This has nothing to do with anything, but,

I went and bought the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun fanbook, and as many of you might remember from many scanlated chapters ago, Tsubaki-sensei once mentioned that the protagonist was supposed to be Nozaki-imouto.

Incidentally, Mayu was originally supposed to be another Nozaki-imouto:Yeah, the photoshop and typesetting looks like crap, but that’s why I’m a web novel translator, and not a scanlator. Lay off me. xD

EDIT: Oops, forgot the text on the side.

“Mayu was originally a woman, but because she wouldn’t get along with the other guys (in particular, Mikoshiba), she became a man. A scene of high school boys nervously fidgeting before the silent middle school girl.
Incidentally, although the two brothers of the Nozaki household lack enthusiasm, the current little sister is always super energetic (like her father).”

nozaki imouto

24 thoughts on “This has nothing to do with anything, but,”

    1. Oh, I was going to reply earlier, but didn’t know what to say. Then I forgot about your comment.

      Is there even anything worth watching? I don’t remember. I didn’t finish anything last season. Instead, went and finally watched Love Lab, which was amazing.

      Oh wait. I DID watch Danmachi. They cut out all the important background details and replaced it with more Hestia. Can’t say that it was a bad choice, personally, but I do see why some LN fans would hate on it.

      I did watch some Yamada-kun as well, if only for Urara’s seiyuu.

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      1. Charlotte may have some potential, since like angel beats it’s key and p.a. works that are working together on it. But well, with all the shitty generic harem aberrations lately, we can’t be sure.


        1. It all depends to be honest on quality, what I’m looking forward to are the comedy shows. I mean a girl wearing panties on her head… nuff said~


      1. No word, that I’d personally seen of. I glance over updates and I’m planning on picking up Otoburi eventually but unless the title is “News about Evil God Average” I’m prob not going to read it that carefully.


        1. If you aren’t going to read carefully, then don’t blame me if you don’t know what’s going on.

          Being the owner of the blog means that I’m on the receiving end of all comments, and I assure you that you’re at least the 15th person that’s asked me this exact question.

          After having already publicised my plans in a post.

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  1. Hmm, wait, the actual Nozaki-imouto appeared? Don’t think I remember seeing her.

    And imouto-Mayu somehow reminds me of Seo (when she’s not speaking, obviously)


  2. I love this anime. and manga. but I keep forgetting where I left off in the 4 komas so I’m not up to date on it..

    ps. ur typesetting looks ok to me, not sure what you mean by crap.. then again I don’t know how to use photoshop


  3. “There’s Kajime, or Sakura. Heaps of women I get along with, aren’t there?”

    Is Kajime supposed to be Kashima? Because I can’t remember a character named Kajime.

    Ah, I wish Oresama Teacher would get an anime. Mafuyu is great.


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