Status report

Against The Gods, Xian Ni and Martial God Asura are all so fun!

Glad I took the break to read them.

Will probably be translating again starting uh, tomorrow? Maybe?

EDIT: Everytime I start reading a new series, I keep getting reminded of how much more fun it is to be on the reading side of things. Makes me want to quit translating, and just f5 aho-updates during my free time instead, haha.

EDIT2: I wish Ren had picked up Against The Gods instead on that day when he first started translating Coiling Dragon. I mean, I know he wouldn’t make as much money since the series is probably shorter and there aren’t as many people drooling over OP MC, but still, all the characters in Coiling Dragon are so… boring? Underdeveloped? I still basically have no idea what kind of person Delia is outside of ‘supportive of her husband’, ‘not socially retarded’,’not afraid to go get what she wants’, and ‘gentle with her husband’.

If I could remove the 12 volumes of Coiling Dragon from my memory in exchange for just 1 volume of Against the Gods, I’d still gladly do it lol.

EDIT3: Sixth hour of refreshing Alychu. Against the Gods 35 still on 0/6. Why oh why did I ragequit Chinese School…?

58 thoughts on “Status report”

  1. I’ve also been reading Martial God Asura and I’ve been enjoying it.
    I haven’t tried Against The Gods or Xian Ni yet but I’ll give them a go sometime this coming week.

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  2. Everyone we have an Omega level alert.
    The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) is considering quitting as a translator and becoming a full time leecher.
    We must not let this happen.

    All leechers should report to their battle stations.

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    1. OTL I’m in despair. X.x it’s not that I can’t sympathize, but Est occupies a small niche even in the already small translation community. It won’t be like if generic harem series x stops getting translated.

      Estelion keep heart! Us readers will continue trying to charge your special beam cannon. XD.

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  3. You’re not getting any money for this so feel free to take your time. Been on a Rokka no Yuusha reading binge myself.


  4. Oh those are all wuxia titles right? Despite being Chinese I haven’t read much wuxia. I heard there’s a lot of martial arts and RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION. How are things on the character development side of things?

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    1. I don’t know about character development, but to be honest I don’t even mind if they don’t develop so much. Overrated.

      Anyway, this is just my personal opinion, but on a scale of ‘complex and meaningful characters’ where
      0 is Coiling Dragon, and
      10 is Otoburi…

      -2 Slave Harem
      0 Coiling Dragon
      1 Twilight
      9 Martial God Asura
      10 Otoburi
      11 Martial God Asura (heroine only)
      15 Mushoku Tensei

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                    1. There’s no point in even comparing Tokyo Ghoul with this, lol.

                      Might as well be comparing it with Grapes of Wrath or something.

                      Um, no, I haven’t read the second one. The world and characters just didn’t interest me. I mean, Kaneki as a massive hypocrite and coward wasn’t boring as a character, but it just gave me bad feelings to read about, and there was nothing driving me on to continue reading except to talk to all my friends about it. They were all into the hype, you see.


      1. i bet slave harem would get a much higher score if you considered creepiness as a character development trait. It’s creepiness level shot through the roof the moment he got a slave.


    1. Not really. I hate xianxia because the fights are boring, and the qi training is always like the author wrote it on a drug trip.

      As for wuxia, they tend to be written similarly to the older stuff, whose characters are too… non-modern for my tastes.

      Would prefer an mc with modern culturally-neutral values with a setting like ATG. Not really so fond of all the story being based around the struggles of the jianghu.

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  5. I would really like to read some CN novels, they get updated so frequently that it’d make a nice buffer while waiting for my favorite main novels i’m currently stalking.

    Problem is for some reason I can’t stand chinese names and terminology. Specially names that repeat themselves or sound the same on the second syllable, can’t take those names seriously lol. Everytime I try to read one I always find my self sleeping instead and not picking them up again. That and somehow all of the CN novels I did try somehow has this do-whatever-it-takes, overly aggressive, and a somewhat psychopathic MC that just dominates every body with a backstory where he crawled up from some kind of shithole. That and some of the chinese idioms that doesn’t really translate that well into english and makes the whole thing awkward.

    Japanese is fine since i’m basically have been brainwashed by their culture ever since I was a kid. Our local T.V. channel has a regular airing of anime in the morning and afternoon which is usually dubbed in our language, but they kept the japanese names and some terminilogies as is, so i’m pretty fine with them. But wuxia’s though? Urgh. Kept dropping and picking up coiling dragon when aho goes kill but I just can’t get into it.


    1. Ah, I know what you mean. It’s really reasonable.

      e.g. if you read the hanzi, suddenly
      ‘xia yuanfu’ and ‘xiao yuan’ are completely different, but if you look at them in pinyin…
      Moreover, Mandarin are all short 1-syllable characters with very simplistic phonology, so you get really short and sometimes similar names.

      But imo it’s still better than Korean Vowel Hell. Half of their vowels are expressed in English by squishing 2 vowels together, and I can never remember a thing.

      Jin Seo-Yeon, Kim In-Yeong, Bae Seung-Hyeun etc.

      Noooooo thank you.

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      1. I had the same problem with LMS, but luckily the VRMMO part uses English names so I don’t get confused as much. But when they get back to IRL stuff though? Ha-Joon-What-Who? Yeah I usually just skim those parts.

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  6. “…all of the CN novels I did try somehow has this do-whatever-it-takes, overly aggressive, and a somewhat psychopathic MC that just dominates every body with a backstory where he crawled up from some kind of shithole.”

    Yes, and it’s something like “if you want it, and someone else have it, just kill him in the worst possible way and take it. Ah, and don’t forget to destroy his soul while you’re at it”.
    (T.T Xian ni was sooo fun at the beginning)

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  7. Will it kill you if I told you that I’d read through all of their raws?

    I preferred Against the Gods the best among the 3 – Shortest so far as well. (Saved my sanity trying to catch up & I like the beginning.)

    Xian Ni & Martial God Asura get slightly too dark for my liking later on.

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  8. Alas, Sheeprabbit, we hardly knew thee.
    If you’re having death-of-translator thoughts, I think you should just ignore the poll and go do your own thing :3 Burned-out sheeprabbits are not very nutritious.


  9. …I dropped MGA
    -MC got OP by luck
    -wasted 5 years because he didn’t have enough weed(should have just asked the girl)
    -bad guys are stereopycal(i’m not sure if it’s the right word) and always lose face
    -the tecniques aren’t explained much well if at all
    Maybe it’s the translation or maybe I dropped it too early(ch 42) but my favourite moment was when the brother lose(damn I laughed so hard (^J^)


  10. I’ve yet to finish reading a single xianxia series more than like halfway through. No matter how great they are for the first hundred – two hundred chapters or so, they get sooooo boring and all become the same series. Even 光之子, which began with a great, atypical MC (安全第一 + laziness being his life philosophy) eventually turned into the same exact thing.

    IMO, Japanese LNs are much, much better. I’ll take Rokujouma no Shinryakusha over a hundred Chinese WNs any day.


      1. I have, and while I’d still say it’s better than other xianxia WNs, it still has essentially the same problems. If anything, when it comes to the ability of xianxia MCs to luck into anything and everything, he may even be the worst offender of any series I’ve read. That said, if you like that sort of thing, then it’s not bad.

        (I also have to admit to being a sucker for Xia Qing Yue, who barely appears, another complaint I have! XD)

        I’m just really tired of how, in these series, “plot” becomes nothing more than the setting and context for the next lucky run-in and inevitable slaughter. Characterization is a concept entirely alien to Chinese WN writers.


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