So the result of this was…

Nine people took my thinly veiled jab at a certain someone seriously, and unfollowed my blog.

Good riddance. (haha)

Anyway, to make up for scaring everybody, I’ll try and power through Otoburi tomorrow. I’ll get back to the teasers later.

Thank you for being fun as always, everybody (:

Ah, and if you haven’t yet, please give my paypal donation button a click. Ehehe.

64 thoughts on “So the result of this was…”

      1. I mean, who would ask for 200 dollars for a chapter release? hahaha, seriously, they should use their minds :P


      2. You know, to be honest, I had no idea what was going on. I also did find it weird for the 200$ price. lol So, I just remained silent to see what would happen. :U


    1. That’s without internet outside of campus, another $50 for an almost decent internet access with 2 mbps (b as in bit). Another $50 for cigarette money.
      Cheap eh? Except the internet.


  1. lol~! Some people really do it so can’t really blame them for going for it.. Although I won’t deny that they are ehem ;)


  2. So the previous post was a jab at Elysion? Could someone tell me what he did or send the link regarding the post he made that started this?


  3. Well, that’s good I guess? After all, there are always people who will take it to heart word by word literally, certain people :O


  4. Joke or not, I can understand why such a thing can occur. It cannot be helped, if a translater do such action, asking for money or halting works for RLP, the viewers and leachers cannot argue back.

    Well whatever the path is chosen, just know that I bookmark, not subscribe.


  5. Wait, it was a joke? What will I do with this $20,000 from that Nigerian prince that I had earmarked just for you?
    Well, I’ll just go ahead and toss it in the incinerator, then.

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  6. im ashamed to say i kind thought you might be serious att first.
    Cause you know other “people” do it and you’ve mentioned earlier that you’ve become the N word an thus would be in need of money.
    but really half a chapter might make sense if the chapters were as long as mushoku tenseis and 200 hundred dollars? well the fact that its actually happening on another page makes it a bit more credible i guess.
    and japanese indonesian Sheeprabbit? i thought sheeprabbit was an australian creauture.


  7. I was wondering why I’m not getting updates from you, turns out I accidentally pushed the un-follow button… just checked your blog today what’s with the M and H?

    P.S. 200 dollars? What did I miss?


  8. Unpopular opinion here, but if those 9 people were getting mad elsewhere (you know where), our reactions to them would be very different…. They could’ve just been ignorant of the situation and a ‘tad’ overhasty to stop you from making a bad decision.

    … and then they probably realized what was going on, but felt too embarrassed to admit their mistake.


    1. Then they will learn to temper their actions with thoughts before they make an ass of themselves.

      Believe me, the Net anons need that kind of lesson~

      (Though they follow here, meaning they do make a proper profile, so they are not anons, which is a point in their favour.)


  9. Ah yes, sarcasm doesn’t go through the internet well unless you indicate that you’re joking which would kind of ruin the fun. :(

    On another note, I can’t wait for more Otoburi!!


      1. They were trying to follow r/anime but the reason why it doesn’t work is because most of r/lightnovels are chapter discussions so it would be an entire page of red .. . . . . sadlyfe


        1. there’s almost no discussion of news on the /r/lightnovels subreddit.

          or rather, we don’t even talk about light novels. it’s all chinese web novels.

          honestly it’s only like this because they’re being retards who only work with the imaginary ideals they have in their heads instead of reality.

          i mean, they’re only people so it’s not like i think badly of them, but as mods they’re basically failures.


          1. It’s only chinese web novels because the jp translators don’t update as often. I wish they did though. There are a few out there that make me want to do something bad just for an update.. but alas, I must play the waiting game.. T-T

            I don’t really want to diss the mods since I am fairly new to the subreddit but they are trying their best even if it feels a bit silly.

            GO TRANSLATE OTOBURI!! STAHP LOOKING AT MY COMMENTS AND RESPONDING TO MEE!! Then again I can’t exactly say that because I’m slacking off on editing my latest translated chapter. BUT LISTEN TO ME ANYWAY!!


      1. sorry to trouble you and tnx fluffy-sama, it seems that I’ve unconsciously been pressing the unfollow button for the blogs that I frequently visit. good thing I’ve bookmarked some of them. tnx again :3


  10. I am pretty sure they left because you said you live in indonesia :) dunno why but my friend always kick indonesian people from they friend list in game XD


  11. I believed you. I guess I’m stupid. Or I just love you so much that I’ll believe everything you say. Anyways, you made me laugh, so whatever. :D

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  12. Uuummm… I might be one of those 9 people who unsubscribed… Just wanted to say I didn’t unsubscribe because of the previous post but simply because I kind of find the mails a bit annoying… No offense. Just a personal preference (it’s not all of the stories you translate I find interesting).

    BTW thank you for translating – I like Oburi and Other World very much.

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    1. Yeah me too,, 173 mail/week and I missed 2 Game Voucher gift ( about $2 each ) which expired now

      which lead into removal of all of my subscribed blogs ( about 15 blog ) in fit of rage


      1. ah, you can change your wordpress setting for that.

        i know how you feel though. didn’t realise that each time a person commented or liked a page or anything else would send me an email. even emails for the most inane things like hitting 20 posts.

        by the time i realised, i was already in like 800 emails, and just abandoned that email to wordpress lol.


  13. It was obviously not serious, I mean, $200/half a chapter. That’s like, a certain < 40% accurate MTL'ers asking price.

    Plus that ”I release 2-3 times faster than Ren”


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