You guys sure like to spoil yourselves, huh?

Chapter 3 Part 5 (the side story) is basically half of the twist reveal, and yet everybody is reading it like nothing.

I only posted it to make the TOC look a little less empty, but to think that so many people would go ‘it’s such a great novel! continue this!’ after having majorly spoiled it for themselves.

Don’t blame me if you find the next 15 releases spoiled because of this.

73 thoughts on “You guys sure like to spoil yourselves, huh?”

      1. I mean the mc already gave a vague description of what’s gonna happen and she won’t do anything to stop it and clearly she can’t do anything to stop it and has resolved herself to go through it until the end, she has been giving hints at every chapter so far. The novel is just merely a story of what happens in between.


    1. Well, while the prologue spoil what happens, 3-5 reveals an interesting thing people might not have thought of it before.

      “In the end, it was never told what she was thinking, what she was aiming for, or why she stood in the way of the protagonist.”

      It is speculation on her part, but it does shed light on the possibility of it being more than ‘just cuz’.

      So when you look back on the whole thing, there’s now a whole new light to it.

      Thus in a way this can be considered spoiler :v

      Kinda like ch 22 of Bakarina harem collection story, after you read that first before reading the character’s first meeting you go “omg omg omg omg” about it.


          1. *panic* Please calm down my Lord! Even some supreme leader can make some small mistakes! I’m sorry this puny existence couldn’t help you… orz

            (Acting aside… Maybe most people just overhyped from your ‘addicting’ teaser, and misinterpret the tittle that you write. Like me. Sorry but I can only give virtual “pat on the shoulder” ( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`) )


      1. I just navigate from page to page using the “next post”/”previous post” links at the bottom of each post. (I started doing this when you started posting Otoburi chapters before linking them on the Otoburi ToC.) I didn’t (and still don’t) see a spoiler tag on that post; is it on the ToC? It seemed a little far ahead, but it was a side story, so I figured it was comprehensible at that part of the story.

        That said, I wouldn’t have realized it was spoilers if you hadn’t made this post.

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    1. Well yeah, that’s why I didn’t password protect it this time.

      Last time when I posted a spoiler chapter and p/w protected so that people wouldn’t be able to read it, all these people complained.

      I mean, I expect people who care less to read it. For books that I don’t enjoy, sometimes I’ll skip right to the end, so it’s not like I don’t understand.

      But it’s weird to see the same people who spoil themselves go on about how great it is, you know?


      1. Some people are different. For me, it’s books that I DON’T enjoy too much that I ignore spoilers and wait for the translations. If I do enjoy it then the more the merrier.


  1. I’m the sort of person who often flips ahead in books I’m reading. I have fun catching foreshadowing that I would have missed without a second rereading (and let’s be honest, a lot of stories are not worth a second rereading). Don’t assume everyone has their experience ruined by spoilers.

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      1. On a phone it looks like chapter 1 to 2, and then chapter 3 to 5. I actually didn’t understand why you called it a spoiler until just now. Also, a bit too short for a compilation of 3 chapters. Ugh….

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      2. Agree, I didn’t read it yet, but on the RSS news, we see those two items :
        Oniisama 1-2 (which correspond to ch1 and 2)
        Oniisama 3-5 (which have the spoiler tag)

        So when you just read the title, you read it like it’s the five firsts chapters !
        Since you don’t have the TOC, you can’t know ^^’ and of course you’re confused about the spoilers tags, but since you don’t understand, well, you’ll continue to try to understand.

        Good for me, I preferred to start the uncategorized post first, and so now I know what’s happening ^^’


        1. Yeah, sorry. I didn’t realise that the hyphen looked like a tilde. And that it just coincidentally went,

          1~2, 3~5.

          I was thinking that since things like Unlimited Fear were posted with a similar format, everyone was already used to it but…

          Just in case, I put ‘spoilers’ in big letters as well, but I can see why this is a miss.

          Sorry about all this.


  2. IMO to that chapter I still think it for myself that this is just a summary of novel she read and she just describe Inferno Princess life in that novel(she even said the novel author sealed her way of life to stay true to villain to the end even that novel is not finished).

    I damn well know the her(MC) story as Inferno Princess will differ so much than what was written in the novel.


