Cleanup – Chapter 3

My Lord’s Engagement – J of Hearts (Part 1)

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1106515577One Day I Became a Burikko Villainess Noble Girl, out now.
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Think of it as throwing money at the author and Alphapolis, and getting a book with squiggles and pretty pictures as a pleasant extra.

In the afternoon, I was thinking of showing my face in His Highness’ room, but the problem began when I arrived there… I found the person in question zealously peeking into the neighbouring room. Do your damn work.
His Highness was clinging to the door to the room that neighboured his. There’s nothing more suspicious looking than this.

“Even though it was my day off…”

Had I known things would be like this, I would’ve preferred to stay with my bride more.
Even though it’s a rare day off, to have to have left her in my room and headed out here was so regretful that I couldn’t help but get irritated.
While I was in a small daze thinking about how great the word “bride” sounded, His Highness complained in a small voice.

“Achille, don’t be so loud.”

Even while telling me this, his gaze was directed into the room.

“Did something happen to Beatrix-sama?”

Even without going out of his way to peek like this, knowing him, he could’ve just used a magic item or something to hide inside the room.

“I think I might be hated by Beatrix more than I expected… I’d better think of some countermeasures.”

Seeing His Highness gaze my way with an expression deep in thought, I turned my face away.
Sorry to him, but after doing that, did he think she would like him in the slightest?
I’ll just leave him. He should give some serious thought to what he did to her. And then do his work.
I went and tore His Highness from the door.
If by some small chance this were revealed to Miss Beatrix, there’d be no way to recover.

The other day, we finally managed a great catch of the Royal Prince Faction members that finally showed their true colours.
Thanks to the cooperation of Raiga, the Royal Prince’s son, we were able to uncover almost all of them, shockingly easily.
All that’s left is the King Faction.
As for them, His Highness plans to clean them up in one go during Miss Beatrix’s engagement party.
And then hurry up and catch that schoolgirl that fled the country, no matter what methods we have to use.
I don’t trust the Topagerian king either.

“Your Highness, this is the invitation list for the party.”

There are plenty of people that I’d like to leave off that list, but unfortunately my personal judgement doesn’t come into it.
The name of the second Topagerian prince is on there too.


“The preparations for the venue are proceeding without a problem.”

“Got it. So Achille… Lend me Camille today?”

I’d like him to stop nonchalantly inserting self-interest into our work-talk.
Lending my bride to His Highness? It’s obvious that I won’t.

“…I will not. You already borrowed her yesterday, did you not? We are newlyweds, so I wish you would show some consideration.”

“you’re so cruel.”

His Highness was smiling, but his aura was gradually getting darker.

“Achille, you know, I think that it’s really unfair that you’re the only one having all sorts of fun. I hope that you’ll consider yourself and Camille as having no breaks until things go smoothly between Beatrix and I. I’ll ask Camille to leave tonight free so there’s no problems on that end. I think that as long as I ask her directly, she’ll listen after all.”

“Your Highness…”

Hearing my lord’s well-planned and ridiculous statement, I was stumped.

This is the worst. The worst way of taking venting his anger.
It’s harassment on a level that had it not been for the deal with Camille’s engagement, and being saved from that schoolgirl’s forbidden magic, I’d immediately feel like changing sides to Raiga.

“…Understood. I will try my best to cooperate.”

There was nothing else I could say.
I have to hurry up and hook the two of them up.
For the sake of my newlywed life.

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25 thoughts on “Cleanup – Chapter 3”

  1. “There was nothing else I could say.
    I have to hurry up and hook the two of them up.
    For the sake of my newlywed life.”

    Somehow, that is sad. Ganbare, Achille!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. too bad Achille.. you need to listen to your lord or else you wouldn’t enjoy you newlywed life… kukuku…
    still what plot does the heroine would do…
    thanks for the triple release sheeprabbit-sama…


  3. No time to say ‘I told you so!’
    If u want to enjoy Camille u have to fix things with Beatrix
    I wonder if Royce-sama planned this from the beginning?
    So cunning, Achille u taught him too well. U reap what you sow.
    Thx for the chapters


  4. I know it’s over 4 years late but I found a couple of typos:
    ” I think that as long as I ask her direction, she’ll listen after all.”
    I think direction is supposed to be directly maybe?

    “Your Highmess…”
    Highmess is obviously Highness

    Liked by 1 person

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