Somewhat important announcement

I have two new pages that relate to the projects on my website, so translators interested in my projects, and readers who read them, please take a look.

To summarise,

  • All the teasers and stuff on my blog are obviously up for grabs.
  • Do not expect me to update them (although I might).
  • What’s more, if you’re a decent translator, Other World and Tilea’s are also up for grabs.
  • I will update them, provided that nobody picks them up. I like them both, and have fun translating them.
  • Only, if there’s somebody out there who loves them more, and can do a good enough job (i.e. at least N3 vocab and N2 grammar) then I am fine with passing it on.
  • I am not so self-centred and egocentric that I’d be thinking of “hogging” or “calling dibs” on side projects that are illegal translations to begin with, haha. If a non-hobo person is willing to adopt these, I’m more than happy to give these two away.
  • Finally, as I’ve always said, I strongly believe in re-translations and alternate translations. If somebody out there wants to translate Otoburi or EGA in their own way, I’d even be happy enough to link them from this website.
  • If they actually want to provide an alternate translation (and not just snipe for grolious groly) then far from making trouble for them, I’d even promote them.

Finally, for those of you who missed it the first time, here is my first landscape painting. You can print it or use it as wallpaper or whatever you want.Faerie Court in the Deep Forest

13 thoughts on “Somewhat important announcement”

  1. That bear it’s so…. majestic? Honestly the land scape is drawn better then that cra… stylish bear. I’d still buy it though.


  2. And my favorite parts in the landscape painting are the trees and how it really feels like a forest in the back of the picture.^^


  3. I love the misty haunted forest look in the background.

    Although the bear ghost does look slightly out of place…
    Maybe it’s because he is much more brightly coloured than the rest of the picture?


  4. “You can print it or use it as wallpaper or whatever you want.”
    Instructions unclear, stuck in mist running from spirit bear. Please send help.

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