69 thoughts on “Hi Binh/Announcement”

  1. Guys lets repeatedly tell how wrong Sheeprabbit-sama is a demand several chapters within a short amount of time as an apology. I’m 900% certain it will work.


      1. Don’t you know that percentages is only counted in the hundreds? Obviously going past triple digits wouldn’t work, you could argue that there’s room for another 99% but what’s not whole has no point so naturally it had to be rounded down to 900%.


  2. this is what happens when you are too pushy. and don’t expect me to translate it either. I have enough projects already. We need more people to join the community and contribute, not for translators to take on even more projects.


      1. Not like your not doing 4 others at the same time right and all of them i also like. Shame tho hope some one picks it up.


    1. eh…no need to speak rudely the translator. I get you Binh, I have been going nuts hoping he would spit out another chap, but I have already given up hope a long time ago…hmmm as I write think I recall I too cursed him for slowing on the translation for this project as well…


    2. Wow Binhjmin you f***ed over everyone who was patiently waiting for releases. I suggest we all go bomb the rating for all his posts!


      1. This ain’t fucking people over, if you want, I can literally delay update for weeks and tell everyone who is waiting for my update that you fucked everyone over. Now, THAT, would be disastrous wouldn’t it? Nothing compare to Este trolling. Spam my post if you want, not that I would care in the slightest. Fucking 2 jobs already drained me, caring about redundant spamming is a pain the the ass.

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    3. Well I guess you have a point so I’ll stop because there are people who like your projects and I don’t want to be responsible for taking them away.


    4. Ok I’m done replying to all the comments I made. I shouldn’t have acted like this and I’m sorry for letting it happen. I am still angry but this was a childish way to react. Sorry.


  3. I expected it, especially since I found your other projects more interesting. Now you have time to read the latest Against the Gods and gush about the latest development, mwhahaha.

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    1. I love Against the Gods!! It’s my absolute fave Chinese wuxia-y novel!! Any recommendations for similar? I need the funny!

      Che is awesome! He’s an indefatigable lech, but he’s just so cheerful and shameless about it, it just amuses me in the end. And he’s got so much more going on with himself as well. I love it when he miscalculates badly and then is all outraged at the universe… XD


  4. Didn’t this happen a while ago?
    What is wrong with people that they can’t be bothered to read and remember previous updates/announcements and still demand chapters of a novel that you don’t enjoy translating?


  5. i quote, he said : “What I’ve just said is that I WILL NEVER translate the next chapter.”

    OK, so, WHO gONNA DO THE NEXT CHAPTER ? after that, he will translate again :D


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