    1. The mood is different to what happens at the start of the book. And it reveals that she’s a lot more pessimistic about her future than you’d expect at the beginning.

      When she finally expels her brother, you think that she’s going to try to live for yourself. It isn’t until later that you find out how pessimistic she is, or how fixated on the novel she is.

      Before that, throughout the war arc, you’re supposed to wonder why she’s so fixated on dying a good death instead of trying to change the future.

      It’s only after the war ends, she basically dies, do you read this chapter. And it’s only then that everything comes together.

      Or so you think, but the next chapter (chapter 4) is filled with even more reveals, so yeah.


      1. What you say has it own right but you can rest assured we reader have different POV and we can fit that chapter somewhere between earlier chapter and that a good move to not include all content in that so nothing biggy there.

        PS: Hey man you literally spoil her later story at 2nd paragraph onward, thats not cool :(


            1. If you think I’ve done something wrong, then just criticise me. Everyone has their own opinions after all.

              As for earlier, sorry for being short with you. I was in a bad mood, but shouldn’t have taken it out on you.

              To clarify, the actual reveals are in Chapter 4. Before that, the spoilers are mostly to the mood that the story takes, and the mindset of the protagonist.

              Since both are spoiled in Chapter 3 Part 4, minor things like the fact that there’s a war, or the fact that she gets hurt because of the war are just minor details that shouldn’t affect your enjoyment.


  3. Hola

    Thanks for the update, and waiting patiently for the next

    My personal opinion of this is the same that Otoburi and Death Flag, a pseudo-reincarnation novel in a visual novel’s world, but a bit more darker

    Can you tell me if in the future is turned in adventure novel? I think that would be interestingthe “siblings” fighting together

    Pd: Can I know why you’ve given up “I’m Back in the Other World?”


  4. Ehm, to put it this way: Wheel of Time’s ending is basically guessed 50% years ago. It doesnt stop people from buying the books and reading it even with original author dead before completing the final few books.

    I read WoT books several times. I basically learn by words several scenes. It doesnt prevent me from rereading those every years.

    The concept of spoiler is really overrated, because a good book/film doesnt care about spoiler.

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    1. You’re a fucking retard. I have no idea how you think any of what you just said makes any fucking sense, but you’re clearly a fucking retard.

      You’re such a big, fucking, retard.

      Stories are linear for a reason. Good stories are even more easily ruined by spoilers because the way in which you arrange things is meticulous.

      But even if we don’t even get into bullshit like this, I can fucking bury you with two words: detective novel.


      1. Why do you have to be mad bro. Its literally a yy type (mental masturbation) novel. No one will lose sleep over it being spoilt. Except maybe you. This is not high literature and frankly with your level of motivation and speed of translation its unlikely you would have translated the novel to the end. Get off your high horse you sound like prozess.


      2. Well, you neet piece of trash, I did read what he said and I do agree with him to some extent. Ackroyd doesn’t become a piece of trash if you know the twist. Literature and appreciation of said literature is rather subjective. Your years of reading light novels might just have addled your perceptions of said fact. But who am I to judge. This is the second time I have deigned to comment on your ‘blog’ and any tlsite in general, so before you get all up in arms about your ‘anti-translator bogeyman’ I suggest you reflect on your life and your priorities and realize that other people may have different ones, you ‘inbred strain of piss’.

        P.s Hows that policy on censorship working out for you bro?

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        1. 1) I approve all comments, faggot.

          2) You can’t agree with him ‘to some extent’.
          Made a grand and ridiculous statement that ‘real good novels are close to immune to spoilers’.

          3) Stop using strawman arguments, you dumbcunt. Nobody said it turned into a piece of shit. All I need to prove is that it changes the enjoyment of the novel at all, and I’ve disproved him.

          Try harder, retard.

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      3. At this point I don’t know whether you are being willfully ignorant or whether you are a plain retard by claiming the person you are responding to is straw-manning by ignoring the crux of his arguments with strawmen of your own. I wish you the best for your future because I can’t see any for you past begging for donations to sustain your neet lifestyle.


        1. Iunno. He probably doesn’t have bad intentions, so I’ve been putting up with seeing his stupid (literally, stupid) comments everywhere (almost literally everywhere), but that night I had a throbbing headache and felt like I was coming down with a cold, and so I just sort of snapped at him.

