could only have been our God!

We had always been faithful until now, but the power of our faith was insufficient, and so we had never received a response from God.
However. However! This time, for the first time, God had shown a response to our ritual!
Aahh, the rumours were true! Our God had truly descended!

In my joy, I made an announcement to the believers.

“Have you all not seen it yourself!? Our God has accepted our humble offering.”

Perhaps my words had finally made them realise the situation because cheers of joy rang all around. Satisfied, I faced the direction that I believed our God was watching from, and waited for Their words.




However, the words that came to me were much too unexpected. What’s more, the voice was that of a female, still young. The sex of our God had never been recorded, but was She a goddess?
No, I can worry about that later. If She wasn’t satisfied, then as her faithful servants, we needed to apologise.

“Eh-? Ah-… Please excuse us! Umm, did it not suit your esteemed palate?”

『Humans, demons, unpalatable. Oxen, pigs, chickens, goats──animals recommended.』

Oohhh, God of ours. Are you asking us to go buy you meat from the butcher?

“U-, Understood! U-, Um… I am truly sorry to trouble you, but is there no mistake in that you are our God?”

I know quite well that it was insolence to ask such a thing, but I couldn’t help but do so. We had been granted the humble chance to exchange words with the god who had been silent thus far. This was something I needed to determine, even at the cost of my life.


“Oohhh! Receiving your words is the acme of honour!”

It was. It really was our God!
I could feel my body being filled with joy and emotion.

『Although it did not suit my palate, it is true that you have done me service with your offering. As such, I bestow this staff.』

Together with this unexpected praise appeared a single staff atop the altar.
A jet black staff that seemed to house all the darkness of the world; simple though it looked, it was a staff with a polished design, and even without touching it, I could feel an incredible power emanating from it.

“T-, This is!? T-, To think that I would be granted a divine weapon-!”

This overwhelming power was unmistakably a divine weapon.
I took the presented staff in hand, and trembled from joy.
Aahh, I was born all for this moment.

『Continue to be zealous in your faith.』


Of course. You needn’t even say it. My faith and devotion is all for your sake.
Raising the bestowed staff into the air, I turned towards the believers and shouted.

“As of this moment, I declare myself as the Founder of our Faith who will guide everyone on their path! This staff bestowed from God is the proof of my faith! Those who object, speak now!”

It was as good as declaring a supersession within the Faith, but even the previous leaders of the Faith could not deny the truth that I had been bestowed a divine weapon from God. No, rather, I would not allow them to deny it.
God told me to continue to endeavour in my faith; even if they were the “Former” Founder, I would not allow them to get in the way of my faith.

“As Founder Harvin, I declare that we will build upon this place a temple to worship our God!”

Now then, things are going to get busy from now on.



Aahh, the colours of the world are brighter than ever!




Later on, the “Former” Founder and leaders from various areas reproached me for naming myself Founder, but as proof that God had directly acknowledged my faith, nobody could stop me from becoming Founder any longer.
After all, apart from myself, nobody could hold the divine weapon, and even if I let it out of my hands, it would return to my side. There was no doubt that this was proof that I had been chosen.
Oohh, God of ours! I shall follow you to the end!



TL: There’s a line that reads ‘中には信徒同士交わることでその陰気を神への供物とする者も居ます。‘ but I’m assuming 陰気(melancholy/gloom/Yin) here was a typo for 淫気(lust). Normally I’d say this for sure, but then this is an Evil God and everything, and there’s a tiny chance that I’m overlooking some cultural thing.


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75 thoughts on “Cthulu Average – Interlude Arc – Chapter 09”

    1. Yes, and it should be high quality stuff yanno, Not cheap stuff, give me some tender meat. Yeah, seriously, wouldn’t you normally be slaughtering animals and bring them whole, not buy it at a freaking butchers shop all done and ready? well, it is better for this particular god, but still..

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    1. It gives him power and he’s blinded by faith. Why would he see it as a curse? Sure, it’ll be uncomfortable to sleep while hugging a staff, but at least he can’t ever lose it or have it stolen!

      Liked by 5 people

      1. And sleeping with a staff next to you should still be better than a certain cursed tantou, which cuts through anything and causes illusions, poisoning and whatnot else. (seriously, how can she sleep like that without getting nightmares, though it might be worse for a guy)

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      2. Anri has had Abnormal Status Resistance Lv. 6 from the start, so even when she’s cut herself by accident, she’s never had any ill effects from it (aside from pain and the wound itself.)

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    2. There’s nothing really bad about it tho :v

      I mean, normally cursed weapons are supposed to be impossible to remove at all or have some negative stat effect.

      But Anri’s curse only make it returns after 1 hour and so long as you have it on you this effect won’t occur, so just equipping it on a belt also work, and I think it even empowers the wielder…

      So yeah, very divine in that regard ‘x ‘

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  1. You know, this guys just getting more and more interesting.

