Cleanup – Chapter 5

My Lord’s Engagement – Q of Diamonds (Part 4)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

“Ehhh? Miss Camille… You married Achille? And what’s more, it just happened recently?”

Almost as soon as I invited her into the room, Miss Camille gave me a shocking confession.

“Right, right.”

With my shock being completely unrelated to her, she was currently in a daze eating the candied flowers that the maids brought.
Miss Camille bringing the petite and colourful flowers to her lips was extremely picturesque.
In Topageria where there are many desert, flowers were a high class luxury, and so sweets like this were new and fresh.

“When, exactly…?”

“After we came back from our expedition, I got proposed to by Achille. Before I knew it, I’d signed the papers though.”

“Eh-… Miss Camille?”

‘Before I knew it’… Wai-, aren’t you a little bit too careless?
Didn’t you fall into a trap set by His Highness and Achil-…

“N-, No, nevermind. Congratulations on your marriage.”

If the person herself has no complaints, then it isn’t my place to say anything.
The two of them seem to get along.

“Thanks, Beatrix.”

Camille gave me a smile as she once again stuffed her cheeks with sweets.

“By the way, Beatrix. There’s something I’d like to talk to you about, but is that okay?”

After having tea and having a breather, Miss Camille fixed up her posture.
Rare for her, today she wasn’t wearing a robe for once, but was instead wearing a dress. Seeing her like this, she really looks like a noble girl.
I say that it’s a dress, but unlike the thing I’m wearing right now, hers is just a simple one though.

“What is it?”

“You know how we took leave from school to recuperate and rest?”

“Yeah… You mean how the three of your fell ill?”

She nodded at my words.

“It actually wasn’t an illness… The truth is that we were attacked by that game Heroine, and had forbidden magic cast on us. We were resting to recover from that, and take up countermeasures.”


“Achille covered me, and in the end I was saved by Royce-sama.”

Without me knowing, the relationship between the Heroine and the Hearts Faction has turned into something incredible.
I’ve never talked to her before, but she even used forbidden magic on somebody else without hesitating, so she might have quite the personality.

“Why did you become enemies?”

“It has to do with the Revolution End that I talked to you about before.”

Miss Camille told me about the acts of the commoner extremists, and the things that the Heroine did.
From the way she spoke about things, it seems that the Heroine was one-sidedly antagonistic with Miss Camille.
Judging based on the activities of the commoner extremists, she probably has more of a problem with nobles in general, rather than Miss Camille personally.

The Heroine who can’t be matched even by an elite magician of this country, Miss Camille…
Although it was a setting from the game, she really is a frightening existence.

“And so, it seems that she’s hiding in Topageria at the moment.”

“I see… I heard that soldiers were sent into the academy to catch the Heroine. I also heard that she escaped though.”

I didn’t know the circumstances behind it because they were concealing it though.

“Royce-sama asked for the Topagerian King’s cooperation… or rather, it was more like saying ‘because the Heroine comes from Topageria, take some responsibility’.”

“Speaking of which, the Heroine was adopted by Topageria’s Cintron family, wasn’t she.”

“You know about it?”

“A little… When I entered the academy, I was curious about each character, so I did a little research. It was just their official history though.”

Thinking that it wouldn’t do if I by some small chance fell into the same disaster as the in-game Beatrix, I roughly researched all the characters of the game. On the surface, there didn’t seem to be a problem.
However, with the Heroine and her complicated background, I’m regretting not researching further.

“Once we settle the chaos in our country, we plan on capturing the Heroine and the remnants of the extremists.”

Miss Camille’s gaze pierced right through me.

“And so… if possible, I’d like it if you cooperated too, Beatrix. I do feel sorry for asking for a favour on top of getting you wrapped up into this though.”

“Now that I’ve become His Highness Royce’s fiancée, it certainly isn’t another person’s problem anymore, huh…”

I placed my hand to my brow. Things have really become troublesome.

“This is about your engagement, Beatrix, but I’m wondering if it isn’t also somehow related. Only Royce-sama and Achille know the details though.”


Because Miss Camille’s specialty is magic, it seems that she’s estranged from the details of diplomacy.
Or rather, she’s just tossed it to them wholesale and left it all to them.

It seems… that I’ll need to speak to His Highness Royce one-on-one.
If possible, I don’t want to get involved, but this time it can’t be helped.
His Highness and Achille… I need to make clear their motives.
Being  used and having my life swung left and right without me knowing is something that I’m long sick of.
Unlike Camille, there’s no way that I can just trust them completely.

