Recuperating? – Chapter 7

Recuperating? – Q of Hearts (Part 4)

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I suppose that explains why he followed my blog, spoke to me amiably in the comments on his page, and up until this announcement, thought that I was being serious and on his side.


Complete silence reigned the inside of the extremist base.
On the way we met the girl with the gunpowder doll, but that was a coincidence, and didn’t mean that we had been discovered by the enemy.
One of our magicians took that girl away to somewhere safe.

I was flying inside the enemy hideout while carefully searching for any traps like the ones from the time in Count Tito’s mansion. Because it seems like I’m going to end up stepping on something again, I’m too afraid to walk…

“I wonder where the extremists are lurking.”

Inside the building that served as the extremist headquarters, we split into two groups. So that the enemies couldn’t escape, our two groups were simultaneously entering from the front and back of the building.
I was forced into Achille’s group. The only ones who can dispel forbidden magic are us two, so I actually think it would be better if we moved separately but… Achille wouldn’t let go of me.
Our group was entering from the front.
I had all the members of the back group get magic tattoos for repelling forbidden arts. I did them impromptu, so they can only nullify a forbidden spell once.

Right after we entered a small room close to the entrance, some men who appeared to be magicians came jumping out.

“Uwah-! They’re here!”

All of them had black bruises on their neck.

“It’s the same pattern as on the girl…”

Achille began freezing the magicians.

“If we undo the forbidden magic right now, the mana consumption will be no joke. I’ll freeze them for now.”

“Good idea. I’ll do that too.”

Our allied magicians all began freezing the magicians.
Anybody would hesitating about hurting people that might just be controlled by forbidden arts, huh.
The castle magicians are quite talented, so the cursed magicians ended up having their movements quickly sealed.

“I wonder if the one leading the enemies this time is the Heroine…”

“…We don’t know yet, but if it’s her, or someone who can use forbidden arts like her, things will get troublesome, huh?”

“We have to stop them… That’s why we were dispatched for this mission after all.”

In order to use magic to dispel forbidden arts, you need knowledge of forbidden arts. Dispelling them requires you to follow the steps of the forbidden spell in reverse and unravel it after all.
Even if we wanted to increase the number of personnel who can dispel forbidden arts, this part becomes a bottleneck, so at the moment it isn’t possible.
A risk comes along with carelessly increasing the number of people who can use forbidden arts after all.

That’s why Achille and I who can do so are accompanying the soldiers like this.
The ones casting the forbidden spells use up a large amount of magic power just like the ones doing the dispelling, so it isn’t something they can so easily cast on a lot of people/
The Heroine came to mind, and I ended up in this indescribable mood.
Just how much magic power does that girl have…? How many people can she cast a forbidden spell on at once…?
Unlike us, the Heroine has enough mana that you could call it a cheat.

“Camille, something is coming again…”

I stopped my quill at the sound of Achille’s voice.

“I, kind of have a bad feeling.”

I could hear the noisy footsteps of a number of people coming.

“Drop dead, you dogs of the nobles!”

A number of men running from further in the passageway all shot magic this way at once. More enemy magicians.
It seems that the enemies this time don’t have any forbidden spells cast on them. There’s no bruise on their neck.
Including these guys, do they add up to about ten-odd people…? That matches with the numbers of extremists hiding in this building.

“Shaddap, you scum! Quietly let us catch you!”

“Right! To do something like that to a child! We definitely won’t forgive you!”

Our allied magicians defended against the enemy magic while sending back retorts.
Because of the incident a little earlier, their anger towards the extremists seems to have shot up as well.

“So impudent, you damned pigs!”

“Shut it, garbage! Ah-, how about you and Achille head in first? We’ll do something about these guys. I think this is basically all of them, but there might still be some left inside.”

“Y-, Yeah… G-, Got it! Achille.”

“Hahh… It can’t be that you’re thinking that just the two of us should head in alone, right? Even though we have no idea what might be lurking in there.”