    With this guys type as the Founder, I don’t think the Church of Evil is going to be something truly Evil.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. he did believe quite firmly in the forced salvation through destruction part of his church, and looks favorably on acts of lust as a sacrifice to his god, had little problem rationalizing killing children… so yeah, that can end up pretty darn evil pretty darn quickly.

      Only the scaredy cat evil god can stop her church from turning evil…

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      1. “so yeah, that can end up pretty darn evil pretty darn quickly.”

        Don’t be silly. He’s a pure guy who is easily persuaded. Unlike normal religions, Anri is actually there and talking to him, so there’s basically 0 chance that he’ll be led astray. On top of that, because of his type, there’s absolutely 0 chance that he’ll try and use the Faith for his profit in secret from Anri.

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      2. yeah, as i said, the thing that keeps them from turning evil is Anri. and as much as i love her, she is a bit of a scaredy cat and dislikes confrontations…

        This guy will keep them honest however, but not necessarily good.

        Anri has no idea about what is being thought that she likes (apart from her revision of acceptable sacrifices… and for some reason still hasn’t mentioned cake as a preferred sacrifice…), and as is shown, he firmly believes that destruction is one of the holiest acts he can perform is death and destruction
        (It’s the only well know aspect of the evil god (The evil god being thought of as wanting meaningless destruction by the church, and him reading purpose into said destruction))

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        1. Not really true. If it was an impure person who didn’t know what was best for him, he might try to embezzle funds, or do other things out of Anri’s sight.

          It’s because this guy is pure and completely into blind faith that it’s guaranteed he won’t ever do anything that Anri has forbidden him to.

          “Anri has no idea about what is being thought that she likes.”

          It doesn’t matter, because like I said, she actually talks to them. As in, in the next arc, she lives in the temple, and talks to them face-to-face.

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      3. What Inbetweenaction feared is how this guy could rationalized all the evil crap he can do is “in the name of the God”. The problem isn’t that he isn’t zealous or pious enough, the problem is he TOO into it. Sure Anri is there for some hot fixes, but she only rarely able to do so. When he was building that temple, did she stop him? When he was beating the adventurer guy, did she? What if he using the Evil God religious to instigate war between countries? Resurrect Cthulu somewhere Anri isn’t aware of ? This guy is a fanatic of a very troublesome religion that encourage the “destroy the world to recreate it anew” thing. And you can bet he realllyyy into destroy-part now.
        Anri’s lazy approach to the baby monster she created can has pretty damn significant consequences, unlike Sacred Light, Evil God faction actually has divine demonstration that worthy of faith, you can bet alot would convert because of that. Having your prayer “might be answered” beat “no answer” all the time. For now, they are just hundreds of no name, but give a few decades and it wont be a laughing matter anymore.


        1. “but she only rarely able to do so. When he was building that temple, did she stop him? ”

          Long comment, but very short reply. The problem was that the temple hadn’t been built yet, and so she hadn’t moved in yet. She later maintains a permanent presence in the temple, and crazy priest man becomes her secretary for Faith matters.

          ” unlike Sacred Light, Evil God faction actually has divine demonstration”

          Also untrue. Sophia certainly exists.


      4. also, Sofia certainly interacts with the world as well, trough orthodox heroes…

        And yeah, you do know what happens, but the start of the discussion was about how his faith will keep the church from turning evil… and it doesn’t. Like, at all. It make them harder to corrupt. it’s a huge difference. Anri is what keeps them good, through active management if we are to believe your word.

        All it would have taken is a “we shouldn’t trouble the great god with small stuff” and they could perform some truly horrific deeds until their god finds out and passes down edicts. And since she is thought to want death and destruction… stuff like that might for a long time be seen as unnecessary to report all the way up the chain.

        Right now, she only has 2 edicts past down: animals are better sacrifices than sentient creatures, and be pious.

        The rest is up for debate, until she pases down new edicts. (and dictating a book of law is hard, especially if you try not to be evil in it…)

        But lets face it, the true reason why the founder doesn’t turn jihadist (would only take a careless word, and then the war would be impossible to stop using only words, even if you are a god) is because that would ruin the stories atmosfer, and be a general poor fit with the story.


        1. “about how his faith”
          Read carefully.

          “With this guys type as the Founder”
          It’s about how pure this guy’s personality and motivations are.

          “Anri is what keeps them good”
          Anri is a given because she’s the god.

          “active management if we are to believe your word”
          For some reason your phrasing really irritates me, but no, not active management. Just presence and power. To begin with, they aren’t allowed to expand beyond their own country because of sanctions against doing so by Light Goddess and Dark God.

          And it’s a very small country. Within this country, Anri is at the top with absolute power. The one doing the actual work is a leader whose personality means that he’s purely trying to carry out Anri’s will.