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34 thoughts on “Cleanup – Chapter 5”

    1. “heers is just a simple one though.” heers > her’s
      “Speaking of which, the Heroine was adoptd by Topageria’s Cintron family, wasn’t she.” adoptd > adopted
      thank you for the massive release XD

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Google shows something that’s essentially edible flowers coated in usually eggwhites and powdered sugar.

      Imagine a cousin to caramel-dipped apple or choco-banana


  1. Thanks

    I still believe that Beatrix should to refuse Royce frontally

    And then go, give up her noble title and turn in adventurer


    1. Well, she liked Raiga for his ‘wild’ side.

      So Royce just have to show his evil side openly and she’ll falls for him.

      Since one reason she didn’t like the original was his too princely personality.


      1. But this not change that the people are trying to decide her future

        Anyway, if really become loved of Royce, She will be deny her Real world personality and become in a typical otome game/shouo manga character

        And if Royce have a bit piece of honor, she should to let her go


      2. @rolfcat

        What honor? Dude stalks his friends to learn love tactics… honestly hes following stalker #1 pretty well.

        All royce needs to do is force some more stockhome syndrome to his fiance like stalker #1 did.


      3. His personality?
        She might be happy with his evil pushy side.
        However, I don’t think she would like his “super ninja/spy master” stalker side. Or the fact that he was basically peeping on her while hiding his presence

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Demi

    For this reason I don’t like Royce very much, and a bit less Achille

    They both have listen the truth about Camille and probably listen about Beatrix in the following chapters

    Any reason have thought in the possibility that both or someone or them wish return to their original world


    1. Well cam, beatrix, raiga’s wife doesnt seem to want to go back.

      The only one that might would be the heroine of the game.

      So there no real reason for royce or achilles to be blamed because none of the girls really complained about wanting to go home.


      1. So

        In my POV this is the most unbelieve of the main characters behavior, and others reincarnation/bodyswapper webnovels (ex: Flag Otome, Alice Tales, Mushoku Tensei)

        Till I’ve seen, the only more or less reasonable are from TateYusha and Log Horizon

        But (in my opinion) if happen that one of them wish return, and for this is needed that all return, they must have to do


      2. And respect Royce and Achille they just have listen about otherworlds with Camille, and know that probably the heroine is another probably. They don’t know (till I know) about the others. Probably Royce will get a surprise when listen that her fiance and (probably) cousin in-law are isekaijin too

        In this moment, as a king, he sould think in the possibility that someone or something is acting in the shadows, and the girls are pawns for this, for a big objetive (similar for me to Log Horizon)

        And if want avoid the risk (withou coldblood killing), probably the best is get all themm return their original worlds


      3. The reason why i more or less disagree with you is because.

        This is a romantic comedy with some dark tones.

        The other reason is tate is more on the lines that they were forcibly taken into this new world to serve as essentially slaves defenders without being their consent. But if a certain individual hadnt done an unspeakable messed up plan to ruin someone, there probably wouldn’t be searching for a way home.

        Log horizons premise is they are taken to a new world without a goal other than to improve and survive. Of course they would want to go home as well because there lives have yet to be extinguished and were forcibly taken.

        You also have to remember in flag, this, and musho these people are thought of as dead or dead in their final moments. So adjusting to their new life isn’t at all problematic at infancy.

        Not every bodyswap or reincarnation will carry some evil plot to destroy the world.

        You’re letting tate influence u too much while reading these kinds of stories.


  3. Believe me or no for yourself. I’ve just read for above TateYuusha (to much details and long for my taste)

    But for me, in all these novels the essence is the same. Someone (ususally a self-proclaimed god) try to use the MC for some plot (not necessarily destroy the world certainly)

    In case of reincarnation and bodyswapper is worse, because even find a method for return, they would be in other body (maybe other sex and race too). Someone would belive them about their true identity

    The only more or less acceptable (the plot) for me is Le Festin of Vampire and (no webnovel) No Game No LIfe, because the god offer directly and they accept


    1. ….

      Ugh they do use the reincarnation and body swap but alot of the novels dont really involve a god tampering with the world.

      I don’t really understand your complaint anymore.

      The core concepts might be identical to a certain extent in each story but how the plot, character development, and genre goes into a different direction.

      This story isn’t about war or battles, its a romantic comedy with a side of magic and action with some dark tones here and there.

      If you’re looking for a more serious tone story with alittle bit more drama and twist. I would recommend aomething else and to have abit lower expectations.


  4. Hmm, they’re rather the opposite characters, Beatrix really minds being pushed about a bit, while Camille seems the sort that can happily go with that sorta flow.

    Interesting since Beatrix immediately thinks she was trapped/tricked by Archille, whereas Camille doesn’t seem to think anything of the sort.


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