42 thoughts on “the melancholy that hits me when i realise”

    1. it’s atg alright, you can tell from the title.

      btw, sheeprabit, does this help (in other words, can you read this):

      i just changed the chinese into traditional, which is read the same a kanji. maybe this will help you understand the text (the characters have the exact same meaning as they do in kanji as far as i know, but i’m not exactly sure you can read it as i’m not a professional on the topic). if this doesn’t help, then you can try to use gt to read it. when i last checked, atg is very gt friendly and if you understand the translation it’s about 85-90% accurate and understandable.

      on a different note, if you are able to understand the traditional chinese (i can only sort of as i know simplified), then i could recommend you law of the devil, which bagelson is currently translating and the raws are in traditional chinese, so you can give that a try

      i wish you luck on your journey to understanding chinese (it’s a pretty difficult language to learn, or maybe i have no talent in foreign languages).


      1. Unfortunately learning Japanese does not help with Chinese.

        From 藥事房和南院的火都起的格外詭異。這明顯是有人惡意縱火,但附近的人卻愣是沒有一個看到什麼可疑的影子。 I got,

        The fire of the medicine room city-like fire was exceptionally (?) strange. Something something a certain person with evil intent something fire; What? Rope shadow child?


  1. the fire in the northern yard and the medical office is kinda *****(not telling you the word). It seems like the fire was deliberately set by someone. But no one in the vicinity saw anyone suspicious . blah blah~ rough translation by me~

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      1. atg is very gt friendly, so give it a go. on the other hand, now you can feel our pain for not being able to understand japanese texts (well, japanese kanji is the same as traditional chinese in meaning, so by my guess you could probably understand ~10% of the text above if you tried searching for kanji).


  2. If you’re wondering why your adblocker isn’t doing its job, you can go into the options and download a filter list for Chinese sites. That way you can at least fit more stuff you can’t read on the screen in one go. Also fewer induced seizures.


  3. “The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th)”
    Coincidence? I think not!


  4. I can translate some for you guys

    : After Xiao Che got pregnant with his little aunts pet dog he decided to marry his pet rabbit in order to conseal this betrayal.

    (100% legit and 100% accurate best engrish ever)

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  5. It’s just Chinese. Treat it like Japanese except without the particles. Chinese word order is similar to English, so you’ll have the subject popping up early.

    And try using a Chinese glosser like mdbg.net to get a word list.


      1. Sometimes?! I rage whenever I see 的 appear in Japanese. The rest of the time, I’m looking at characters that don’t exist in Chinese, simplified or traditional.


      2. In Chinese, it’s sorta used like Japanese’s possessive の particle. In fact, I probably abuse it too much in that role. In Japanese, to give a popular character like that a more conservative meaning of “-like” is just weird.


  6. It’s chinese, just use google translation, it’s readable even with Google translate unlike Japanese, well, I guess it’s because it’s more used and there isn’t too much slang.


  7. That’s exactly how we readers/leeches that can’t read japanese, chine or korean feel when the series we like aren’t translated yet DX
    Look at the good side, you at last has an idiom down. I and many others don’t know any of the 3 D’:

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  8. Ha ha, i laugh at your demise, holy sheep rabbit.

    Rough translation from the image using 6th grade elementary Chinese skills:

    The fire in the medicine house and southern courtyard were both extremely(overwhelmingly) suspicious. This is obviously an evil plot by someone, but no one had seen any suspicious shadows or clues. Even Xiao family’s male gate guard that had always been guarding the medicine house door didn’t see anyone enter or leaving the place.

    But it was fortunate that the fire wasn’t too fierce, and came under control quickly. XiaoYunHai quickly planned the situation out, and then impatiently called XiaoGu, and sprinted back to XiaoYuLong’s courtyard.

    Pushing open the door, XiaoYunHai who didn’t even have to time the to shout out XiaoYuLong’s name, became frozen as if struck by lightning.

    XiaoYuLong was no longer on the bed, moreover was slanted like a dead dog……the end of the image

    pls more anri-sama im dying here.
    Kidding, take your time and have fun!

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