          I have a headache now too, but everything else is great, so my mood is splendid so I kind of regret being so harsh on him. Having said that though, I’m sure he’s used to it anyway. He literally says these thoughtless things almost everywhere I go. It’s ridiculous.


  5. So it isn’t like in the prologue where the main character decided that she would follow the story of the book 1:1 and make everything happen as it did in the book?
    So it goes another direction? Like she actually tries to help her brother? Or tries to preserve her life? I kinda doubt that…


  6. You know, I’m suscribe to your site via rss. Since your posts never have consistent naming (burikko for exemple) I’m always afraid I’m going to miss something.
    Also there are probably ways to upload your translation without making them public for now?


    1. Mmn, there was. I could password protect it, but last time I did that there was an uproar, so for now I’m going with a ‘take responsibility for yourself’ policy.

      It’s not like I mind people spoiling themselves very much. It’s just that I was in a terrible mood already, and wanted to be a little spiteful towards people who both spoiled the story for themselves, yet claimed in the comments that it was great and they wanted more.

      Also, really sorry about the naming. I usually just use whatever, because I change them according to the story arc and the like. Is there any ‘categories’ for your rss feed? All the otoburi chapters belong to the otoburi category for example, no matter what they’re named.


  7. Umm, is this about the oniisama chapter updates?
    (I know about them from aho-updates)
    Does this means I shouldn’t read them yet if I don’t want spoilers?
    I kinda don’t get it.. (´・Д・)?


      1. Ooh, okaay~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
        Roger that, Holy Sheeprabbit-sama!
        I’ll just read the chapter 1-2 then
        (⌒▽⌒) Thank you for the updates and warning!


  8. Thanks for saving me from spoiling myself. I would’ve probably read it without knowing, thinking it’s just another normal chapter.


  9. Well, the old power becoming a path for the new power (hero toppling the ruling tyrant, humanity break free of its ‘protection’ to face the world outside, etc) is not uncommon of a development ‘x ‘

    Getting the view on ‘this’ side and not to mention someone who already see the ending is interesting tho.


  10. Call me slow, but I really can’t see the spoiler part, it’s just like the prologue, you know she’s going to pound her brother into the ground as a way of showing her love, then act the supervillain so that he can shine, so I really can’t see where the spoiler is. The previous chapters already covered this much.

    Or was there something I was missing?

    Ok, ok, I’m so slow that a sloth will beat me in a foot race. I really can’t figure out the spoiler even after reading the spoiler… :(


  11. IMO, those ppl saying they want “more” probably didn’t realize they were reading ahead until it was pointed out lol, but then again, one could say that by seeing ahead, they got hyped up to read what happened in between.

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  12. You say in the comments here that you put ‘spoiler’ in big letters above the previous chapter, but I can’t see that at all.
    Instead, because it was a side story, I thought you’d posted it out of order because it would be a different characters perspective or something like that.
    Anyway, thanks for all the translations, your translations have a different feeling than what I can find from other translators, it’s always a pleasure to read.

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  13. Spoiler tag can not stop ME!! U wa Ha Ha!
    I am the type if I am interest in some story I will try to read all the spoiler but only glare a little at it if it a full spoiler or a part that not reveal much. (I prefer reading some that not reveal much. :) )

    Just like when I watch Higurashi first season, I try to find some spoiler for second season immediately. I mean if I don’t care I will not try to find anything.

    And for that chapter, I think it’s not that spoiler that much though. Because I still can not guess what will happen in the end.

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  14. I did read it as chapter 1 through 2 and chapter 3 through five, so when I saw the spoiler tag I was like, “weird… but let’s read!!!” But then I understood later. I absolutely cannot be trusted with spoilers of any sort. For instance, I read all the insane random spoilers for Legendary Moonlight Sculptor in jcafe… and those are complete random nonesense… but I’m so addicted to Weed!!! MUST. KNOW. WHAT. HAPPENS. And then I happily read it when the halfway decent chapter comes out as well. I think I managed not to read the side story from EGA demon princess’ friend until you finished the whole arc by direct intervention by the angels though…

    Status: Currently doing my best to wait to re-read EGA until all side stories are out…

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