          Given her personality thus far, there are going to be huge (and likely hilarious mistakes), but given her ever present divine body at the top floor of the temple in the center of their tiny country, it’s never going to be anything difficult to fix.

          Especially with her Authorities.

          “stop using only words”
          The true administrators of this world aren’t just people with lots of mana. They control the world through Proclamations, Blessings and Authorities.


          1. It’s probably not lust but Yin that they are offering to Anri. This is because they think her portfolio is Darkness because they don’t know about the existence of the God of Darkness. Even if they did know, they would think it was just the Sacred Light’s attempt to slander the God of Darkness and would just change the way they see her. As for why I believe it is Yin, it’s because Yin is basically all negative things. But negative things aren’t necessarily bad. They’re just the opposite of positive things, thus a perfect counterbalance to the Sacred Goddess.


      5. Nothing’s wrong with acts of lust. There are even sex cults in Japan and shrines that celebrates sexuality. The idea that sex is bad is based on Christianity. Sacrificing children may look bad to us, but many minor faiths in Shintoism actually do sacrifice children. Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterflies is based on real rituals, though modern Japanese abhors it. Neither of these are evil per se..

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      6. I lose the Sacred Light’s inability part, but my point stand nonetheless, I dont know how much Sophia interact with the world, (50 years or so through Hero blessing?) but that can’t beat Anri who actually lived inside her temple and talk face-to-face to her believers

        “they aren’t allowed to expand beyond their own country because of sanctions against doing so by Light Goddess and Dark God”
        That is… terribly convenient, how did you stop the spread of faith among human? I dont know what divine method was/will be used but something that can monitor and restrict a person’s belief? That outright mental manipulation/ brainwashing.

        “It’s about how pure this guy’s personality and motivations are. ”
        Pure isn’t mean its good, it just mean it hard to change, either good or bad way. I dont know what future developments for this guy is, but from this side story, what i got is that he hates the lies of Sacred Light church and wanted a faith he and others can believes in. It does not mention if he actually care about the teaching of Sacred Light. So my conclusion is he will certainly try to keep Evil God faith from corruption and spreading the faith as the truest faith, with the most literal “our God are with us”. Whether the lower chains thinking the same way is different story.

        Fortera might be small, but it is a frontier kingdom, that means its soldiers are veterans of many wars and skirmishes. Against other countries weakened by peace, its military strength are considerable. If the whole country been converted into Evil God faith and want to expand its influences? You are looking at fantasy version of WWII’s Germany. Or do you mean the Evil God Faith established their own country inside Fortera?

        In the end, i of the same option as inbetweenaciton, we can list out all the bad outcomes could happen because of Anri’s actions but since this isn’t that kind of story, thing will invariably turn okay at the end. That isn’t bad either.


        1. Eh? No, her country isn’t Fortera. It’s a tiny country built around the dungeon. Barely even a city.

          The thing about faith is that all three gods can make themselves very real to their believers through oracles and personally materialising. Sophia is the patron goddess of ALL OF HUMANITY whilst Dark God Anbal is the same for the demon race.

          Nobody is stopping people from joining Anri’s cult, but there should be nothing that Anri can do that Sophia can’t. At least, nothing that will attract a SIGNIFICANT amount of followers.

          For one thing, Anri’s PR image is terrible. No matter how shit the Church might be, most adherents of Sophia would sooner start their own Church than join the ‘Random Evil God of Shivers’.


  2. the weapon(staff) has the same curse huh, it will return to the owner no matter what. it is a good thing that the weapon isnt something heavy (just imagine what wil happen if the weapon is a big hammer).

    thank you for the translation.


  3. When he said he was proficient with a mace. I couldn’t help but recall the hilarious scene where he beat up the adventurers with the staff. Lol


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  4. Yes! My curiosity has been sated. I humbly thank the 5th esteemed holy Sheeprabbit creatur- I mean sama.


    1. It’s an overly powerful weapon that yeilds dark power and that you can’t lose.
      Once you learn how to sleep with it, everything is a question of point of view.


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    Too bad, the construction of the temple and how Anri-sama showed off weren’t covered here. I’m interested on what happened to him during that time.

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    Since I didn’t see any prince in the main story, I’m guessing that it’s the one with a ‘Prince’ in the title. He could be among the forces besieging the dungeon/temple.


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    The unequiped curse far from divine function, you know.


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    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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  14. I don’t really like evil cultists but at least this cult leader is somewhat acceptable (at least in comparison to other more typical evil worshippers). He isn’t following the evil god because he wants to do evil things but just to oppose the other “good god” which he thinks is corrupted.
    Even against the adventurers he just incapacitated them and didn’t killed them. As long as Anri can make them understand that she doesn’t want them to do evil/cruel things it should be fine.

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    Though human sacrifice seem a bit worse then trying to scare weak adventures.

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