“Let’s go after we meet up with the magicians coming in from the back.”

“Achille, you’re too cautious, you know.”

“You’re just too carefree. There’s a possiblities that the enemies are waiting to drive us into a trap, you know.”

I got pulled from the side, and forcefully hugged by Achille. Hey-, the other magicians will see us you know!

“A-, Achille?”

“Of course I’ll be cautious… You’re here too, after all.”

While saying that, Achille skilfully fired off a communications spell.

Before long, some of the magicians who had gone around the back met up with us.
It seems that right now a number of soldiers are running up by the back entrance and gathering there. It seems that the reclaimation of the town is more or less done.
With this, we don’t have to worry about the enemies in here escaping either, do we?

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  1. Honestly, Achilles is starting to get a bit on my nerves. It’s fine to cherish her and all that, but reducing the probability of success by keeping her away from where she needs to be? I can only call that irresponsible. Understandable, but irresponsible.

    My thanks to you, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit.

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    1. We are having a thickheaded otaku girl here. If lovey dovey behaviours are not reinforced whenever you can, that girl can slip into the dark side of a shut-in researcher~ It’s not pretty, that.

      So a little too much is not hurting at all~


    2. I feel the same. I mean I get that he wants to keep her safe – but she’s not a porcelain vase. She’s got her own level of strength and if anything he’s distracting her with his constant worrying and romantic overtures. There’s a fine line and I think he’s trending towards the “overbearing” side.

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      1. “Got her own level of strength” (enough to kill a dragon when she’s still a child but can’t push a fatso noble who can’t even use magic nor sword)

        So yea, I’m more annoyed at the MC rather than Achille, cuz his worries are so on point.

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  2. The raid continues! I doubt they’ll find the heroine here though. Still I really want to see a confrontation between that fake heroine and Camille. Just how distorted has she become? Characters with messed up world views fascinate me, although they can be extremely frustrating.

    As for Elysion… lol just lol. I have a lot I could say but I think that covers it.

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  3. “he always knew that I was a retarded male hentai lolicon,”
    Clearly, but he forgot to also include your penchant for male to female genderswapped MC. (One teaser and two active projects.) Elysion’s such an amateur, passing up such an easy opportunity for criticism.

    Have you started a tally for when people take your sarcasm/faux stupidity seriously? I’m sure you must be into the double digits by now.

    Thanks for the new chapter.

    Out of curiosity, just how dark does “Sorry, Oniisama” become? As dark as Worm’s Bonesaw chapters?

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  4. About that matter…. Well. Somebody needed to use a bit of sarcasm. 200 dollars for a chapter is… pretty retarded. I know every tranlator would like a small gain for the time he/she/it translates, but still… For 200 dollars i could probably buy a translation of a few chapters. There would probably be some people that would do it. Still, a fan translation is a fan translation, not a profesional one. If i want to “thank for a translation” with a donation i would do it anonymously. Just because i can appreciate somebody with words and not only with money. The money is only secondary.

    Thanks as always for the new chapters and it was a nice joke btw.


    1. Ahahahahaha this whole ###sion thing reminds me of what I just did. So, I tipped somebody 10 bucks and I knew they wanted more, but just kept thanking them profusely instead, thinking all the while: “Words don’t cost money.” and “Remember Weed.” Yes, light/web novels inspire me even in my daily life! Thank you Weed from Legendary Moonlight Sculptor!!! You’re helping me save up so I can afford TWO! classes in the fall…

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  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    And I don’t openly hate El**sion, but yeah, I think that will become somewhat of a dark history in the world of fan translating in the future.


  6. The girl’s very lucky to have a capable fiancee by her side. Her recklessness is so extraordinary she might have died ten times over without him. If they don’t get married in the end, I think… I think I’m gonna cry in his stead :(


  7. My opinion of Achille peaked before he courted her, stagnated a bit, and ever since he became this clingy to the point of actually stopping her from being efficient and do her job, it’s been freefalling. I’m so annoyed.

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