Status Update

Um, I’ll complete Otoburi arc before I go to sleep, so look forward to it guys!

Before that though, um, I’m going to look into how people make pdfs and epub things, since some of you guys have asked for them. I personally hate pdfs because they’re laggy and make the images ugly, but since I’m not including images for Otoburi, all is well!

If they turn out to be easy enough to make, I’ll go over the earlier chapters for anything I could rewrite better while I’m at it.

Well, only if it turns out to be easy though.

As for what I’m doing after that, I’m not sure yet, but probably a bit of the bear story as a teaser. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s not bad in any way either. Then probably Jashin Average, maybe some other teaser, and then Other World.

22 thoughts on “Status Update”

  1. I was wondering when you’d get around to the bare necessities.
    My thanks to you for all your efforts, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.


      1. I, uh, was making a bear pun… like in that old jungle book cartoon (90s? 80s? Can’t recall)…
        I don’t actually track pdf’s


  2. Making a pdf of the WN version should be fairly easy, you can use the free version of PDF Architect for that without the extra stuff (that you have to pay for). I bet someone has already made a PDF of your translated chapters. Just ask them to share, though you might not like how they format the pages or the fonts they used. For epub version I have no idea.


  3. PDF takes no effort to make. Just copy and paste them into Microsft Word or other equivalent like Google Doc, and save/download it as a PDF. ePub on the other hand will take a bit more effort. I create them manually but as other have pointed out, there are software that would help you create them.


  4. Ah yea, other than those type of mistake, and moving the End Notes, lol. If you been using Headers for the titles, documents software will create the ToC base on those headers.

    In Google Docs, you can use “Insert > Table of Content” to create it automatically.
    In Microsoft Word, it’s under “References > Table of Content”.


  5. I like more epub because it adapts better in the tablet and phone , I dont think you have to be fuzzy over PDFs just use m word or writer use markers and everything you need then export to Pdf for the images you selselect the option set the quality 1400pp+
    …i write a lot I hope you don’t get cancer reading this, grammatically speaking


  6. Any chance you’ll upload a text document (by “volume”/arc) that way we can create our own pdfs easier?

    … I realize we could copy and paste from your site, but ugh…


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