Cleanup – Chapter 14

The Winter is Almost Here – Q of Diamonds (Part 3)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
Honto tutorial here.

Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“And so, His Majesty agreed, and sent me here instead, you’re saying.”

I’m a little angry.
Marrying me off in place of Camille?

“You’re angry, aren’t you… But I couldn’t consider any noble girl other than you, Beatrix.”

I don’t understand his taste at all.
Even though he was with that adorable Camille for so many years he wasn’t interested at all, and instead takes a liking to me?
I’m tall, and relatively muscled too. To think he likes a girl who swings around a sword as her job.

“Achille was in support as well. In support of bringing you, who knows about Frau Monier because of the story, into our Garnet. His judgement was correct, wasn’t it. You seem to know the thing in more detail than Camille, after all.”

…Mn, well, I was pretty into the game, after all.
His Highness Royce might think of me as a really knowledgable person but… I’m actually just a gamer.
Please don’t look at me with those sparkly and expectant eyes.

“The second is to strengthen the ties between our nations. Thanks to Frau Monier messing up various things in our country, there are a bunch of nobles who want to go to war with Topageria, you see. In particular those old, foreigner-hating bureaucrats… are a little worrying, after all.”

I can understand wanting to avoid it somehow.
I don’t want war between our two nations either. Right now I have people important to me in both countries.

“The third is that by giving exceptional conditions for the engagement, I’m using myself as bait to gain Topageria’s cooperation. Right now the commoner extremists are hiding in Topageria. In order to catch them all, Topageria’s cooperation is essential.”

I was thinking that he was a prince who did nothing but sparkle, but that isn’t the case.
He’s seriously thinking about his country.

“I really am sorry for getting you wrapped up in Garnet’s issues. But I don’t regret it, you see.”

His Highness stood up from the opposing sofa, and walked towards me.
Every movement was polished and refined. While feeling nervous, I looked towards him.

“U-, Um?”

His Highness Royce walked as far as right before my sofa, and suddenly got down on one knee.
Truly like a prince out of a fairytale. Despite the situation, he didn’t feel out of place at all.
As expected of the prince-character, Royce Garnet.

“…I want you, Beatrix.”

“R-, Royce, what are you-? Please don’t kneel in front of me!”

While smiling, he took my hand while I was panicking… and kissed me on the palm.


Rising up through my face… was a suddenly rush of heat.

“What a thing to do…”

Because of my unrest, the voice that I protested in grew weak…
My heart is thumping away.

“I couldn’t hold back in front of you… Would the top of your foot have been better?”

“I-, I don’t have such hobbies-!”

I immediately moved my legs away.
Ever since I’ve come to this castle, I’ve just been toyed around by this prince.
Even when I flare up at him, just like this time, my pace is immediately destroyed.

“I’m not asking you to forgive me. But, I would be happy if you opened up to me, even if just a little.”

Royce’s azure eyes wavered in unease for a moment …at least that’s the feeling I got.
Even though he used his authority to force me into being his fiancée, why is he making a face like that?

What is this?
Just as I’m thinking that he’s pressuring me with a dark aura, he looks at me with pleading eyes like that…
A kiss on the palm is… an expression of entreaty, right?

I don’t understand him at all.
In my life so far, this is the first time meeting somebody so hard to understand.
Even though the in-game Royce was so much easier to understand. Even though he was supposed to be a harmless man who did nothing but smile… The man before my eyes is somehow strange.

Even after that, His Highness continued to tell me about the state of Garnet but…
More than the contents of this conversation, I was more concerned with His Highness himself.

I was concerned with him, but it definitely wasn’t in a romantic sense.
I mean that I was concerned about what sort of personality he had, okay!?

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23 thoughts on “Cleanup – Chapter 14”

  1. >“R-, Royce, what are you-? Please don’t kneel in front of me!”

    Welp, she learned that fast.

    Now Royce just need to slowly train her, taking a page out of how Achille conditioned Camille over time.

    First the name, then get her used to physical contact.

    And if need be

    \’w ‘/ Yes I want more of that moment.

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    1. Well he picked up his craftiness from the best teachers in the area! Camille in magic and hardworking, meanwhile Aquille in Black-Heartedness and all the other Intellectual stuff. xD

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  2. Royce goes on the attack!

    Royces used confuse ray. It’s super effective!

    Beatrice is confused! Beatrice hurt herself in her confusion!

    Hahaha looks like Royces smooth tactics are having an effect. THIS Royce is more than just a pretty face.

    Thanks again for the chapter Est!

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  3. Ahahahaha, yesh you’re interested in his *personality* riiiiiight XD

    Thanks so much for the chapter!!!


  4. “I was thinking that he was a prince who did nothing but sparkle, …”
    I can’t say I really like sparkling men (non-humans included).
    It’s a good thing the prince does more than just ‘sparkle’.


  5. Royce is so smooth, being able to get Beatrix flustered and all that. Also, the past docen of chapters (or more) I’ve been wanting to scream “BEATRIX IS BEST GIRL!!” but then I think “But Camille has an HNNNNNG factor beyond 9000! And is just the right kind of dummy!” And then there is a civil war in my head, until they agree that both of them are best girls in their own right.

    AAAAHHHGGG, I want more stuff with MC’s like Beatrix but Black Knight is so slow to update and nobody wants to translate “Parallel World Strong-Armed Drifter’s Story ~Otome Games Have Declined”. Is there really no hope for people like me? “cries”

    Thanks for the chapter!


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