Please, God


―――It hurts.
―――It’s lonely.

Even if I try to press the nurse call button, my vision is narrow, it’s gotten dark, and I don’t even know where it is.
This incredibly painful heart, these lungs that won’t breath; they tell me that I don’t have any time left.
And even though this is something I’ve prepared myself for countless times, my heart is rejecting this end with all its power; I don’t want to die like this.


I lived a life that couldn’t bring joy to a single person.


I became bound to a bed before I entered school, so I don’t have a single friend.
Even the nurses that treated me kindly drew the line of our relationship as a professional one.
I know that even my parents, somewhere in their hearts, thought badly of this weak life of mine that wouldn’t die all this time.
I’m sure that even if I die, everyone will forget me.

These white sheets, this pile of books, the mechanical sounds of this medical equipment; that’s all that exists in this world that surrounds me.
Memories of running about under the sun, were something impossible for me to have.
I’ve never played with somebody with all my might, nor gotten in a fight with anyone.
A memory happy enough that I’ll never forget it; such a thing doesn’t exist even in my mind

Aaah, really, what a sad life.
Being all alone like this, isn’t how I want to die.
For me to die without anyone missing me…
For me to die after living such an empty life…

But, it isn’t as though these feelings won’t take away the pain that my heart feels.
It’s the end.
Even if I call for the nurses, I’ll die.
In that case…

I reach out my trembling hand, to the book on the table beside me.
I might not be able to reach it.
I might not be able to hold it.
But, at the very least,
even if this life of mine doesn’t leave anything behind, at the very end, I want to die feeling happy.
I want to touch this beloved, adored, dream-like, hope-filled book of mine.


If I can be born again, this time, I want to live like him.


My stretched out hand, dropped to the white sheets, empty.

35 thoughts on “Prologue”

  1. It’s here! The first of the teasers! Excitement all abound!!

    X.x the funny thing is, I can’t tell exactly which teaser this prologue is for! The setup is pretty sad though, and the MC mentions a boy. I’m assuming they’re referring to a fictional character but I cannot be sure.

    Anyway thanks for the chapter Est! Ahhh I’m dying to know what story this is from LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Assuming this is amongst the list previously posted.
      -MC is weak since young
      -The one he/she attempted to grab was a book

      I’d say Sorry, Oniisama!

      The others were related to otome game or seemingly older than this one.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    This is really hard to read on my phone.
    Black words on a dark grey background.


      1. More hint-o pls? Hmm the word STRONKEST makes me think this might be that Drifter story. She seems like the only one that would care about BECOMING STRONK. But there’s still not enough information! Lets see.. it’s probably not Destruction Flag since Caterina was hit on the head when she was 8 years into her reincarnation. It’s not Sakura who was 20 years old. Actually how would a person confined in bed get the chance to play Otome Games or MMORPGs?

        >< Need moar info. My best guess is STRONKEST wanabe girl!


    1. How have I never noticed that before? At last my eyes are opened to the express reincarnation service run by Truck-san!

      I’m not thanking you just yet, O esteemed holy sheeprabbit. This one’s just a bit too vague. I’ll thank you in chapter 1.


  3. I guess this is the “Sorry Oniisama” series? It’s the only one that mentioned a novel, and the title fits. One of the few teasers that were tagged “non-comedy”, had the briefest description, and seemed like it might go a somewhat dark route.

    Thanks for the translations.


    1. I think you are right. “After reincarnating in the novel I loved, I run left and right to save my beloved character from peril!” >>>>> “If I can beborn again, this time, I want to live like him.” Clearly referring to her beloved character.


  4. “After a few second, his eyes suddently opened from experiencing an accute pain on his head. He blinked for a few time and found a giant boy wearing a red hat shouting a language he did not know. He tried to ask him ‘who are you, where is this place?’ but somehow only the *pika pika* sound came out of his throat.”
    From my own fantasy ;P


  5. ohh this one looks interestingm also I’m personally very glad you are translating average to the end and would like to thank you for that.


  6. Guys, right above “PROLOGUE” there’s a small “GOMEN NE”, which is the category this chapter is posted under.
    So this can only be “Sorry, Oniisama!”

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  7. Thanks for the chapter! Or should I say teaser?

    And darn, that’s a sad way to die. You can get the feelings from it.


  8. Sorry, oniisama~ seems like it, right?
    hope for a better life for the mc.
    Thanks for the chapter chimera-sama


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