Yomigaeri and Kazuha Axeplant’s Naked Adventures

To those of you interested in ‘Yomigaeri no Maou’ and ‘What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World Was to for Now, Get Naked’, good news, because a certain pervert prince has picked them up! (the latter as the main project, and the former as the side)


Dude is apparently looking for help of sorts, so if anybody is interested, give him a shout.

Um, also in regards to translating, I’ve been slowing down for a while because I’ve been busy irl. Recently somebody here called me a filthy NEET and took a shot at my motivation, but I should let you know that ‘unemployed’ people are NEETs as well… so they can actually be busy with volunteer work for references, sending out resumes, and preparing for interviews and stuff.

It’s not all hiding in your room and masturbating to pics of your loli niece in the bathroom all day.

37 thoughts on “Yomigaeri and Kazuha Axeplant’s Naked Adventures”

    1. Hehe Reference… Mushoku Tensei. The esteemed 5th Holy Rabbit is intellegently pointing out how life doesn’t follow fiction assumptions.


      1. Hmm well i wouldnt really consider such a thing as a NEET, depends whether they can sustain themselves i guess. If its so small that they cant live off it, it wouldnt be much so that person isnt doing much but messing round. Or starting up


  1. You aren’t a NEET :)
    Some people are probably just a bit frustrated because they want the next chapters of Otoburi (at least the end of the engagement arc).

    And just to appease my spirit, you aren’t doing that last paragraph, right?


      1. Oh, thank the darkness.. ε-(´∀`; )
        I was gonna say the last paragraph was a bit TMI, since an unholy scene popped into my head immediately as I read it.. (T ^ T)
        Curse you, overactive imagination..

        Ganbatte, onii-chan!
        You can do it!
        Make others jelly and curse you for being a riajuu!
        ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


      2. Original Mushoku Tensei reference. It got cut in the printed version (too graphic), but damn well explained why his little brother smashed his computer to pieces with a bat (father of said niece).

        Also NEET -> Not in Education, Employment or Training, so unless you are enrolled somewhere, under a contract or in training for a job, you fall in this category. Self-employed people can be left out if we understand being the owner of a business as a kind of job contract, but also fall in this category otherwise. Volunteers, youtubers, freelance stock entrepreneurs… Many people who lead an at first glance normal and productive life are a bunch of NEETs. I’d add “stop with the prejudices”, but it’s not like the ones who won’t do so from my previous sentence will do if I ask; many people love to be prejudiced, it gives some calm of mind.

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          1. If you go by “normal NEETs”, you still have “by choice” and “by force”, with many ramifications each. What I mean with that is that you can’t sustain and spread a bad impression of a whole heterogeneus colective just by some individual cases.


  2. Here’s the thing, whenever somebody insults someone, or puts out rage, etc. it really does say more about their inner landscape and what’s going on with them than the person they’re directing that negativity to. It really doesn’t even have anything to do with the person they’re attacking. Don’t take it personally~~~ Also, trolls.

    ((((hugs))))!!! Don’t work too hard~~~


  3. lol! Now that’s good news~! Woohoo~!

    And precisely! Others misunderstood the meaning of NEET or should I say that they just assumed a general picture of what NEET is? jeez!


  4. Lol…
    There’s always an @sshole somewhere that doesn’t understand that people have IRL issues and matters yo take care of.
    BTW, thanks for your amazing work in bringing to all of us some very good reading.


  5. Hail the pervert ! Look, even perverts accomplish things.

    And well,
    “I’ve been slowing down for a while because I’ve been busy ”
    With the recent rush of nine Otoburi chapters … I want to say :
    “Do you even.. ? ”

    And good luck on your search.


  6. I’m not a huge fan of the Engrish that he uses for his translations…
    My eyes were spinning and I could barely figure out what was supposed to be happening while reading his latest 3 chapters of Tensei Slime.

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    1. You’re not the only one. I can’t quite figure out what he was writing about in his latest chapter. Romans? What has Romans got to do with the story? And it was a one liner, I suspect it was a MT that got cleaned up a bit.


      1. Nah, that part made sense to me (more or less).
        You see the Romans were famous for building heavily fortified camps with full on walls and spiked moats.
        They also used a soft-tipped spear called a Pilum that was intended to bend after hitting a shield of person so that it would make the shield nearly impossible to use and the enemy could not throw it back at them.

        The Videssos cycle taught me a lot about Roman warfare.


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